The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Two- An Encounter 1

Gregory's Apartment,


Gregory Wrestwell-

My son. I have to save him. But if I want to, I have to tell him everything which I won't. If my instincts should have the best of me then I have to fight it till my son becomes a pharmacist. All I wanted from him is to pursue the course which he is finding it difficult. We'll if I have to force him, I guess I will.

I sat in the study room thinking of what to do next when I was ditched out from my thoughts by Joshua shouting my name." Yes? Next time you should find another way to call me". I snapped angrily at him.

"Am sorry, it's past seven and am still here instead of school, yes you were supposed to take me there but you're still sitting here". He took another deep breath before he continued." If you are not taking me to school, I will go myself". He said as if whispering but loud enough for me to hear.

But before I could react he had already walked out of the house. I stood up and headed to my room to take a shower. After I was done I stood in front of my dresser to dress. I wore a check short sleeved shirt and a black jeans. I looked a my shoes and selected adidas superstar. Then I looked at the image that stirred back at me from the mirror, it was perfect.

As I stepped out of the house, I welcomed the air breeze into my lungs. I plugged my headphone in my ears and strolled of to the bus station. As I approached, I paid for a ticket and climbed the bus. I was supposed to sit in seat number two but I switched with someone and went to seat ten. That was when I saw a woman on the seat next to mine, and when I sat down she turned to look at me.

"You". Was all I could say.

"Hmmm....". She muttered with confusion drawn on her face.

Damn it, I almost forgot my manners. Even if I did, I couldn't bring out the lamp in my throat so I stayed quiet. If I wanted to talk then I have to practice in my head or walk out a come in again to begin the process. I decided to go out so I went. As I entered I received stirs from people but I ignored them and continued. As I sat down, I toke of the headphone and greeted.

"Hello". I waited for a respond.

"Hi". She said.

Just then I was distracted when a man at the door entrance pushed someone; a girl maybe at the age of eighteen going to college, into the bus. People in the bus went to the girl's defense, making unnecessary noise which was to blow of my ears. That was when the woman seated beside me finally spoke.

"This is really ridiculous"

I looked at her to be sure if she was looking my way, and when she was, l complemented.

"Oh, this is not the first time though"

"What do you mean by that?". She asked confused.

"I mean, this is not the first time this has happened". I explained.

"Where are you going?". She asked all of a sudden.

" the park I guess.


And just then we became quiet when the bus took off. I in particular wanted to bring up a topic but she pretended to be asleep so I just looked outside the window. But then my gaze drifted to her again and that was when I took in her features. She had blood coloured hair which fall on her shoulder, she was fat not as in obsessed but normal and she wore a pink sleeveless tank top and a black velvet skirt. She had on glasses and her pink bag on her laps. After double check, I pushed my earpiece into my ears and listened to Wild Thought by Rihanna feathering DJ K.... and the song made me want sing aloud. As I was hamming, she stood up and mattered something I didn't hear.

She brushed my arm with her hand and that made me take off the earpiece." What is the matter?". I asked.

"You seems to enjoy the music when you've not notice the noise you make". I sign and turned to look straight. Cold shivers swept down my spine when I noticed everyone glaring at me with cold eyes. But when I looked outside, I breathed a sign of relief for the bus stop was about few meters away. When the bus stopped, I looked at the woman seated by me and she also glared at me." I am Greg by the way, and you?". She sighed.

"Lisbenzey Floyd". Then she alighted the bus and walked away.

When I looked on her seat, she left a card; I think her card on the seat. I took it and saw a number that may be hers. As I got down from the bus, I took a second look at the card and debated with my thought if I should call now or later before heading to the park. As I walked all I could think of when we first met and when I said you.

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