Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 3

These storms, which could last up to three hours, seemed to pass the quickest. They were in the eye in no time. It was peaceful and beautiful again. It was as if nothing had changed if she just slept now. She liked how it made her feel. She would be back with her family. Back in America. She let the darkness take her. The noise fading and taking over her soul.

“Teri. Teri, wake, up we need to check you. A branch, your head, we need you to talk,” a voice said. Teri opened her eyes, and her vision was blurred. She was seeing two Ashes. A pounding headache beat with increasing intensity.

“Ash where are ... What… How …. Happened …,” she said rubbing her head. Looking down to focus on one thing. Her head became grounded. Looking back up, she noticed that Zoe was not among them. “Ash where did Zoe go? Is she okay? Did she survive?” Teri bombarded him with questions.

“I did not see after the tornado. When I looked up you were out cold. She was not in the ravine, and it was not easy to get out, especially with her body physics. But there were footprints? It was unlikely anyone else was here, so they had to be hers. I think she left, it was hard for her to keep up with us. Without her we will be better off,” Ash said.

Teri looked at him, knowing he was right. Sadly, Zoe did hold them back. They always had to wait for her to catch up. Whether Zoe was purposely eliminated, or framed, they now have a better chance. Sitting up, she realized that she was carried to the church. This time they chose a first-floor room. She and Ash agreed on that, so they would not have what happened in the tower happen here. Now just the two of them against the world.

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