Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 5

Freaking Goddesses and their immortality thinking they are better than everyone and everything. She would not be threatened and cursed by the likes of them. She was Sasha Mason, her mother was a high priestess and her father was a great warlock, and she would not be commanded by anyone.

Gathering what she needed Sasha surrounded herself in a circle of salt. All these Goddesses coming into her life and messing it up. She needed to be rid of them and have a clear mind for just a little while. They get her in trouble at the school and now are showing up uninvited, and they need to go.

She had what the spell called for:

A slip of paper

A bowl

A matchbox

She was doing the simple version of the spell and writing what she wanted to go from her life on the paper, burning it, and throwing away the ashes. She wanted to get rid of the Goddesses in her life so she wrote “Goddesses” and lit it up. Watching it burn she could feel herself being cleansed. The spirits that have been haunting her and have been sulking were now gone. She felt it in the deepest part of her witch soul. Nothing was going to come to visit her anytime soon. “Right I will have no visitors? I am alone and completely by myself here till the spell wears off,” she said, opening her eyes and seeing if anything wanted to disturb her or ruin her peace.

Alone! Thank Hekate, she was finally alone. She had peace and quiet. No one was here and could stop her from sleeping. And boy she did need sleep. Without the voices yelling at her, she could finally lay her head on the pillow and fall fast asleep, with a beer in hand.


The nap was the best thing to happen to her. She slept like the dead. She had no screaming in her ear, no poking at all. She slept amazingly. Oh, Hekate if she could sleep like this forever she would be the happiest witch. Getting off of cloud 9 and touching was the worst feeling. Probably worse than waking up walking into a stranger’s chest.

She didn’t remember drinking last night and getting laid. Though there was a strange man in her room who seemed to have no shirt on. “Did we have sex?” she went over to the kitchen and grabbed three ibuprofen and summoned water. Laying her head on the cabinet and praying that the dude would just get the hint before she threw him out the window.

“Trust me darlin’ you would remember if we had sex. I’m not easily forgotten,” a voice she thought she’d banished drawled. “By the way when you want something gone be specific. Then she noticed another man there and froze.” If he was here then she was screwed. Why was her dad here with some random God?

Before she could ask what they were doing they were in a castle. This was one she did not recognize. She was standing in front of Deimos, her father. Great. She was either going straight to hell or they were happy and she was going straight to hell.

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