Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 3

What the hell! She went to her door and found it shut. There was a note reading.

Dear Ms. Mason,

It seems that you are acquainted with those demons. How? I do not care, but my office door is open at 3:00am. If you would like to have your room unlocked, we may speak of this incident. I am also aware that you have other classes today and have told them how sick you are. See you soon Ms. Mason.


Mr. Benjamin

“This was bound to happen. Playing like that was going to have repercussions,” a voice behind her said.

“Apate, your opinion was not asked for. She knew opening Pandora’s box may let out some unwanted guests but now Sasha had the amazing company of the most troublesome Gods and Goddesses that have existed. Apate was one of the milder ones. Some of the other ones that came out were Achlys, the Keres, Atë, Nyx, Melione, Eris, Ceto, and others. The two had been talking a lot to Hekate and Apate. Hekate who was the goddess of magic among other things has taught her much. Apate has taught her much about deceit and getting what she wants.

Sasha accidentally found the box. It was in one of those experiences that are unexplainable, but the box just called to her. She found it in her parents’ estate.


That day she was heading to the kitchen to ask the cook to make her some food. It was around 2 p.m. and Sasha just woke up with lunch sounding amazing right then. She couldn’t decide if she wanted a lobster or just some duck instead. She’ll just ask the cook to surprise her when they bring it to her. Walking down the hallway she took time to look at the family portraits. Sasha knew her family was direct descendants of Hekate and that they were extremely powerful.

She was thinking about all the stories her parents would tell her of her family’s history they knew or didn’t know. As she was reminiscing about all her family she felt her soul being tugged toward the west wing. The west wing was where all things magickal or historical were kept. Being drawn there was not unusual but to feel like you’re being singled out to go is different, and that was what Sasha felt.

Walking towards the west wing the pull was stronger. Soon she was hearing voices clearly asking to be let out. Now being a witch and growing up as one she should have run the other way, but where is the fun in that. Soon she was in front of an unmarked box. That was the second reason she should have walked the other way. Instead, she grabbed the box. Inspected it. Then after all that this unmarked box that could physically pull her soul and talk to her and only say, “let us out,” would be open. It was opened. And that is how Pandora’s box was opened and ended up at Sasha’s school.,

The Gods and Goddesses who came out decided to stick by her side and not move on. They saw no reason to move on. Not even the Goddess of ghosts. She found that ironic.

Though when she was at school she had to leave them in her room. They really did not like that. That seemed to anger them and impact her school work.

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