The Hidden Truth

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Joshua Wrestwell, a boy with good potential but it happened that he had a secret powers which was hidden from him for years. After his discovery, it was too late.

Percy Hagan
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Chapter One- Dilemma

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Chapter one- The Dilemma

School of art,


Joshua Wrestwell-

I just stirred directly at the clock, that ticked like forever and it made my head ached. I have been sitting behind my desk for eight hours now and yet the bell was not going to ring. If biology class was going to be the way it was yesterday, I would have stayed at home. Already I didn't care if I was going to get detention, I was just sick and tired of all this school stuffs.

"Mr. Wrestwell?" I was snap out of my thought when my biology sir called my name.

"Err......sir, did you just called me?"

"Did I just call you?" His voice was a little mocking and with that the whole class started laughing on top of their voices.

I decided to ignore them but within some minutes I grew excited when the bell rung and nearly blew my head off.

As I walked to my locker, I noticed that everyone was stirring at me. I shifted and quickened my pace. When I neared my locker, I saw from distance the principal standing in front of my locker then my heart began to race. I stopped in my track but someone pushed me to go feather.

"Mr. Wrestwell, I will like to see you in my office now" the principal said and toke off heading to his office.

I stood there in front of my locker thinking of what to do. After I finished arranging my books, I turned to leave when I noticed people still were watching me with curiosity. When I walked to the office I heard the principal in a serious conversation but because I would be caught eavesdropping, I knocked on the door and waited for what seams like forever.

After I was told to go in, I was directed to site and right then the principal stirred at me like for eternity. I shifted uncomfortably on my chair but he seam not to notice. So I cleared my throat which seams to work.

"Err....I called you here because, you have been given a scholarship which I was told to give you personally" The principal said as he grins.

"And what's that suppose to mean?". I ask a little confused.

The principal with cold eyes like those from the fire kingdom and his hair like he just came from space cleared his throat before he began to elaborate." The official council decided to give you the scholarship because looking at your works you presented when given to you, they are marvelous and looks extremely extravagant".

He pause to read my face but I made them blank so he continued." But according to your parents, art was not what they wanted you to do, they wanted you to study medicine".


"Yes, but when the council saw your potential they they came to a conclusion to help you achieve your goals. That's why I was told to give the scholarship privately".

"I... I don't...know how to accept it". I stammered.

"It is all yours, so if you need time to go over it, I am okay with that". The principal said with assurance.

As I walked home, thoughts of my conversation with the principal began to run through my head.

If I tell my dad about this, then I just have to incline the offer. And if I will succeed I will have to run away. So now a dilemma of a ghost who doesn't know if I should choose to accept or decline and it going to affect me.

That was when I noticed I was standing at my door steps. I entered and as usual nobody home. I went to the kitchen and found some fries in the fridge. I heated them and went to the dinning hall to eat, immediately I sat down to dig into my food the door to the entrance busted open and in came my dad. My heart started humming in my chest for I wanted to talk to him about my scholarship. But then again I stopped.

"Hey Joe sup". That was my dads voice." What's wrong?".


"Oh C'mon, you know you can tell me anything right?".

"Dad...errr...mum...". I paused for a second and continued." I had...I had a...scholarship". I ended.

"For what?". My dad asked as if irritated.

"To study art in Harvard University".


"Dad can I go please?". I asked with sincerity.

"No you won't, not today nor ever".

As my dad's words danced all around me I felt my life crashing

like waves from the sea on me. I stood up and muttered some curses under my breath before storming out of the dinning hall to my bedroom. As I walked, I heard my dads voice calling me from behind but I ignored him and quickened my pace. I entered my room and felt a little relief but then again I became bored; there were no gadget to use. So I just sang I Miss You by Adele as I bounced on my bed and with that I drifted to sleep.

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