Light in the Wolves

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Chapter 2- Charlotte

The next day I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. With a groan I rolled over and grabbed my phone of my bedside table.

"Hello, you have called at a unruly hour please explain before I end you."

"Nice to talk to your too Char, now are we still going to Starbucks?"

"Getting up now!" I chirped.



"What happened to Miss. I-will-end-you and welcomed in Ms. Happy?"

I decided to lean into this, her reaction was going to be hilarious! "A magical fairy gave her a magic potion that caused all the negative feelings to go away!"

Rachel was silent for a moment before she started to laugh, actually she was wheezing. I got up and into a pair of green shorts and a white shirt. Grabbing my wallet I bolted down the stairs to the kitchen where my parents were.

"I'm going out with Rachel!'

"Kay, don't forget your phone and if you run into any trouble give us a call!' My mom called back at me as I ran to the front door sandals in hand.

"You have your phone right Charlotte?"

I checked my purse, "Yup dad, don't worry!"

"Got it, love ya missy."

"Love you too dad!' I replied, rushing out the door. Me and Rachel were going to meet up at Starbucks so I ran like I was running a marathon. When I go there I was out of breath, but Starbucks is worth it!

"Wow, what did you do? Run from kidnappers girl?" Rachel asked, clearly teasing me for my red face.

"For one, that only happened once. Two I really wanted Starbucks and to hang with you!"

"Really?" She pulled out the e.

"Yes. Now lets go get Starbucks!"

As we walked into the store Rachel was giggling behind me. Opening the door with the adorable tinkling bell on it I smelt my other happy place, Starbucks.

"Hello Charlotte!" The staff called out.

"Char, why do the staff know your name?"

"Ummmmm..." Was my only reply.

"How often do you come here?" Rachel questioned me.

"Not that often, like..."

"At least five times a week!" I looked around to see who betrayed me and spotted Garth.

"How could you Garth!" I put my hands over my heart, "you have betrayed me!" Every single one of the staff started laughing or sighed.

"Oh well. What can I get you guys today?" He smirked.

"Char you go first," then she shoved me towards him.

"I'll have a-"

"A white milk macchiato with extra whipped cream?" He interrupted me, then winked.

"No, a vanilla frappuccino."

"Oooooh, why the change up?"

"Its hot out." I gave him a look that was supposed to be murderous but turned out slightly grumpy.

"Its not the only thing thats hot..."

"Stop your pick up lines and take Rachels order please." I rolled my eyes.

"Fine." Garth grumbled.

Rachel ordered a iced mocha and we headed to the park. All was peaceful until around an hour later. We had both finished our drinks and were walking around when we came across a lake. Rachel was walking right near the edge so... I pushed her in.

"Charlotte!" She shrieked.

"What?" I gave her the innocent face.

"Oh. OH! Your so dead!"

Rachel came rushing out of the water towards me so I bolted like the flash. Sadly she caught up to me and me being the tiny, light human being I was, got thrown into the lake.

"Oh, your so dead Rachel!" I was trying to sound threatening but I probably looked like a waterlogged cat.

"Really!" Rachel jeered.

"Ya!" She was standing near the edge, again, so I pulled her in. And we might have splashed around in that lake for... 30 minutes or so. Finally done we hopped out of the lake and started to walk home. When we arrived we were mildly damp, and giggling. Rachel had decided to be funny on the walk home. Aka she saw a cute guy and whispered a unique comment in my ear. One I will not repeat because I swear I lost some of my innocence just hearing it! Still it was funny.

"Bye Char, see ya tomorrow?" Rachel asked, snapping me out of my reply of the day.

"Sure! See ya Ra!"

"Kay!" And with that she ran home for dinner. I headed into my home happy as a child on Christmas morning.

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