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Many people don't know what they have until they lose it. Their fame, their money, their power and their life. Death is not an escape to suffering, it's a catalyst.

Fantasy / Other
Bartin Vein Ainz
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Chapter 1

I open my eyes.
As the world unfolds around me, a thought comes to me; If you don't remember anything prior to the first time you open your eyes, were you just born right then and there? I scan the area and rack my brain. I'm in what seems to be a desert but I don't remember coming here, in fact, I don't remember going anywhere. I can barely remember that I'm alive right now. All I have are little bits of information (which could be my memories but I'm not sure) and my name; Whatever, I'd rather not close my eyes again now that they're open.
Now then, what should I do from now on? I randomly pick a direction and choose to walk that way. I've got a lot of things on my mind right now but man, are these memories mine? Disgusting. I walk and I walk but there's nothing. Baren and lonely, I almost want it to stay that way. The sun slowly lowers and leaves me alone in the darkness again. I choose to sleep but its rather cold, the nerve of this world is unparalleled. After I repeatedly curse at the moon, I lie on the floor and close my eyes. May my dreams save me from this inconvenient situation.
Sadly it seems like I can't sleep. Not because of the cold, I don't feel it anymore now that I think about it. Not because I'm lonely or cause I can't sleep. I hear a voice; "He closes his eyes. the fool rambles about being cold and pompously calls survival an inconvenience. If only he had been born somewhere else; if only someone came to get him. All these sins in the form of thoughts raced through his mind but he knew. He knew many things about himself yet chose to act none the wiser"
What? Who are you?
"He questions a voice in his head. Wait a minute, you're able to hear me?"
This guy doesn't seem too bright. I open my eyes owing to the racket in my head but it's still night time. I try to sleep once more.
"He closes his eyes. If it were not apparent enough to you, your name is Milksop. You might be wondering why you can't remember anything; simply put, you've just been born. No one gave you that name and no one birthed you."
What is this asshole on? If I've just been born then why do I remember things, shithead?
"Milksop quickly turns pessimistic. That which he can't understand is stupid and true concepts are facades in his eyes. That is the kind of person this defensive halfwit is. I'm going to be clear with my words; you are not your own person. Just as a mountain is one part of a larger world, you are but a spec of what used to be a person."
You said you'd be clear about this, that made no sense whatsoever.
"God, you're just........ I'm not the guy you're supposed to hear this from so just go to sleep already"
After what felt like a few hours of back and forth between us I choose to open my eyes again. It's still night time. I can't tell whether or not time is standing still or if I'm just that bored. Try as I might, no matter how long I close my eyes no time elapses outside. I'm sick of it. Why won't I sleep? What did I do to whatever god is out there that led to this nightmare? My exhaustion is getting the better of me. In this sleepless night, I'm still wide awake. To pass the time, I throw a few rocks around. In the midst of throwing one, my eyelids get too heavy to bear so I will them shut.
"He closes his eyes. Will you hear me out now? Give up. You of all people won't be able to sleep."
Why's that? What sort of voodoo magic is telling you I can't sleep?
"He opens his eyes. The rock he threw just a few minutes ago is still in the air. It falls as if Milksop had just thrown it, ignoring the fact that he threw it 3 minutes ago."

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