Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 6

Terri was now standing with Zoe and the rest of the group. She had no idea how Zoe got here. Why did she spare her and not Ash? Technically, they were both at fault. When they left, she was unable to take care of herself and all but dead. She was looking around when the same man who sentenced Ash stood, and as soon as he did, the room fell silent.

“Ash, how do you plead after hearing these charges?” looking Ash dead in the eyes.

“Guilty to both. I am guilty. I left Zoe to die thinking that we had a better chance at survival. Terri was against it the entire time. I forced her to go along with it. I knew she didn’t think it was right and tried to fight me on it, but I didn’t listen. I am guilty of all charges. I accept whatever punishment you deem fit for my crimes.” Ash never took his eyes off Terri the entire time he spoke.

The court fell silent as the members of the jury shot glances at one another. No one simply confesses. Most accused cry and plead for mercy, explaining that they just wanted to have a place to live. Terri had tears in her eyes and was clutching her stomach. She was terrified of what was going to happen. She looked around, her eyes glazing over, not focusing on anything. She barely heard the man sentence Ash. As he handed down the sentence, people cheered and rushed forward to force him into chains. It took a little while with all the people trying to help.

Zoe grabbed the stunned Terri and helped guide her through the tunnels and the maze of the place. They were both allowed to sit in the front row of a stadium. There were rows and rows of people.

In the center was Ash and he was tied to a stake and chained to the ground. Whatever was going to happen was going to be horrible. There were some people who were on either side of large gates. We could hear roaring. Terri looked at Zoe and whispered, “They can’t.”

“This is how we live. Punish the traitor so the innocent can live,” she whispers back. Zoe is talking to her trying to maintain a look of normality, but that stops when the gates creak open. With a victorious roar, we see the Monsters of the legends charge at Ash. Terri can’t look and covers her face in Zoe’s shoulder. With Ash screaming in the background Terri is crying because their child will grow up without a father.

When there is no more screaming Terri looks up and down at where Ash was. That wasn’t Ash anymore. Gripping Zoes’ arm they walk out and Terri feels her heartbreak in a million pieces.

Epilogue: 8 months later

If she was told one more time that this was the last push she would strangle them. She was pushing. She just wanted the baby out. Parents always cooed about being parents but left out this part right here. Her nurse looked at her and told her to push one last time. The baby was crowning. With one final push, she heard crying that was not her own. She looked down and saw a baby. The doctor looked at her and announced that it was a healthy girl.

She had a girl. A baby girl. Something to remind her of Ash. Ash would have loved her. “I want to name her Amara.” It was unique and something that was hers. It meant eternal and Terri Amara was going to have an eternity to live. She was going to guarantee that.

The doctor gave a strange look and shook his head. “Terri, I know you are new but the doctor chooses the name. We want to keep uniformity among the people and names outcast, someone. I think your daughter shall be called Viola. It originated from Latin and it is a good name for someone so young and pretty. Let us go and introduce Viola to the people.

He took Viola from her arms and walked out to the stadium. Instead of a stake and chains in the center, there was a podium. The leader stepped up and with Viola, in his arms, he raised the baby. Everyone went silent and turned their attention to their leader. “This is Viola. The newest of us. She was born a couple of minutes ago and when she enters her womanhood she will be married to my son. She will be the queen of humanity.” With that, the leader turns to the group and takes her the group of people waiting outside the birthing. He then announces her name to people.

Book 2: Extraordinary


Sarah Wallace

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