Angel’s Choice

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Chapter three

It had been two days since the art opening and I had had the same dream twice , I wasn't sure why it was bothering me so much as it wasn't even particularly scary but it was just .. unsettling . I didn't want Alec to hurt the wolf , I cared about it for some reason , in the same way I cared about Alec.

It was a monday morning and I had university 9am till 4pm and I decided hanging out with my friends would help distract me from the stress of my archeology and anthropology course as I had exams coming up and my dreams of Alec and the wolf.

I had always had a huge passion for anything and everything historical and old , probably why I couldn't stop thinking about Alec and whilst I enjoyed my field of study , it was incredibly tasking and time consuming. I had a four hour paper coming up about the techniques, methodologies and theoretical approaches which archaeologists and anthropologists use .

As well as that , I was required to take a internship which I was undergoing , 10 hours a week I worked at the local museum which I did enjoy but that coupled with school work didn't leave me much free time . I felt like I had been neglecting my uni friends which consisted of Ashley , Summer, Rory and Benji.

Summer was on my course and was a lovely sweet girl , I got along with her the most and Ashley had been her best friend since 8th grade, Benji was Ashley's boyfriend and Rory and Benji were best friends. Those were the only friends I had made in the few months I had attended university and it wasn't that I couldn't make more , it was just that I couldn't be bothered . I was perfectly content with having Katrina as my best friend, she was all I really needed and of course , my family .

"Hey, do you wanna grab some lunch with me and the gang ?" Summer asked as we began to pack up our things .

"Yeah, I'd love too . Oh, I seen you and Benji celebrating your one year anniversary on Instagram last week , congratulations " I said , smiling warmly at her .

"Thanks" Summer slung her bag over her shoulders "How's your love life?"

"None existent" was my simple reply as Alec's red eyes flashed in my mind .

He was a vampire and that made him automatically atttarctive and I didn't know if I felt so.... attracted to him because it was part of the whole alluring your pray with your looks aspect of him or because I genuinely found him good looking. It didn't matter anyway , Alec came off as sophisticated and mature , I doubted a nineteen year old human girl was his type .

Besides , I was pretty sure he wasn't shy of female attention and for all I knew he probably had a mate , he was a hundred years old. Like most supernatural beings , vampires mated for life which was one perk of having a supernatural mate, they couldn't cheat on you . To solidify the mating process vampires would bite their mate behind the back of their neck but I wasn't sure how it worked if their chosen mate was human as vampire venom was deadly to almost any creatures.

Over the weekend I had been doing some research on vampires and apart from the usual strength , speed and advanced hearing I had discovered that they could be in the sunlight but no longer than two hours as it would weaken them and the only way to kill them was to cut off their head, rip out their heart and then burn it. They couldn't eat human food and it took twenty four hours to transform into a vampire but you can only be on the brink of death to transform and of course they were immortal .

"What's up ? You looked distracted?" Came the concerned tone of Rory as we got to the group .

"Sorry" I shook my head , attempting to clear my head of the vampire "Just stressed with school stuff"

"Why? What have you gotta do?"

"I've got a four hour paper to do and I need to start making revision cards and stuff but I've got a shift at work tomorrow at 2pm . I-"

"Don't stress about it , I can come over and help you get as much revision and stuff done today if you like. I finished my last lab report early" He offered with a sincere smile.

Rory was the type of person who was always helpful and would go above and beyond to help someone in need and he was super smart. Rory was technically a high school senior and was only seventeen ( although he was turning eighteen in a few months). but due to his academic genius he had been pushed forward a year and was now studying medicine in collage. He was also good looking with caramel coloured skin due to his half white and half black heritage , hazel eyes and always wore a grin but he never really showed any interest in anyone due to focusing on education .

"Would you ? That would be such a huge help , thank you Rory" I agreed , giving his hand a quick grateful squeeze .

"No problem , you've helped me a lot too"

"I have? When?" I asked with a confused half grin .

I didn't recall any time in particular I had done anything to be deemed helpful to Rory , he was one of the most put together and organised people I knew .

"When my mom got sick , you helped me learn to cook remember so I could help out with my siblings the days my dad was working . I can now cook a mean lasagna, prawns and mac and cheese . All thanks to you" He reminded me .

"Oh yeah! How is your mom?"

"She's doing -"

"Wooow, anyone would think the rest of us didn't exist with the way you two have your own conversations and ignore us" interrupted Ashley , squeezing between Rory and I .

"How can we forget you guys are back there when you're always so loud ?" I asked back , keeping my voice light and teasing although I meant it .

I had mixed feelings about Ashley because she was nice girl when she wanted to be , she was hilarious and I had some good memories of us going out partying together. But her need to be centre of attention could be maddening , I didn't know how Benji dealt with it , especially as she would be so flirtatious with other guys .

Her only response was to stick her tongue out at me before launching into a story about what she had gotten up to during the weekend, swiftly ending Rory and I's previous conversation.


"Thank you so much for the help , I really do appreciate it" I said , collecting up the papers Rory and I had been working on in my bedroom.

"It's not biggy" He shrugged as he gathered his own stuff up .

He had been amazingly helpful for the past two hours and had put up with my frustration when I would get answers wrong like an absolute saint . Instead of getting fed up of my mini tantrums where I would insist that I didn't want to carry on, he would encourage me and tell me that I could do it .

Whilst revising I couldn't help but notice him , really notice him for the first time and it was when I realised how good looking he was . The way his eyes would sparkle when I finally got my answer correct or how he would roll his eyes as I tried to get out of certain questions.

Asking him if he had a girlfriend was on the tip of my tongue but I decided against it because I wasn't really sure why I wanted to know and I didn't want to give him the wrong impression either. He was nice boy and good friend , it was better I left it at that and anyway , there was nothing wrong with appreciating someone's looks .

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow" Rory said , fishing in his pocket for his car keys as we got outside to my drive .

"Is that so?" Came a low and husky voice with a slight french accent.

The same voice that had been haunting my dreams for the past two nights .


I spun around , my hearts suddenly beating erratically, to be greeted with the handsome sight of the vampire who's red eyes seemed to be blazing with fury as he stared at Rory who looked slightly scared .

"E-excuse me?"

"You'll be seeing Miss Charna tomorrow? Why is that?" Alec asked , taking an intimidating step towards him , his hands balled up into fists .

I opened and closed my mouth , not sure exactly what was going on and how to respond but what I did know was that Alec could kill Rory- easily . I couldn't imagine what Rory could have done to make him look so angry but I wasn't going to let anything happen to him , he was my friend .

"What's your problem ?" I asked quietly , shifting slightly in front of Rory to create a sort of shield .

Alec's eyes followed my movement and narrowed before saying "I didn't realise that your friend needed you to protect him"

"Hey man, what's your problem ? Do we know each other or something ?" Rory said , his tone sounding unsure but he still bravely stepped from behind me and looked Alec straight in his eyes .

Without thinking , I grabbed Alec's hand softly and said "Please Alec" .

I wasn't even sure what I was saying please for but I just didnt want anything bad to happen to Rory and although I knew if he wanted to hurt him , there was nothing I could physically do to stop him, I had to help .

What I didn't anticipate was the bolt of electric that seemed to corse through me as I touched him , my arm hairs stood up to attention as my heart missed a beat . A warm feeling spread in my chest , it felt weird but right .

Alec's ruby eyes locked onto my moss green ones and I felt as if he was searching for my soul and I knew he could feel how I was feeling , I wondered if he could sense my confusion . I felt as if twenty different emotions were rushing through me , the first one going as quick as the next .

"Mon ange" He murmured as I let go of his arm.

"Uh, I think I'm going to go. Angel, I'll ... text you" Came Rorys awkward response .

I had completely forgotten he was even there ! What was wrong with me?

"Yeah, let me know when you're home safe" I replied, shaking my head and hopefully my jumbled feelings away .

"I'm sure he'll get home fine" Came the acidic tone of Alec.

"Right" Rory nodded before getting in his car and driving away .

"What was all ...... that about ?" I asked Alec once the car had driven around the corner .

I needed some sort of distraction from my jumbled emotions.

"He likes you" Was his response .

"As in-"

"He wishes to court you , I can tell by his emotions . It's not overly strong and he probably doesn't even know the extent of his feelings but they're most definitely there" He explained , his brows furrowed .

"Oh" I stopped and mulled over what he told , trying to process how I felt about this new information "What do you care if he does anyway ?"

Alec opened his mouth before closing it , his brows furrowing as I fought the urge to reach out and stroke the crease. I didn't like seeing him upset , it didn't bode well with me at all .

"Your sister is telling your parents about Germany" He suddenly said , cocking his ear to the side slightly .

She was doing what ?

I whipped my head towards the house , trying to see if I could hear anything as I could already imagine the reaction my parents would have and I knew it was bound to create an argument , my parents were very loving and supportive but they were also protective . My mother especially wouldn't want Sammy to move to a whole new continent and with some boy they had never met , the world was a very dangerous place and crawling with supernatural creatures and not all of them were good .

"What are they sayi-" I trailed off as I turned around and realised that Alec had disappeared, he had clearly said that to distract me as a way to go .

What the hell was his problem ?

Shaking my head at the annoyingly frustrating vampire , I walked back in the house to see what was happening and hopefully to diffuse the situation . I didn't want her to go but I would have to have her back because of the roles were reversed , she would definitely have mine .

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