Angel’s Choice

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Chapter One

"Sammy!" I exclaimed , as my sister came running up the driveway to embrace me .

Sammy had spent the last year travelling around Europe, site seeing and partying and I had missed her more than I would ever admit. Sammy and I were extremely close and it had been hard for me to go from seeing her everyday to getting once a week FaceTimes from her . I couldn't imagine being brave enough to go to a whole new continent for a year but that was Sammy all over , she was spontaneous and daring and I had missed her .

"I see you haven't grown" I teased, helping her bring her bags inside .

"You're like 3inches taller than me , you're not one to talk" She bantered back with a grin .

"Yes but my 5ft5 looks a lot larger compared to your 5ft2" I pointed out .

Before she could reply , she was scooped up into the arms of mom and dad who were just as happy to see her.

"Wash your hands and then come into the kitchen, I've made your favourite meal" Mom said, her eyes radiating happiness.

"More like a feast. She's prepared a three course meal so I hope you're hungry" Dad injected .

"Starving!" Sammy confirmed before murmuring a quick spell that cleaned her hands .

Did I mention , my family was magical ?

I didn't remember much of my former life other than the fact that I was found by a seven year old Sammy in some abandoned house in the middle of the woods when I was five years old. Mom and dad had been trying for a child but after a horrific magical accident mom had been left infertile so when Sammy had bought me back to their cabin , they decided to adopt me. However , they were all witches and a wizard in dads case.

Not the magical folk that rode on broomsticks with pointy black hats and black cats , they just had magical powers and great connections to nature. They did do spells and make certain potions that helped when you was sick but after moms accident, mom more or less stopped practicing magic and dad only did it occasionally.

When I was younger I had wished I could be magical and I was scared that mom and dad would find me plain and boring, especially as Sammy had went to a magical school and always had fantastic stories that they lapped up . But they always told me I didn't need to be magical to be special and that they loved me so I had nothing to worry about.

After a very filling dinner of a sweet chilli prawn salad for a starter, a beef chilli stir fry for a main and a peach melba pie for dessert , Sammy and I went up to her bedroom.

"I met someone while I was travelling !" She suddenly blurred out as soon as she shut the door .

"Who? And why didn't you say anything before ?" I asked curiously , sitting down on her king sized bed.

"Well I wasn't sure if it was just abit of fun so I didn't feel like I had to mention it but he asked me to be his girlfriend a few months ago and I said yeah. I want him to meet mom and dad too, he's from Germany" She explained, her eyes shining as she spoke of him.

Sammy was a very beautiful girl with her 5ft 2 stature , slim frame , big brown eyes , chin dimple and long glossy red hair . She was confident, friendly , bubbly and despite her size , was a real force to be reckoned with and I had no doubt that she wore the trousers in her relationship.

"That's awesome but is he moving to America now you're back or are you planning on doing long distance ?"

"Well actually I'm going back to Germany and I'm going to enroll in university there" She confessed.

"But you just came back!"

"I know , I know but I've stayed in Germany for the past 5 months and I've fell in love with the city and the university there is great. I'm going to stay here for a month and then Nico will come over so you guys can get to know him and then we're going to go back to Germany" She explained , squeezing my hand .

"Moms going to freak" I said after a minute of silence.

What I really wanted to say is that I didn't want her to go because I needed her here with me and that I missed her more than I could bare but I didn't want to be selfish.

"I know , so I'm not going to say anything for now , especially as her art show thing is tomorrow and I don't want to ruin it so please don't say anything"

"I won't" I promised before throwing my arms around her neck and murmuring "I missed you" .

"I missed you too but come on , you're acting like you've been bored without me!"

"Because I have , nothing exciting ever happens to me. I would have thought now I'm in uni, things would be getting more exciting but I was wrong" I sighed , falling backwards on the bed.

"You're still young Angel and I have a feeling things will look up for you soon" Sammy said with a smirk .

"Meaning ?"

"I don't know , you know how sometimes I get those .....feelings and little hunches, I've been getting them about you recently"

Some magical folk had the ability to be able to see into the future , it was called the gift of sight and our grandma had it . Sammy had a slight version of it but she more so got feelings about things and they almost always came true.

"Good or bad ?"

"I don't know but it was definitely in the romance department"

"Probably bad then" I muttered glumly .

My love life was more or less none existent due to the fact that I never seemed to like the people who liked me, I didn't know if I was just being overly picky or I was just unlucky but it was safe to say I hadn't had boyfriend since I was 10 years old.

"Don't be so pessimistic" Sammy laughed , poking me in the ribs.

"I'll try"


Mom had always been very creative and was in love with everything artistic whilst dad loved drawing , sketching and inventing- hence why he was an architect. Nine months ago , he and mom decided that they wanted to open their own private mini art school , well mom wanted the school part whilst dad was going to design the building. It had been coming along great and today was the big opening and they had invited some of the investors as well as the owner of the construction company who had helped bring dads vision to life under his watchful eye .

It was a big deal and it was why I had made such a huge effort , plus the local papers were all going to be there .

I liked to think my looks were fairly average but when I made an effort I knew I could look really pretty if I wanted to . I had slanted moss green eyes, honey coloured skin due to my half south Asian heritage , freckles across my slightly upturned nose , cupid bow lips and shoulder length dark brown hair . I had let Sammy do my makeup and she had put my hair in an elegant bun with two strands falling in my face , I was an average weight with D cup breast although I was always conscious of my stomach that wasn't completely flat , especially when sitting down .

After much debating with myself I had settled on wearing a slightly low cut white dress with little ruffles and a white little tie at the front and pairing it with them some open toed heels. After looking in the mirror and decided that I look nice , I went to grab Sammy so we could go downstairs .

"You two look amazing ! Charlie get a picture of them" Mom gushed as Sammy and I walked down the stairs .

"Don't we just" Grinned Sammy, squashing her face against mine .

Sticking my tongue out for the photo , a warm feeling spread in my heart, I was very family oriented person and I was always happiest around those who I loved . I was lucky to have been taking into such a loving , compassionate and kind family which is why it made me sad to think my sister was going to be living in Germany.

The opening was in full swing by the time we got there and it looked amazing , it was filled with moms paintings and everyone seemed to love them . Not only that, they already had 50 people sign for the classes and I was so proud of them .

"Hey, you look amazing !" Smiled my best friend Katrina, walking up to me .

Katrina and I had been best friends since I was six years old , she was a beautiful girl with chocolate skin , wild and kinky black hair that shaped her heart shaped face like a mane and large expressive eyes that tended to sparkle mischievously. She was 5ft7 with a tiny waist and a nicely rounded bum due her being a gym freak.

"Thanks, I thought you was working today" I replied after giving her a hug.

"I was but I think my manager has a crush on me so he let me take the night off. This place looks so good, people are buying the paintings left right and centre. I saw one piece go for $8,000!"

"Mom will be pleased. It kinda sucks that I'm the only one who doesn't have an artistic bone in their body in my family . I'd love to be able to design , paint or draw" I admitted , gazing up a piece that was of a large beauty black wolf surrounded by a large and haunting moon.

The wolf's head was thrown back and it's eyes shined with a hardness, it looked like it was in pain as it looked at the moon longingly. It was beautiful and I wanted it .

After excusing myself , I went to find mom to ask if I was allowed to have the painting , something about it tugged on my heart and I just knew I had to have it in my bedroom.

"Hey mom, I have a favour to ask you"

"Sure honey, what's up ?" She asked curiously .

"Your wolf painting , is it okay if I have it ?" I asked.

"Of course but it isn't mine. Sammy drew it a few months back, she said she kept having thoughts of the black wolf" Mom replied as we walked back to the painting so she should get it down for me .

"Really ? I wonder why" I murmured .

I would have to ask Sammy when I got the chance what made her draw it as whilst she was amazing at drawing , she didn't really have any interest in it and rarely ever drew or painted . I also wanted to know why I felt so .. connected to it .

It was weird.

"There you two are ! Angel , I want you to meet one of our investors. Alec Durand, this our daughter Angel and Angel this is Alec" Came dads cheerful tone .

I turned around to be met with one of the most beautiful person I had ever encountered in my life , he looked as if he had stepped straight off the runway. He looked around 6ft2, with smouldering intense red eyes with natural long thick eyelashes, flawless pale skin, blond hair that almost seemed to cup his face like a yellow halo and a strong chiselled jaw. He had a lean build , like a swimmer but radiated a confidence that made him seem untouchable .

His red eyes that were currently boring into my moss green ones , told me he was a vampire and a vampire that feasted on human blood at that .


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