Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 7

We were teleported into one of the enchanted forests nearby. The grass was smooth as silk. There was a bluish or purplish haze that cast a magical glow onto the trees. The trees had moss and vines climbing up their trunks and looked straight out of a storybook. It felt like home. It called both aspects in my blood. I wonder which forest this one was.

I know some but the first teleoperation threw me off and I can’t place any more.”Liking it witchy? Do you want some alone time with the woods?” He snickered.

“Shove it.” She would knock you out but not worth my time. She wanted to just get this over with and just play her family’s’ game. She learned that was the easiest way to survive. Having gods not wanting you dead helps you stay alive for longer. That helped with dealing Persus and knowing how to appease a god of destruction. “So let’s just play 20 questions to make my dad happy.


“You really like fish tacos with tartar sauce. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard. That’s coming from a person who once put ketchup on donuts.” Sasha said in between a burst of fit laughter.

“You did what? That sounds like a stupid choice. How drunk or high were you?” He asks laughing as well.

“Let’s just agree that we both made bad decisions.” Sasha stood up and made her way into the woods before turning and saying, “I’m going to the restroom, no need to follow.” Persus nodded his head and she went a little way into the woods to use the restroom. She needed to go really badly and was about to go when there was a rustle around her, but no animal came out when she tried to scare it. “Who’s there? I am warning you I am armed. I am not scared of you.” As she was talking more rustling was occurring and then a man was stepping out of the shrubbery.

“Sasha is that really…” before he finished he was knocked flat on his back and Sasha’s hands were glowing as well as her eyes,

“Who or what are you? How do you know my name?” She shouted at him.

“Sasha, you don’t remember me? Did you forget all of us? I am your older brother, Sam. Seeing her blank face. He tries again, again, again.

Until she broke and said look kid I have no brothers or sisters. I am just me sorry if you have sissy issues but don’t know you, bro. Anyway, I have to get back to my life and you’re not in it currently. I hope you have luck finding your sister or whoever kid. With that Sasha turns and walks away from a couple of paces from where she was talking to that guy she got a bad headache. I get a sudden flashback but I don’t know how to do this because this didn’t happen to me.


Walking down the hallway to get to my car I see him again. the same Shadow boy. Now that I get a better look at him staring straight at him I can now see that he has black hair and olive skin. it’s kind of feels like a Western standoff. with me standing here staring at him and him staring at me over there neither of us doing anything but staring.

“Who are you?”I asked. I was scared because he said walking towards me, and when you’re the only one who can see something and it just starts walking towards you terrified is an appropriate reaction and feeling.


“That couldn’t be right. He must have been a demon or warlock or something. I don’t see things. That was not my memory. She just needed to get back and then everything would be alright. She just needs sleep. She wandered back to Persus and shot a look saying don’t ask. Together they put out the fire and got in their respective tents. She was in deep sleep when suddenly she was woken up.

She awoke to a figure in the corner in the room. What she could see it looked like the typical paralysis sleep demon. It was tall and had long fingers that had bones sticking out. Its’ eyes were blood red and had fangs instead of teeth. Great a new spell to learn. She was just about to banish it with a typical banishment spell when it lurched for her. She opened her mouth to scream but when she tried no noise came out. She barely dodged the thing and shaken and stood up to see the thing had its glowing iridescent hands and the same iridescent as the circle lashing she was warned about in the academy that was only associated with really powerful demons.

With a cry of determination, Sasha sprinted towards her new foe. With no shield and only her magic, Sasha had to grab any object she could find in the tent. While deflecting the magic and dodging the thing trying to grab her, she had to swerve and duck to stab with the two daggers she always carried with her. It was her small frame against the thousands year old demon.

She finally got close and saw that the Demon’s hands were glowing the brightest. Not wasting the given opportunity she sliced the hands off her opponent. With no more hands, the demon staggered backward and blood started gushing from her wrists. The wizard now dead, she incinerated the body. No chance of coming back. She ran out and saw Persus fighting another two. She was spotted and being her polite self let her superior in most ways to make the first strike. And once His Royalness feigned left, they started a fatal dance. For swordplay was just a dance. Neither could get a strike on the other. That was until The demon was kicked out. With the demon behind her back, Yaa looked up, and casting a shadow over her was Persus. He was out from the dance just in.

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