Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 9

She was finally allowed to wander the streets and soon found that she stumbled into a tavern. She had learned what the Academy was and doing. She came here to meet with Persus to plan how to continue their mission. She walked in and saw him at their usual table right smack in the middle.

“So how is it living with them?

“Well, I found out something about the people and how they are staying young. They are making deals with demons. The demons only ask that they offer people up to become sacrifices. They are doing a drawing tonight that new girl, her daughter, and I are being put the raffle. I won’t be affected no matter what, but the others aren’t safe.” She says slicing into her food.

I was able to get into the mind of one of the members, and this is what I saw. They closed their eyes and were teleported to the academy. There they saw what looked like a normal person. “Wait, hun, they are about to start talking.” She tela-communicated to Persus. The thing opened it’s mouth and started talking.

This body is nice. Warm, Cozy, and will help me accomplish my goals. I need this human temporary. Then they have it back. The body and soul aren’t gone. They are simply resting. They are far in their subconscious dreaming happily.

We are not parasites. We don’t harm our hosts, but our host helps us. They lose nor gain nothing. They are simply existing. That is all I need them to do. I’ve jumped from person to person so many times. I hope this relationship lasts longer than my past ones. Well, I can hope.

Though it was all because I didn’t feed a couple of people on the side of the road. I have been turned into a wandering spirit. I now must atone for life. Apparently I was not bad enough to go to hell, but not good enough to get into heaven. I’ve been just been plopped right on Earth.

I would have taken any other punishment. To be stuck is truly horrid. I just want some kind of peace. Whether it be damning or forgiving. I didn’t what I did was such a bad thing. I thought I was a good human. I did not think this what an afterlife would be like.

People trust me with their lives; they shouldn’t. I make deals with things that you have in your nightmares. I probably put the things there, to begin with. I work with the ghosts and the demons. You see I’m a Dybbuk. I just hop from human to the human wearing their skin. I have one goal in my eternal life. That is what keeps me here. Therefore I work with the demons and ghosts. I am technically dead like them. We are often confused with just wandering spirits or Peri’s but we are completely different.

Let me tell what happened and what happens to us Dybbuks’. We don’t need your permission. We will see a body we like and then we enter it. That’s is how I ended up in this body I was just cruising in the old body when I saw a fresh new one. I just hopped right out of the last one into this one. It is a lot cozier.

I am currently in the body of a high official in the Acadamy. I have been in the Academy just rotating between members for a while. They put everyone’s names in a bowl and draw. It is what they do to ensure they have our and the demons’ support against the monsters.

“So what do you think? Do you need to step in? How should I handle this? She looked around making sure no one here could recognize her. “Persus I don’t know if this is too much for me? She started to ramble.

“I promised you that you would never have to anything alone anymore. I will by that promise. We will do this together. I will sneak into the compound and make sure that you, Terri, and her daughter are safe. I know you care for the Terri like she were sister, and would protect that child with your life.

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