Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 10

Sitting in a library that was reminding her of her mother’s study. There were rows upon rows of bookshelves. They were some that contained antiques, and some were more modern. They went as far back as the eye can see. The rugs felt like you were walking on clouds. You could see dark oak planks in between the rugs. The lighting was extremely old fashioned. Casting a glow that made the place look like a fairytale.

Each table had exactly three antique lamps. You could research, or read and no one would bother you. They even had a research section of the library. That is where is she was now. Researching Dybbuks’ and where they came from. She had just about been ready to give up when she found a promising looking website.

Okay, so she found out that a dybbuk is an evil spirit that enters a person, takes over their personality, precipitates mental illness, speaks through their voice, and generally causes trouble. OK, that’s good to know. That is what they used to be, but they have somehow changed. They are no longer that. Sasha wanted to know what forced them to change, and why they are working with the Acadamy. They still serve the general purpose. Though now they do more things and hurt people in more ways. Looking more into the article she found some background on the Dybbuk she found out the origins of the monsters. The dybbuk is short for the dybbuk m’ruach ha- ra’ah, meaning “cleaving from the evil spirit.” The word dybbuk itself is from the Hebrew “davak,” which means to “stick” or “cleave.”

She needed to gather as much info as she could before she and Persus attacked tonight. “Hey, Sasha.” What are you doing?” Looking up and closing the screens she saw Terri. She was standing there holding her one year old.

“Hey, Terri. Hey, baby. I’m just doing research on beauty techniques. I need to know the cool ways to look young. I share them when I find them.” How are you all doing?” They looked exhausted. Terri has been married to the leader for a year or two now. She can’t stand the guy the though. She wants to bring the Academy down. She could never make her beliefs public expect with me. That is only because I ranted to her drunk about the place.

“I’m doing well. The family is doing great. I did not see you at the dinner last night. We celebrated the death of the traitor Ash.” She looked like she was trying not to cry. Sasha went over and grasped her hands and gave her a hug. To anyone walking by they would think they were just close friends.

“C’mon Terri we should go to the gardens. They are gorgeous at this time.” Sasha said taking Terri’s arm and stroking the kid’s hair.

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