Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 4

Being stuck in a room had her a little stir crazy. She resorted to teleporting to different parts of the room. She purposely got things stuck or lost things because she knew where everything was down to every speck of dust. She was stuck in this dorm for a month. It wasn’t even her room. It was a random room that they stick witches who only know certain spells. She can’t even do the fun stuff. She can’t call spirits, hex anyone, or do a random love spell.

She was supposed to meet up with her professor but that was just saying he won. She was not doing that. Instead, she was going to wait out the month in the dorm. How hard could it be? She will show everyone how strong she is.

Day five. It may be hard but she just needed to adjust. She could do plenty here. Play cards, nap, color, get ahead at work or sleep. And the winner was taking a nap. With no one saying what had to be done at what time Sasha was going to sleep. Curling up in the double bed with all the extra, needed blankets in her case Sasha settled into a deep sleep.


Sasha was in the middle of a great dream when a crash woke her. “Who’s there? I demand that you show yourself,” she said blinking her eyes and scratching her head.

“Oh this child, Hemera. She tries to command us,” one of the voices says.

“Well, Hygeia she comes from the Mason lineage. They believe they control the Gods and Goddesses,” another one said.

“Okay, I talk to Goddesses a lot. Can y’all just down the row and introduce yourselves? I am too tired to play mind games.”

“Hello, Sasha. I am Hygeia, the Goddess of good health,” said the woman in the ruby red dress. She had bracelets on each wrist and a necklace with rubies in it.

“Hello, I am Hemera, and I believe Nyx told you what I do.” Yes, the Goddess of day. Her look certainly lived up to it. She had long blond hair, and on top sat a crown of sunlight too bright to stare at for too long. She had wings like a fairy one would read about in children’s books, but her dress was one of an avenging Goddess ready for war, and yet still elegant.

The last one stepped forward and introduced herself as Doke the Goddess of justice and moral order. She was dressed similarly to Hemera with amazing wings that took up the length of the room. Though unlike the rest she was wearing a pantsuit. It was golden and around her arms were two swords that were twisting as if they were a part of her body. And what seemed to be a part of the body was the scale.

“How may I help you? Or better question what do you want, or what did I screw up that you need to fix?” Sasha asked, waving her wand creating meaningless shapes with it. “I mean you know I am in school, I have so much school work, and I really have to start that,” she said trying to go to her desk before sitting on the bed facing the Goddesses.

“We need to discuss how you plan on closing Pandora’s box with all its guests back inside it,” Hemera spoke running a finger along the dust-covered bookshelf. That they’re some things that are better unknown,” she continued opening the blinds and turning on the lamps smiling at Sasha.

“The box wasn’t hidden and it was easy to open. I took about 15 minutes total after it called me. The box was just sitting in my bedside table’s drawer. To open it all I had to do was flip up a latch, and the top popped off. Really y’all need to create better prisons if a witch you hate could easily open it then no es bueno. Plus why would I want to put them back? They keep life entertaining, They may be psychotic but it’s fun psychotic,” Sasha said in front of the trio of Goddesses who looked like Zeus had thrown their breath away.

“Wow. Nothing to say. That is a first. Now please, I would love to go back to napping.” Sasha said curling up on her bed.

“How dare you! You are responsible for this, and you will clean this up or we will get higher up into this,” Hygeia threatened before the three vanished.

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