The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Four- Surprise visit

Gregory's Apartment,


Joshua Wrestwell-

And with that I don't think he will find a way to escape. Until I kick the bucket or turn black and white, I will not rest. With that I came to a halt at my door step. I hesitated wether it is right to go in now or not.

I came to a conclusion and decided to go in. I knocked on the door and waited like forever. When the door opened, my father stood at the entrance and I could tell from the expression on his face that he was in a good mood so that meant I could ask him anything. I opened my mouth to speak but my dad held my shirt and drugged me inside. I fought hard to take of his hands but his grip was too strong. We ended up in the study and my father let go of me to take a seat. I on the other hand stood there stirring at him flabbergasted.

He looked at me and smiled. I was still shocked in my state. Was my dad smiling had something to do with my past or was he going to tell me the truth? As I pondered over the question, my dad yield my name in which I was snapped out from my thoughts." What..?". I retorted.

"I have something to tell you". He whispered. And without waiting for an answer he continued." I met someone this morning". He stopped to look right into my eyes but as usual I made them blank so he continued." She very beautiful and her name is Lisbenzey Floyd".

"Ok are you done?". I asked changing his mood.

"What is it, why this long face?". He asked worried

"The thing is, your father wrote your destiny before getting married to your mother. And when she found out about your destiny few month after you were born, she left you on the garbage and and hid herself in only God knows the place".

Should I asked him to explain or what? I can't keep this thought out of my head.

"Are you gonna spill it out or you are just gonna stand and keep stirring at me?".

"Dad where is my mum?". I went straight to the point and as he opened his mouth to talk, we heard a knock on the door. We looked at each other confused.

"I will take that". I said but my dad held up his hand which stopped me in my track.

"Let me handle this". He said and stood up to leave.

When he left, within some minutes I heard a woman's voice a my dads laughter followed. I was confused so I decided to go out there and see for myself. I walked to the door and was about to open it but it was locked. What is going on? I asked myself. Was my mum here?

"Where is he". The woman's voice asked.

"Who?". It was my dad yelling.

Woman:"Joshua of course. Who then do you think I'm talking of?".

Dad:"He is not here".

Woman:"Where is he then".

Dad:"You know what? Get out". He shouted.

Then I heard clanging of metals and banging of door and screams from the woman. Then there was silent. I was astonished by my dad's reactions, I stood there in deep thoughts.

Who was that? My mum? Why did my dad do that?

"Joe". My dad shouted. I heard from a distance someone calling me but my instincts were busy arguing so I didn't pay attention to the person calling. Then for a second someone shoke me violently and that brought me out of my thoughts.

"I've been calling you for ages". My dad said, running his hand in his hair.

"Am sorry, who was that woman?". I asked with sincerity in my voice.

"Let's not talk about this right now okay?". He retorted. I knew my dad very well so I didn't make an attempt to go further. I just walked out of the study and went straight to my room.

When I entered, I took of my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I stepped in the Jacuzzi filled with hot refreshing water. The water made me relaxed and for a moment I wished I could stay in it forever.

I dried myself with my towel after I had finished with my bath. I went back to my room to wear my pajamas, after i was done I took my biology and chemistry book and headed to the study. As I walked in the corridor every place was quite so I thought I was going to have my peace.

When I entered the room, I noticed that everything had been arranged according to how it was supposed to be. So that means my dad had gone to bed. I sat behind the desk to study, while studying, I remembered Joseph word's.

" I know what you are fated for. Your destiny was written long before you were born, and it was written by your father".

Now everything came crushing back to me. Being a pharmacist has got something to do with my destiny. So I have to offer the course. If I have to, unless I accept the scholarship and study pure science instead of art. Can that even be possible? I thought. If it possible then I will be a doctor instead of a pharmacist. But first I have to confront the principal to help me with that.

I smiled at my thought and continued with the learning. After I've had enough, I closed the book and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was thirty minutes past eight and I knew it was time to bed. I turned of the light and closed the door silently and tip toe to my room. When I closed the door behind me I dived into the blanket and the quietness of the room made me drift off.

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