Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 6

Where we were looked straight out of some medieval movie. There were layers of dust covering everything. It seemed no one had lived here for eons. The place was abandoned. There was a long wooden table in the center of the room that took up so much space. Really a lot of space. The person who lived here must have had a thing for tables.

If Sasha had to guess this was where a lot of planning in the past took place. There were maps of countries that no longer existed on the wall. A cup to which still surprisingly looked like a cup was on the floor. Maybe they had to flee. This palace must have been beautiful when it was in its prime.

“You are playing with fire, little girl. You know it’s bad when we get involved. You should have listened to the girls. I hate having to come and lecture you because Gods knows that your aunts can’t do anything,” my father snapped, snapping me out of my wondering of the place. He paced back and forth shaking his head. I can’t believe you did that. Opening the box was stupid even for Chaos’ daughter. Why you think to do that blows my mind. Your aunts told you what to do, and you banished them. That was rude,” he said groaning at the childish behavior before him.

“I’m listening but who’s the other one with you? He’s a little cute. I haven’t seen you around or lurking around often. But yeah I get it I need to find a way to shut the darn box. How am I meant to close the box all by myself,” I say glaring at my father. He and I are just staring at each other. I was waiting for him to answer my questions and offer help.

“Sasha this is Perses. He is the Titan God of destruction. He will be the one aiding you on your mission. He will be helping you and ensuring that you get the box closed. Since both of you work for your best interest I thought you would work well together. Persus will make sure that you don’t sleep all day and that you actually become like a hero in one of the Greek myths. We already gave a reason to the school on why you can’t be there for however long it takes to complete the mission.

The reaction on Persus’ face indicated that he was not made aware of what he was supposed to do. They both looked like they had no idea that they were supposed to work together. Persus was looking at Sasha like she was a child he had to babysit. She could hold her own. Her father was Deimos the God of Chaos. She did not need to be babysat by someone who was a second rate, God. Though he wasn’t too bad looking.

He was extremely muscular. Dark with short brown hair. He was at least 6 feet tall and did not have the typical clothing for the modern-day. He was wearing something that made it look like he came straight out of an ancient Greek painting. He was wearing something Sasha didn’t know the name of, but it was some sort of armor piece. He also has an armor piece for his top… wait no that is just cloth around his shoulders and a weapon strap. He was wearing those ancient greek sandals that were only popular in Greece in the time Gods were worshipped.

Though that didn’t mean she would not try to get out of the situation. She will not be watched as a toddler. “What does mom say about this or are you even talking to her. Have you talked to her this century or are you letting her rot? I know she would not want me watched by anyone let alone anyone you appoint. She would want a say in what you are doing with her only child. The one she heaved out her body,” I started out soft and by the end was screaming at him.

“And you. I know how to take care of myself. I have been doing it since I was a child. I had no one to tuck me in or whisper things to make me feel safe. I. Was. Alone. So go babysit someone else,” as I finished I was about to leave when my father moved to block my way.

“You think I didn’t consult your mother. You think that she didn’t have any say in who would protect you. You unintentionally made enemies and potential allies. I’ll be damned if you go on this trip by yourself. If you think you are so big and tough then how come you get thrown in your room when you misbehave at school. How come they can treat you like a child but your own father doesn’t have the right to protect you?” he asks rhetorically.

“So you two will go. First, go and get to know each other, because I will have a functional duo.” Hearing this Sasha rolls her eyes and her lips pull into a thin line. She crosses her arms and side-eyes her supposed partner. There is no way she is going to be babysat and now she is forced to play 20 questions with this god. Have fun. And with a flick of the wrist, we are teleported to the middle of a forest.

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