The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Three- An Encounter 1

School of art,


Joshua Wrestwell-

As I walked to the cafeteria to take my lunch, my energy was drenched out due to the sports we had. I was sick and tired of eating sandwiches and sardines, so I sat on a bench nearby. I took out my notepad and began to sketch when someone taped on my back. I looked up to see a boy standing with his laptop griped in his arms. Then I sighed because I knew there was going to be trouble, but then again I was wrong for when I glared at him again, he had an expression that meant peace." Hi..". He said smiling.


"Could I sit by you?". He said, this time seriously.

"Yes, why not".

He placed his laptop on the table and sat beside me. As he sat by me, I kept on sketching and something happened that made me perplexed all of a sudden. He whispered in my ear and I could feel his breath in my nostrils." I know what you are fated for. Your destiny was written long before you were born, and it was written by your father".

When his words had an impact on me, very hot shivers run down my spine and I felt the world spinning around me. It was like a dream to me and I thought maybe I was still in the Chemistry class sleeping so I rubbed my eyes to make sure everything was real. And when I drifted my self to reality, I quickly debated with my thoughts.

If my destiny was written by my father, why did he not tell me? why does my fate lies in his hands? was that the reason why he wanted me to become a Pharmacists?

As I was still stuck in my thoughts, I felt an arm around my shoulder. I looked beside me to see him staring into my eyes. He had blue aquamarine eyes and his black glowing curly hair hunged on his shoulders. He looked mesmerizing and anyone who stairs at him for long will be attracted.

Those eyes kept stirring into mine like forever. I wanted to punch the hell out of him. But I said it to myself so no one will hear me.

"What is it you want". I interrupted.

"Nothing, just want to be friends with you if you don't mind".

"Oh I don't". I whispered." May I know your name please". I added. Because its like he had forgotten his manners.

"It is Joseph Asward"

"Oh ok, you know mine right?"

"All I know is Wrestwell"

There were many questions I wanted to throw at him but I could not for this was not the right time." If you knew my destiny, why dont you know my full name?". I couldn't control myself any longer so I had to bounce the question to him.

Just then the bell rung and we had to disperse." What class do you have?". I asked.

"Maths I guess".

I thought we were going on a different location so we won't be able to see each other again." Really? I also have the same course". I pretended." Since we are going the same way, I want you to elaborate the question I asked". I added.

"Err...your father's brother that's your uncle, told me about you when I was about to be transfered here". He glanced at me before continuing." I was told by my friend who was your cousin that, you were found by your father on the garbage and that was when your father wrote your destiny again".

"What do you mean by again?".

"The thing is, your father wrote your destiny before getting married to your mother. And when she found out about your destiny few month after you were born, she left you on the garbage and and hid herself in only God knows the place".

I opened my mouth to make a protest but the lamp stack in my throat was too big. He paused to glare at me before entering the class.

As classes went on, despite the fact that I was listening to the teacher, I was caught in my thoughts. Everything I saw around me was like those of the ants. Everything went in flash as the bell rung for the end of the day.

As I stormed out of the class angrily, Joseph walked by and placed his arm on my shoulder, I brushed it away and glanced at him with cold eyes." Why are you telling me all this?". I asked, my voice horsed.

" your dad didn't tell you huh?" He looked straight ahead and spoke.

"If he did, will I be asking you the question. Why don't you go straight to point, and stop hitting my head against the wall?". I yield. But then we were outside so no one will hear us.

"Wonna come with me to have dinner?". He asked in an irritating voice.

"Listen if you are not gonna tell me, then I think I will see you tomorrow". I said in a calm yet harshly.

"We'll I think you need your answers don't you?"

"I think my dad will be the perfect one to answer". And with that I took on my heels to left.

As I sat in the bus, all I could think of was my encounter with that boy so called Joseph. But then again if my father cared for me he would have told me everything I had to know. If my fate is kept by him, he should had at least told me something. If I am destined then who am I? What am I born to do? What impact is it going to have on me?

I was slaped out from my deep thought when the bus halted. I looked outside and the environment looked familiar. Then I remembered it was my resident so I had to get down. I walked to my house and while walking I thought of what I was going to tell my dad. If I tell him I met Joseph, it's going to be a long everlasting story so I had a perfect plan. The plan was, I will ask him the stupidest question ever.

What am I fated for? Why did you write my destiny long before I was born? And last but not the least, why does my fate lie in your hands?

And with that I don't think he will find a way to escape. Until I kick the bucket or turn black and white, I will not rest. With that I came to a halt at my door step. I hesitated wether it is right to go in now or not.

Hope ya'll enjoyed?

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