Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 2

Though it was risky, they had to go to a forest. If anything happened there, they would be done with. They reached the edge of the forest. Teri looked around for consensus. After everyone nodded, she took the lead, and they followed the path as it entered the shadows. The trees reached unimaginable heights, and if they were not in this dire situation, she would be appreciating their magnificence. This was a peaceful walk. Everyone in silence taking in the surroundings until the trees began to bend, the leaves blowing around them, and branches snapping. If they did not know these were signs, they would think it was a dance. Trees moving to a violent melody.

Not wanting to stick around and witness the deadly tornado, all three spared each other a glance as they took off running. Sprinting. Looking for a deep ditch or ravine for at least her own safety. She had almost been crushed. Trees falling down, dodging them became impossible. She also cried as a deep ravine appeared, she hurled herself in, crumpled in a ball, head covered. She looked to the side and was relieved to see that Ash and Zoe both got it, just as the storm passed directly over them.

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