Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 8

“We should probably go. We are probably compromised and should get a move on.” Sasha said snapping the tent and everything into her bag.

“Who compromised us though? Only your dad knew we were coming out. You didn’t see anything while you were out in the woods? You were gone for a long time. Persus’ rambles.

I don’t know what comes over me but I don’t tell about the man I met in the woods. That does sound really bad now that I have it in my head. “No, I just really had a lot to get out and had to find something to wipe with. I’m not a guy, we girls are very particular.” She says covering herself.

She takes a bag and looks at the bag and starts walking in a direction. The thing about the enchanted forest is that it reads everything about its travelers, and creates a portal or road for them to get to where they need to go. So having demons find them means someone is hunting them. Persus follows and soon a glittering path opens. She is about to tell him not to go that way because of the recent thoughts but soon he is in. Before she could get the path closes and she is left in the unknown forest by herself. Why? Why did this happen? They had their battle together and won. She considered him no longer a threat. At least in the regard, he was going to stab in the middle of the night. Now her one companion was gone. Well, he was stuck fighting demons. At least she does her mission without a babysitter now.

Whistling she just continued walking thinking now about her mission. What she had to do. She had to close that box and get it back. That was just to get that breathing off her neck. Wait. Breathing on her neck. That felt a little too real. As she was about to say a spell, she was knocked.


When she came to, she heard a female and male voice. Something about “fate..., and parallel world..., it will work.” said the male voice. The female voice responded but too soft to make out. She opened and the male in the turned to her “How are you feeling?” I hear a voice say. I’d look up and I remember what happened whatever it happened because time is kind of weird in my head right now. Looking around the room is very disorganized. I just want to go back to sleep, honestly.

Welcome to the academy. you probably never heard of it that’s the way we like to keep it. You Are hand-picked among others to join a new program. We will brief you later today in the meantime feel free to wander along this hallway.

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