Light in the Wolves

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Chapter five- Tristen

I was steaming. I lost my mate. My beautiful mate. My other half. All because I was stupid and didn't realize the signs.

"Tristen?" Abby called.

"What?" I croaked.

"Oh, your home! Why didn't-" She walked into my office and saw the state I was in.

"Abby, I lost her." I went and grabbed a liquor bottle off the shelf. Thank the moon goddess that my dad gave me all his liquor after retiring from the alpha position.

"Oh Tristen, you'll find her eventually. But until then I'm taking all your liquor."

"Wait, why?" The burning sensation in my throat was helping me forget about the pain of losing my mate. Werewolves might not be able to get full black out drunk but we can use alcohol to get our minds a bit fuzzy.

"Because," she points to the several empty liquor bottles littering me desk, "this is unhealthy and she wouldn't want you to do this."

"Fine," I mumbled, "I'm going to bed." Then I stumbled up the stairs to my room. Stripping down to my boxers I climbed into bed, wishing that my mate was in my arms.


I woke up in the middle of the night to a white glowing light, as it steadily got brighter I noticed it was a woman. Long white hair, violet eyes speckled with white and gold, the moon goddess. I knelt before her.

"Alpha Tristen Alexander Forest-Black, rise. I am here to bestow upon you a gift."

"Moon goddess, why me?"

"Its not only for you, its for Charlotte. Her worlds changing and she needs some stability. In the possible futures I've seen where you mates you love her, you offer the support she needs. So I am going to connect you to her mind, as well as giving you her full name."

I was shocked, utterly and completely shocked. The moon goddess was bestowing a gift upon me. I was overjoyed! I'll be able to see my mate, hold her, spoil her, and above all love her.

She came over and touched my fore head. "Her name is Charlotte Marie Mitten," the moon goddess looked over at me, "take care of her, she is a gift to this earth."

Just as I was about to thank her she disappeared into thin air. I fell asleep happy that night knowing that I would be able to be with my other half soon.

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