Light in the Wolves

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Cocky. Stupid. Annoying. Those are the words that people us in the werewolf chickflicks that Char loves so much. What she didn't know is that werewolves are real off the page as well... Lets start from the beginning. Char is 14 turning 15 during the summer, the summer when she starts hearing a voice inside her head. The voice tells her to call it Clell. Now after Charlotte comes home to her parents sitting on the couch worried she finds out werewolves are real. Then a day later the teen she saw in the street before, the truth bomb, shows up with her parents. She finds out he's her mate, not only that but an Alpha. She's scared worried that she'll not only be a terrible luna but that she'll endanger others. So she runs. Eventually they catch her and secrets are revealed. Now she has the fate of the entire world in her hands. Everything is spiraling out of control and only one thing is clear, the moon goddesses choice was the thing that started it all.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1- Charlotte

*Ring Ring*

Finally school was out! I rushed out of the school desperate to get home, I wanted to enjoy every moment of summer break. I was stoked to hangout with my friends, read on wattpad till 1am, sleep-in till 12pm, and eating ice-cream on the back porch. I wanted to feel free!

"Char, wait up!" I paused and saw my best friend Rachel calling me.

"Whats up girl?" I questioned.

"Ya wanna hang tomorrow? We can go to Starbucks..."

"YES!" I totally sounded like a squealing pig as I said that.

"You and your obsession with Starbuck, its not healthy." Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Ya, I've heard this speech before."

"And I know how it ends, the same way every single time." She paused knowing what I was going to say.


"What was that?" Rachel knew I wasn't supposed to swear, but she still never told on me. I thank the goddess above for that, other wise I would be grounded for life!

"But are we on for tomorrow?"

"Rachel, don't worry. I'll be there unless I can't, and we all know friends don't lie!" I giggled.

"Again you and your 'Stranger Things' obsession! Gah!"

"Come on, it is literally the best show on earth!" I replied throwing my hands in the air.

"Okay but-"

"Hey look, Shannon's here!" Thank you goddess, again.

"Why does my little sister always have to interrupt my best speeches?"

"When have those ever happened?" I bolted after the words left my mouth, I wanted to live for summer break. I started my jog home.

"Hi! How are you?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, looking for the voice I had just heard. Weirdly enough no ones there.

"Cause I'm in here silly!"

"Where are you, I don't see anyone. Also question, whats your name?" I was seriously freaked out and curious, I was hearing a voice but not seeing one.

"Your curious, that is terrific!"

"Again who are you and what do you want?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Clell! And to answer your earlier questions I'm inside your head!"

"Great another voice." I was exasperated, these voices are going to be the death of me.

"You know you don't have to speak out loud right?"

"I know." Maybe I didn't have to be so rude to the voice but I've dealt with them before, more times than I would like to admit.

"I'm not just another voice!"

"Sure your not." I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly Clell went silent, I was relieved. I jogged a couple more minutes before I reached my house.

"MOM, I'M HOME!' I shouted through the house. No one answered.

I started searching through the house, not seeing anyone I guessed my parents were out to grab my brother from his school. I went into my room and set my bag down by the foot of my bed, no need for it now cause I'm not going to school. Plopping down on my bed I pulled out my phone and clicked on Wattpad. At the moment I was reading 'My hot, alpha neighbor, by ReadmeJug.' I was seriously looking forward to finding out if they found her sister! But then the dreaded ring tone!


"Hello Char!"

"Hey, how are you Nicole?"

"Bored, wanna hang?"

"Ummmm..." I paused, I really just wanted to read my werewolf novels!

"Your on Wattpad right now, right?"

She caught me, "Maybe?"

"Well we all know that you'll be busy for the next couple hours, I'll talk to you later."

"Thanks Nick, maybe talk to you later!"

Finally with no interruptions I settled down to read my cheesy werewolf chick flicks, my happy place.

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