Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 4

We really just left her behind, she thought. She knew it was agreed upon, but actually doing it was a different story. Leaving a part of your group meant leaving a part of your humanity. There weren’t many humans left and they sentenced their crippled friend to death. On the other hand, in this new world, it was killed or be killed. There weren’t many groups left because of this very reason. Many people had lost their ability to trust and that has led to individuals fighting for themselves.

She was lucky she had Ash and that they had a mutual goal. That was the sole reason that they could work together. Not the fact they have been best friends since diapers. Nor the fact that they had so many secrets that if one looked, the other would crack and break. They both wanted to survive and that kept them going.

She wanted to ditch and go out on her own so many times. She wanted to run into a collapsing building when life got tough, too tough for her. But Ash always pulled her out. They kept each other sane. That is what mattered. Now, they needed to get to what used to be Hampton Court Castle. They heard that it had a great civilization and their own community there. Their only problem was almost six days of travel and they only had three days of food and four days’ worth of water. They could probably make it. They were on day one and had eaten nothing.

They could make the food last. It was water that would become a problem. With the environment changing halfway through tomorrow when they went into the desert that the Castle was now in. “What are you so lost in thought about?” Ash wonders coming up closer to me. That eventually calms me down. Listening to his breathing evens my own breathing out.

“I was thinking about the traveling we have to do. About how hard it will be, mentally and physically. I’m just scared of the future. I’m worried what if it isn’t what we expect, or if they don’t accept us.” She rambles on for a bit and, as she finishes, she finds herself wrapped in Ash’s arms as they…..

“It will be alright. I promise. I know it’s hard to promise, but I promise this. You will be safe. One day, you won’t have to worry about where your next meal will come from. I promise that you have one place to call home and not a changing old ruin. I promise you that, no matter the cost.”

“Well, we really should head out.” I made sure we walked as we talked. “We are doing well, but we need to walk through the night to get to the desert when it’s not too hot tomorrow. If we get to it tomorrow.”

On they trekked, occasionally ducking into holes or buildings when a monster got close. No one alive had seen a monster. That’s how deadly they were. The nocturnal monsters were never seen, or if they were, no one would live to tell the story. They were just these rumors and horror stories.

First, they devour their victim’s souls, and then their flesh. According to the stories, you are still alive when eaten. They don’t like dead meat. That terrified both of them. The only reason the pair risked traveling at night was to make time due to their shortage of supplies.

They were making a good time moving in and out of buildings, making their way across the city much faster than they expected. They had no one to stop them. They were nearing the desert. That meant they no longer had protection from anything that wanted to attack them. They were left in the open. They were in the last building and then they saw the desert. If this held true, there was a place they could sleep. They could not eat or anything there but they were guaranteed a safe place to sleep.

As they were approaching it, they heard a roar. A monster was a right behind them. It was before they were snatched inside the inn. The inn was gorgeous. The style was gothic. The ceiling was high and arching with pillars holding it up. The customers also had a certain look to them. One looked like they were out of Greek Mythology. As they were passing them, she heard something like, “Well, if you didn’t jump in the portal we wouldn’t be here,” from the girl. They both looked otherworldly.

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