Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 5

They spent the night there and rested up, rising bright and early to continue into the desert. As she was leaving, she saw the girl she had seen last night. This time, the girl looked up at her and winked. She walked over to them and pulled something out of her bag. “Take this. You have a long journey that not many make.” She had two canteens of water and another bag of food. “Think of it as a good luck token from a stranger. I wish you luck,” she said handing the water to Ash and the food to Terri. They go out and with their gear get ready to take on the desert.

All who entered the desert pay a heavy toll. A sand storm greeted them in the first two hours of their journey. Luckily, they now had sufficient water to wet cloth for their mouth and nose. They tore some of their clothes to cover their eyes and ears. They had wind and sand burn, but in all, they were able to stay safe. At Least the storm meant that nothing too dangerous or man-eating would come out.

They were blessing the women in the Inn. They had enough water and food. They could make it to the compound. They could be safe. Leaving Zoe would be worth it. They did the right thing. They can now tell themselves that. They can say they were right.

They were on day three when they saw the compound. They were going to wait for the night and go in tomorrow. They thought that even they deserved sleep. They wanted to get a peaceful night of sleep. “We made it Ash.” We are going to be safe. Come tomorrow we are going to….” before she could finish they were surrounded by lights and the flap to the tent was thrown open. They were both grabbed and carried into the castle.

They were brought into the room that used to be where the king and queen had guests. In it was a group of people and in the middle Zoe. Zoe looked at Terri and smiled sadly, and leaned over to a man and whispered to him. That man stood up and said, “Which one is Ash?”

Ash looked around and then said that was him. Not seeing what the danger in doing so was. The man then looked evenly at Ash and said,” You are charged with abandonment of another human being, Zoe Frankenstein, and the kidnapping and coercion of Terri Unera in the court of the people. How do you plead?”Terri and Ash just stared with astonished expressions.

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