Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 2

“What did you do? You were not here last night? You know that you can’t break curfew and…

Sasha rolled her eyes getting out of bed. Honestly, she had no idea how she got there. She remembered last night and what she did, but after that is darkness. She doesn’t remember going back to her dorm, which is more an apartment. That was how the school was set up. Two to a room and shared living area.

“You have to take it seriously. They can’t know you did that again. You know why you were sent here,” Tracy said heading into the bathroom.

“Yes, yes mother. It won’t happen again,” she shouted throwing whatever was on her bed on because who really who had time to plan outfits. They smelled clean and weren’t wrinkled. That saved her the trouble of looking through her closest.

Sasha had an 8:30 a.m. seminar about learning about how to safely make deals with demons, and today they were going to practice with real demons. That and her class later today about how culture has created a diversity in magick were her favorite classes. She grabbed her phone that was hanging from the ceiling and seeing 8:20 Sasha whispered a transportation spell and appeared in the classroom.

Just on time too. She had a minute to spare, traveling through space and time took some time. “Okay good mornin’ everyone,” Mr. Benjamin said as the door closed. “Maria stops trying to curse Lucas,” he shouted as he drew what the demons were to stay in.

“This is going to be so excitin’,.” Haganah did not finish before her mouth was sewn shut. Sasha loved this man. Rules, he did not know and follow them. As this was happening Mrs. Rosalina was chanting. The room seemed to fade in and out of existence. It was pulsing having its own mind. Then darkness and silence.

Laughter. Laughter, lights, and demons were in the classroom. They were in the center of the classroom and laughing. There were only three. One boy and two females. They were now just staring with tilted heads. They looked around and at each other.

“Finally, we were bored. I know that you’re getting old Benjy but if you set a date don’t leave us hanging,” one of the girls spoke still looking at us but not to us. So this is how it is going to work. You all come up to one of us and try to make a deal. Try to scam us, because we can’t legally make deals for Hell. This is consequence-free. So who’s brave and wants to go first.” she finished.

Let’s go how hard can this be. She knew that she could make deals with devils. She’s done so before, making a fake would be an easy A. Plus she remembers the main demon from somewhere. An old boyfriend, friend, family? It doesn’t matter now. Sasha was walking down the walkway and was in front of the demons.

“So let us make a deal, as they say.”

“What do you want Sasha. Power, money, love, a lover, or something else? Revenge?” the first demon asked, smiling at her placing the pieces and seeing how they were going to be played. Fairly liked they wanted, dirty to get what she wanted, or somewhere in the middle. Somewhere in the middle was more fun and allowed them to create new fantastic things. How about a firestorm this time or do a flash flood in another hallway.

“You want to cause some chaos. Yes?`` she said.

“Well of course,″ she responded. She loved chaos.

“Well, then what type of chaos a tornado, flood, first from above.” One suggested. Well, she quite liked the idea of causing a tornado.

“A tornado sounds lovely here on campus, or somewhere else?” The demon asked.

“How about here? Let us shake on it.” Reaching their hands out towards each other, Sasha was suddenly back in the room

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