Angel’s Choice

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Chapter Two

"Pleasure to meet you" Alec said , taking my hand and brushing his lips against the back of it which made me let out an involuntary gasp.

His voice was low and husky with a slight french accent which added even more to his appeal, I hadn't ever met a vampire before but I knew they were notorious for their looks. Everything about them invited you in and Alec's aura was almost hypnotic, I was completely enthralled . But there was also something about him that screamed danger and it made me wry, especially as his ruby red eyes was proof that he feasted on humans .

I was human .

"Nice to meet you too" I replied back softly after a minute of silence.

"Right... well , I'm going to grab the mic so I can make the thank you speeches. You two coming ?" Mom said after looking at Alec curiously .

"If you don't mind , I'd like to stay here with Angel and get her point of view on some of the paintings since I know how your family is full of art lovers" Alec said , giving mom a charming smile that made my breath hitch.

"Is that okay Angel?" Dad asked.

"It's fine" I said without even thinking about it .

I felt my cheeks heat up slightly at my overly eager response and I prayed that nobody noticed it, I didn't want to see desperate. Yes , he was very good looking but I didn't know why I felt so enthralled in his presence.

"Although you'll probably be disappointed to know that I unfortunately don't have a creative bone in my body, but I can appreciate a good piece of art work. My sister did an amazing drawing of a wolf that I loved , I got my mom to hide it for me" I said once mom and dad left .

"I'm not a big fan of wolves" He grimaced, crinkling his nose slightly as if I had offended him.

"I wonder when you vampires and wolves will let go of your age old feud" I wondered aloud as we looked around.

"You know about us?"

"Well I am raised by witches"

"But I can tell you're fully human so I assumed they wouldn't have told you everything. How curious" He responded, once again his eyes boring into mine.

"It's very unnerving when you do that" I murmured shyly.

"Do what?"

"Look at me're reading my thoughts"

"I apologise , mon ange" Came his soft reply that made my heart thud.

Jesus, I needed to get myself together.

"Was you born in France?" I asked , cocking my head to the side .

"Indeed. 1920 France to be exact , it was wonderful time in terms of culture and art. I sometimes miss it" He replied, his face wistful as if reminiscing on the better times.

I wanted to ask him more about his life in France and how exactly he got turned into a vampire but I had only just met him so I deemed it highly inappropriate. He had a mysterious aura to him , despite his suave exterior that was donned in an expensive navy blue suit . There was more to him and I wanted to get to know it .

"How old are you ?"

"Twenty four"

"I mean in vampire years" I said rolling my eyes with a giggle .

"100" He said carefully , analysing my face for my response .

"You're younger than I thought" Was my reply, keeping my face and tone casual so he knew it wasn't a big deal to me .

"And how old did you think I would be ?" He asked asked with a smirk , a strand of his golden hair falling into his eyes.

"About 1,000" I said softly , clenching my fist in order to stop myself from doing something silly like removing the strand . I didn't want to make a complete ass of myself.

He took a step closer to me , his eyes were hooded as he grabbed my fists and unclenched them .

"You'll hurt yourself , your nails are sharp" was his only response as I looked up at him in confusion.

"Oh" I breathed out, not knowing how to respond .

"I've been looking for you! Your parents want you and Sammy t-" Katrina trailed off , realising she and interrupted Alec and I.

"It's fine. Angel , pleasure to meet you" and with that, Alec disappeared into the crowd.

"Who was the freak with the red eyes?" Demanded Katrina as soon as he was out of ear shot but as vampires had advanced hearing , I was positive he heard.

Whilst she knew about my magical family , she didn't have a clue about the rest of the magical world as it was technically forbidden by the high council to let humans know . The only reason my parents were allowed to adopt me was that my adoptive grandma had been on the council and they had links to our family.

The only things I really knew about vampires was that they were super strong , super fast, had amazing hearing and feasted on animal or human blood but human blood made them stronger. They couldn't eat human food , didn't breath and they could sleep if they wanted to but they didn't actually need to and there was three types of vampire.

You had the royal vampire family that consisted on six members who were the strongest and oldest of their kind and had been bitten by the first ever vampire to exist. They also had the ability to read minds, transport and feel other people's moods and emotions .

Then you had 1st class vampires that were turned by royals, they were stronger and faster than the average vampires and had the ability to feel other people's moods and emotions. Then normal vampires were turned by 1st class and had all the usual vampires powers apart from being able to sense moods and emotions.

I wondered what type Alec was. He had a refined grace and beauty about him that made me certain he wasn't just the usual vampire but it also made me nervous. Could he feel what I felt ?

I'd be mortified if he could .

"You don't think he's good looking ?"

"I guess but he's wearing red eye contacts, it's a pass from me" Katrina crinkled her nose "Plus there's something off about him"

"Like what ?"

"I don't know but he just doesn't sit right with me but come on . Your parents want you up on the stage " She shrugged before dragging me through the crowd and onto the mini stage my family were currently standing on.


We got back home from the party around 11pm and I felt exhausted but I was determined to speak to Sammy about her painting before I went to sleep. I wasn't even sure why I cared so much , like yeah , it was beautiful but it was stuck in my head .

"You shouldn't think so hard, your brain isn't used to it" Came the teasing voice of Sammy as she walked into my room.

My room had a woody type of theme with wooden flooring , a big wooden chest of draws that had plants on , a soft brown armchair and my large wooden bed with white , green and brown sheets. My room was on the second floor and I had a balcony door that opened to the long stretch of forestry that was behind the house .

"I'm glad you came in here, I wanted to talk to you about the painting" I said , pointing to it as it now resided on my wall.

"What about it ?"

"I don't exactly know , what made you paint it ? It's amazing but you hate drawing"

"I actually don't know , I just kept seeing it in my mind . A huge black wolf howling at the moon ..... it was searching for something or someone. I'm just not exactly sure what. I didn't even realise I was drawing it until I drew it , if that makes sense" Sammy explained , her brows furrowed .

We both sat in silence for a few minutes , analysing her words as we stared at the painting . It was definitely weird but it was just a picture so she left my room not long after and then I fell asleep .

"You're mine Angel, tout à moi" Came the husky voice of Alec, his breath fanning across my face making my eyes flutter.

"I love you Alec" I murmured.

"I love you too. So much that it hurts , you're my better half but have to get rid of him. Promise me you'll get rid of him" He pleaded, his face twisted in anguish.

"Rid of who?" I asked in confusion , desperate to do anything that would take the pain away .

"The wolf .... get rid of the wolf"

"I can't"

"Then I'll kill it!" Alec snarled , his face twisted and his fangs dripping with venom .

Suddenly a huge black wolf with pitch black eyes appeared and before I could tell him to run , Alec shot towards him and I suddenly jolted awake and out my sleep .

Breathing heavily , I thought about the dream I had just woke up out of and wondered what it meant . Why was Alec killing the wolf in my painting ? My head felt jumbled but I decided I'd push it to the back of my mind for now , I was too tired and with that , I felt into a dreamless sleep .


A U T H O R ' S N O T E: A real Introduction to Alec! What do you guys think of him ? Any guesses why Angel can't get the black wolf out of her mind ?

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