Light in the Wolves

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Chapter four- Charlotte

After rushing into the house to get some dinner I saw my mom and dad sitting in the couch talking in hushed tones.

"Mom? Dad?" I questioned.

"Honey, we didn't realize you were home." My mother said stumbling over her words.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing sweetie." My dad replied a little to quickly.

"Dad. We don't lie to each other." I scolded.

Their eyes flickered to each other, then to me. Tiny drops of sweat glistened on their foreheads and their cheeks were flushed. They were lying, big time.

"Honey, your going to need to sit down."

"Mom, whats wrong? Your acting like your gonna tell me I was adopted."

"Its not that, its something completely different...."

"Mom, dad. Stop acting so weird and evasive, just get to the point!" I demanded. They seemed flustered by my outburst, but it did knock some sense into them.

"Honey, your fathers a werewolf." My mom stated


"And your one too, a special one. People knowing of your existence could endanger you and them." My dad finished.

I wish I could say I was strong and demanded answers, yelling at them that it was all a lie but I didn't. I saw that they were telling the truth and fainted, letting darkness consume me.


When I awoke I was alone, in a never ending field. Was I dead? Then I heard a voice.

"My dear child, you are not dead. You are merely unconscious. Don't worry, you'll awake soon. I just wanted to talk to you." Suddenly a woman in all white descended. Locks of white hair falling softly behind her, her eyes were a piercing violet, speckled with white and gold. She was stunning.

In the strongest voice I could muster I asked, "who are you?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry for my lack of manners. I'm Cynthia, the moon goddess."

"I thought that the moon goddess was Selene." I stuttered out. Was that rude?

"No my dear child, that was not rude. My mother was Selene, I have inherited the position."

"O...kay?" Can she read minds, is this some weird wizardry shit?

"Dear, this is not some wizardry shit. We are in your mind, henceforth I can read your mind."

"Got it, kinda."

"My dear child, I must go. I am so happy of the woman you've become. Please take care. Also, if you ever need to talk to me look at the sky, I will always talk back." With that she floated into the moon and disappeared.


With a start I woke up. My parents nervous faces were peering down at me.

"Honey, are you ok?" My mom asked helping me sit up.

"Peachy, just peachy. I learned that werewolves are actually real, found out my fathers one, found out I'm one and talked to the fucking moon goddess!" I threw my hands in the air, narrowly missing my parents faces.

"Okay one, we do not swear but I'll let it slide this one time. Two, you talked to who?" My fathers face was concerned.

"Cynthia, the moon goddess, a fricken deity!" I replied exasperated.

"Oh no, its already happening." My mom mumbled.

"Mom?" I shook her shoulder. "Mom? Whats already happening?" I was confused, scared, and still fucking starving!

"Didn't your dad tell you not to swear?"

"Why hello Clell! Are you another deity or some sort of supernatural shit?" I should warn you, I swear a lot when I'm hungry or angry or scared.

"Noted. Also I am not a god or goddess but I am your inner wolf!"

"Wonder, fucking wonderful." I didn't realize I said this out loud till too late.

"Charlotte, again 1 no swearing. 2 why are you saying somethings wonderful when your tone clearly states its not."

"1 dad, moms swears like a trucker when driving so if I'm not allowed to swear she shouldn't be able to either. Two I'm talking to a voice inside my head that apparently my inner wolf. 3 I'm going to get food so I'm not so grumpy." I stood up and headed into the kitchen. I pulled out a frying pan and enough ingredients for 3 grilled cheese sandwiches. Preparing them I buttered the bread and put it into the pan with the cheese inside. When the were ready I put them on a plate with ketchup and sat down at the table. Stuffing my face I finished in minutes. When I finished I put my plate in the dishwasher and headed over to my parents.

"Sweetheart..." My dad begun.

"Mom, dad. I'm going to bed." I turned around and marched up the stairs heading to my room. I brushed my teeth and pulled on a pair of PJ shorts with a tank. Then I collapsed into my bed and let sleep take me.

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