Angel’s Choice

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Chapter four

Unlike most people I didn't mind working , I loved my job at the museum as I got to be around historical artefacts that I found genuinely interesting. Every piece told their own story that was filled with a great tale of battle, talent, mystery , struggle , love or superstition and I learnt something new everyday. My favourite section was the Egyptian one , the things discovered there would remain an enigma in the modern world, it was era that lead to so much questions and questions that I doubted would ever be answered.

The museum was generally quiet, no more than twenty people would come in a day which was another thing I loved about working here , I didn't have to do too much . I would walk around, interacted with the children, answered questions and was left to my own devices for most of it. It was also one of the few times I made a conscious effort with my appearance as I had to wear a uniform that consisted of a white shirt with the words Woodferns global museum, a knee length black pencil skirt , black tights , black heels and black gloves .

My shoulder length dark brown hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and my makeup consisted of mascara, neutral eyeshadow, light foundation , a dusting of blush and lipgloss. I liked how I looked for work , I looked mature and sophisticated and around the age of twenty three which I thought was a bonus .

"What time do you get off today?" Came the voice of my co-worker Juliet.

Juliet was a nice enough girl but had a tendency to be overly nosy and prying at time , she was a real gossip and loved to get involved with things that didn't always concern her and thrived on drama which was why she already had a warning from HR when the girlfriend of the boy she was sleeping with came in last month and created a scene. However, she had took me under her wing when I first started working here and helped me get the hang of things which I appreciate immensely.

She was also a beautiful girl with her ivory coloured skin , icey blue eyes and flamingo dyed pink hair that was currently in one long french plait and a curvy full figure which she flaunted with confidence.

"In half an hour , how about you ?"

"I'm here until 8pm unfortunately although the hot guy in the Renaissance section is enough eye candy to make it worthwhile . Although, the red contacts he's sporting are a little weird but the rest of him definitely makes up for it" Juliet replied, rubbing her bottom lip thoughtfully .

Red eyes ?

Without thinking , I spun around and made my way to the renaissance section, all I could think about was seeing Alec , it was the only thing circling in my mind. I needed to see him .

"You disappeared last night" I blurted out as soon as I spotted him .

His scarlet eyes bore into my own , making me shiver involuntary.

"I shouldn't have been there in the first place and I shouldn't be here either" Was his reply , his tone dark and haunting as if he was upset .

"Why was you at my house ?"

"I had business with your father and I heard you two when I was leaving" His eyes flashed which made me take a step backwards "I came to apologise for my abrupt behaviour".

I couldn't figure Alec out and I knew I should be terrified of him , his eyes flashing dangerously was a reminder that he could snap my neck in an instant but there was something so ....intoxicating about him that made me want to be in his presence.

"It's fine but don't do it again , you're not batman and I don't appreciate the disappearing act" I shrugged after a beat of silence .

He nodded and a silence fell over us , both of us studying each other and I felt myself blush as I had no doubt he could feel my admiration for him. However , I reminded myself he was literally made to look beautiful to trap humans so he must know it wasn't exactly voluntary on my part .

"Can I see you?" He suddenly asked .

"Excuse me ?"

"After work, to make up for my behaviour last night . I'd like to take you out to dinner if that's okay with you" He said , his french accent becoming slighter thicker as he hurried his words out .

"What will you be eating ? Me?" I teased.

"Don't joke about that, I-I would never harm you like that Angel" He breathed out , his eyes shining in honesty and his tone anguished as if hurting me was painful to him .

My breath hitched when he said my name , it sounded perfect coming out his mouth , he made it seem like molten honey and the expression on his face tugged on my heartstrings . It hurt me to hurt him .

"I'd like that , dinner I mean" I replied , chewing on my lip nervously .

"I'll pick you up for 7pm, have a good day" He nodded before turning around and walking out .

I was going to dinner with a vampire .



"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sammy whispered to me , her pecan eyes disapproving .

"It's just dinner, it's no big deal , I'll be fine" I assured her quietly , both of us keeping our voices down so Katrina didn't hear .

Katrina had come over to help me get ready for my 'date' , even though I had insisted it was a simple apology dinner for being rude yesterday, and whilst Katrina was ecstatic at the prospect of me having a love life , Sammy wasn't exactly over the moon. I knew that Sammy's concerns were warranted , I was a human who was going out alone with a creature that killed my kind for food. It was silly of me but there was something in me that knew Alec wouldn't hurt me and I knew it was ridiculous but I listened to it and I knew I'd make it back home okay .

"Keep your phone on you at all times, if you need any help just text me and I'll be there to kick some vamp butt. He may be super strong but he isn't as powerful as a witch" Sammy replied , her tone a lot lighter but I knew she meant it .

Whilst magical folks weren't the strongest or fastest creatures, they were very powerful but Alec was also a lot older and experienced than Sammy which meant she didn't really stand a chance against him but I appreciated the thought nonetheless .

"I think the wax is all heated up now, are you ready ?" Katrina asked , walking into the room carrying her mobile beauty station .

Katrina was studying business in university whilst working in a beauty salon as she wanted to open her own , she was amazing all all things skin , hair, body and makeup which was very handy for me. She always needed someone to practice on and I was more than happy to oblige as it was a win win situation but we always argued about payment as she refused to take it and I refused to not pay for her services.

"I don't think we have time to give me a wax , he's picking me up in 45 minutes" I said.

"It's for me , she's giving me a full body wax. Now stop moving about or you'll smudge your nails" Sammy scolded me.

"I'm so excited for you ! A date with an older man , a rich one at that , we love to see it " Katrina smiled , nudging me playfully .

"It's not a date" I ground out for the hundredth time .

"Whatever , let's pick you out an outfit"

Fourty five minutes later and I was ready for my date and dressed in a red off the shoulder casual summer dress that was a few inches above my knee and paired it with black converse and a black denim jacket. Casual but still nice enough to grab something to eat and Katrina had curled my hair and it was pushed back with simple black headband.

"Have a nice night and be safe" Sammy said , squeezing my hand as the doorbell rang .

"Always" I murmured before walking downstairs and opening the door .

"Hey , you're right on time" I smiled , walking out .

"Indeed" He said , his eyes greedily taking me as if I was going to disappear.

The car journey to the restaurant wasn't eventful and we mostly sat in silence , listening to whatever cheesy pop song was on the radio, both of us deep in thought. The whole thing was weird but it was a good weird, I wanted to spend time with him and get to know him , I could only image the things he had seen in his hundred years here .

The restaurant was a nice establishment and made me feel slightly underdressed , it overlooked the pier and had a cosy but luxurious feel with flamboyant decorations. It wasn't overly packed but was full of men in suits and women dressed in heels and I suddenly felt very young in converses , I felt childish and wondered if Alec had noticed.

Then I suddenly felt a wave on calmness wash over me that made all my insecurities disappear, it was like they never existed .

"You're welcome" Half smiled Alec who was sitting opposite me .

"You did that ? How? I thought your kind could only feel emotions?" I asked , leaning forward as my eyes sparkled in curiosity .

"I'm different" Was his only response .

"So, how did you know where I worked ? I hope you wasn't stalking me" I teased, trying to lighten the mood.

"Now that would be telling. Tell me about yourself , I want to know everything"

"There's not really much to say , I don't have much of an interesting life apart from the fact my sister Sammy found me in the woods when I was a child and I don't remember much of my past life. I did a DNA test that determined I was from Indian descent and I've always wanted to go there on my honeymoon , if I ever do get married anyway. I'm not sure what I want to do after I finish university but I'm thinking I'll take a year off and I'd love to go sight seeing around the world if I could afford it, me and my best friend Katrina want to go together . I've got a big interest in history and anything old and well, that's about it . How about you?" I chartered , feeling more comfortable the more I spoke .

His eyes were unwavering and it made me feel like he didn't just ask for basic chit chat but because he genuinely wanted to know about me and it made me feel warm inside .

"My father was a war general in France so I grew up in a strict household and joined the army when I was seventeen , I wanted to fight for my country and war was exciting for boys back then. All we heard was tales of glory , battle and strength but it was ...different but I thrived . I was good at what I did and I ended up fighting in World War II until one of my wounds caught a nasty infection and I was going to die. I don't really remember exactly what happened but I woke up a vampire and five years later I met my family . My vampire family anyway , my parents Charlotte and Alexandre and my sister Zofia and I stayed with them until the 80's when I ventured out. I've lived in this city for about eight years now , I never stay anywhere for longer than nine years" He unraveled.

"Do you have to leave?" I blurted out without thinking.

I didn't know why it bothered me so much that he would be leaving next year , I barely even knew him but the thought of him just disappearing didn't sit right with my spirit at all . It made me feel antsy and anxious , I didn't like it.

"Don't you want me to ?" He questioned, leaning forward slightly.

"One rare steak with a side of mash and one penne with chorizo & prawns" The waitress chimed , walking over with our two plates.

"The penne is for me" I said , clearing my throat awkwardly and glad I didn't have to answer the question.

The rest of the dinner was spent having general chit chat and it was nice , especially when he laughed when I told him an embarrassing story of how I peed myself in front of my class when I was seven years old . He laugh was rich and throaty and it lit up the whole room , it was a sound that I could listen to forever. Alec usually seemed on edge and intense but when he laughed , he looked lighter and free, happiness suited him .

"I had a really nice night tonight , I think I needed it . I've been so stressed with school stuff" I admitted , once Alec pulled up outside my house .

"I'm glad I've made you happy Angel, it pleases me" Alec replied, reaching over for my hand and rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand .

His touch made every nerve in my body stand up to attention and an intense attraction for him spread throughout my whole body , I wanted him in every sense of the word. A fiery passion was making its way through me and I needed more of his touch , more of him. It was a powerful need, almost frantic and the air was becoming thick, the scent of him clouding my senses.

"Alec" I breathed out as his ruby red eyes darkened to the point that they almost seemed black and he let out a low growl that had me pressing my legs together uncomfortably.

I was becoming aroused and by the way his nostrils were flaring , I was pretty sure he could smell me.

Closing his eyes for a few seconds, he opened them and ground out " You need to go inside Angel"


"Now!" He all but growled.

I flinched at his tone and at his obvious rejection , embarrassment at how I acted flooding my system and chasing away my attraction.

"Angel, I'm sorry , I just-"

"It's fine , I understand. Bye" I said hastily getting out the car.

I couldn't believe I had made such a fool out of myself, I wanted to shrivel up into a ball and die.

Kill. Me . Now

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