Light in the Wolves

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Chapter 3- Tristen

"Tristen, hurry up. I need you to drive me to the city!" My sister screamed, wow that girl has lungs!

"Coming Abby!"

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!" As I slowly went down the stairs of our house I saw Abby sitting by the front door.

"Whats so important that I have to take you to the city today?" I questioned.

"Really? Since when are you into my social life?" Abby looked at me with a fake shocked expression.

"Since I have to drive you."

"Kay, fair point. So me and my friends are going to Starbucks then were going to the park to drink our drinks. Then were going to the mall to go shopping, after which you will me picking me up!"

"Okay. How are you going to afford all that?" In response my sister flashed my moms credit card.

"How'd you get that?" I was concerned for my mom, doesn't she know how Abby shops?"

"I asked her, like a million times till she said yes! The power of annoyance!" Abby was beaming.

"I need to try that sometime," I muttered under my breath.

Abby flicked on the radio and was bopping her head to some pop song. As we pulled up to Starbucks I felt my wolf Cody getting anxious.

"Whats gotten into you Cody? Are you high or something?"


"Whats wrong then?"

"You'll see." Cody replied smug.

"O...kay?" After that I just blocked him out. Man I'm tired. Well since I'm here I might as well get a coffee. As I walked in a scent hit me like a ton of bricks, it was utterly heavenly. Then I realized why Cody was so anxious, our mate was near.

"Bro, you okay?" Abby was looking over at me concerned.

"Abs, I need to go. I smelt her." I was getting nervous. Would she accept me? Would she reject me?

"Bro, you smelt your mate?" Abby was getting excited, she always wanted for me to find my mate. She wanted another sister, shes the only girl besides our mom in a family of 7.

"Yes, but she already left the shop." I was about to step out of the line I had somehow gotten into when I heard a voice.

"What can I get you today?" A male voice asked me.

I swerved around and saw a rouge I was allowing to live in pack lands, correction, he was a soon to be pack member. We had a week to wait until the next full moon.


Suddenly I smelt my mate on him, I needed to question him. I needed my mate.

"Hello," I paused and read his name tag, "Garth. I need to speak with you outside."

"Of course, just let me speak with my boss."

"Course." I tapped my foot while he spoke with his supervisor. Finally he was done talking to them and walked over to me.

"I've got 5 minutes. Were would you like to speak?"

"Somewhere private."

"Course sir." He replied while leading me to the ally way behind the store. Once we got there I jumped right to questioning him.

"I smell my mate on you, what females have you touched today?"

He was quiet for a second, in though I presume, before he answered me.

"I have only had skin to skin contact with one female today, Alpha. A human name Charlotte."

"Did you see where she went?"

"Her and her friend mentioned going to a park or something like that."

"Thank you, have a pleasant day Garth." Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder.

"Oh and Alpha," I paused to listen, "treat her right. She's utterly pure and kind."

I nodded and headed towards the nearest park. I wish that I was able to follow her scent but something was blocking it, it seemed I could only smell her at certain times.


I was wondering around the park when I caught scent of my mate on a bench. It seemed she was sitting on this bench before moving. Suddenly I heard the most wonderful giggle, it had to have come from my mate! Dashing around I didn't see anyone, I was beginning to lose hope. I decided to go see if she had left the park, walking out of the entrance. Continuing along the side walk for a good 10 minutes I saw a mass of brown hair walking next to a mess of blonde hair. I ignored that and headed to the other side of the street, not wanting to draw attention to myself. Suddenly the Blonde looked over to me and whispered into her friends ear. Something very, concerning. The brunette giggled. It sounded heavenly. I walked away.

"Dummy! Thats was mate!" Cody screamed at me.

Wait. Heavenly giggle. Shit. I turned around to find her but it was to late, she was gone.

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