The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Five- Nightmare 1

Gregory's Apartment,


Gregory Wrestwell-

That was very close, I nearly told him everything. Why shouldn't I tell him?. I would have to wait. As usual. When the right time comes he is going to know everything.

But then again what of Lisbenzey? How am I going to introduce her? Maybe I would have to say she is his aunt. Yes that would be a hoax but it's okay for now.

As I reasoned with myself I heard someone tip toe but I ignored it cos' I knew it was Joe.

What at all did he want? Besides he has everything. Did I just say everything? Well what else do I have to say? If everything has to be normal the way it was before I even had an unwanted child, then I have to tell him.

As I was still debating with my thoughts, I got out from my room and saw Joe standing at the door and from the distance was a beautiful woman. But how come I didn't hear anyone knocking on the door?

"Let her in and stop starring at her like forever. Whoever taught you that?"

"Am sorry dad"Joe said perplexed.

As she entered I recognized the face, yes she was the one. Lisbenzey. She wore a blue glowing simple dress and she had a black bag that matches with a pair of black shoes. Her her was in a ponytail which showed her bright face clearly unlike a sculpture bride she was perfect. Even if she was one, she would still look more extravagant.

As her emerald grey slash eyes met mine, she gave out a warm smile which cooled my heart. I felt like jumping to hug her but I couldn't.

Joe on the side stood there blank. He couldn't think of what to do at that moment.

"Am sorry Joe, meet Lisbenzey. Lisbenzey meet my son Joe" I said with my voice horse.

"Hello kiddo, oh am sorry Joe. How do you do?" She said still smiling.

"Hi, how do you do ma'am" Joshua replied astonished.

"Well it seemed that I didn't tell you we'll be expecting a visitor. I my self didn't expect it to be so soon. My apologies my son" I said not knowing what to say.

"It's okay dad, besides who will be expecting someone like this sculptured bride." Joshua spat and stormed out with range.

I stood up to grab him and slap the hell out of him but he was long gone so rather, I turned to face Lisbenzey.

"Am so so sorry about what Joe did, what can I do to make it up to you. Despite the fact that it's predictable, I still apologize" I said almost in a bow but she raised her hand signaling me to stop so I did.

"Yes I understand Greg, I'm just new here moreover if I may ask where is the boy's mother? She ask with a frown.

"It's an eternity story" I looked up to the ceiling and answered.

"Why don't we make it tomorrow" She pushed.

"Apparently I will not be around". I challenged.

"If then start it now but wait, have you told your son?"

" Apparently not"

"So that means you are the course of his indigent attitude" She said irritated.

"What now?". I asked.

"Tell him"


"Yes tell him everything, let him know who his mother is"

"Not until he is of age"

"Okay then if you ready call me but now gotta go". As she spoke she walked to the door.

"No wait". I walked to where she was standing but before I could do anything she was gone.

I walked back to the sofa and sat down. As I was busily thinking of what to do my phone vibrated. For the moment I wanted to ignore it but it kept disturbing me. As I looked at at the name of the caller I realized it was my co-worker so I picked up.

"Greg there's an emergency, you have to come to Nigeria now". The caller said panting.

"What!, what do you mean?"

"If you wait any longer then we are doomed.

As the I was about to talk, he hanged up. I stood still on the sofa reminiscing but nothing came in mind.

When I left Nigeria, everything was in order so what now? If really there was an emergency why was he contacting me? Besides I'm nah the only worker and in addition there are many workers at Nigeria just close to you. If I leave what will happen to Joe? What about Lisbenzey? This is so nah good.

I stood up and walked to my room but as I stood in front of my door, I heard sobs from the distance. I traced and ended up in front of Joe's door. I hesitated whether to go in or nah. As I stood there, the place became silent so I held the knob to open but it was locked so I knocked and waited like forever.

Joshua Wrestwell-

When I head my dad walking towards the door, I wiped my face with my blanket and buried my head under the soft pillow on my bed. Then for a minute or two, I head a knock on the door. I stood to go for it because it was locked but again I resigned.

If anybody should be disturbing me at this time it shouldn't be him.

As I was still in deep thoughts my ear began to blow up so I decided to open the door and face what was to come.

When my dad entered, he went straight my bed and sat on it. I on the other hand stood there looking at him until he taped on the side of the bed for me to sit and so I did.

"What is it you were crying?" He asked with full range.

"Where's my mom?" I asked.

"You know what, I have to attend a business meeting at Nigeria so gotta go.

I promise to tell you everything when I'm back" That was the unexpected reply I got.


How does it look like?

I have to also go with him.

" Dad I'll go with you"I quickly answer.

" No, I'll leave you with Lizbenzy"


"No more questions or concerns son. I have to go" With this, he stood up and left the room before I could say anything.

"You will have to get your bags ready. We are leaving now" My Dad shouted from behind the door.

I decided to play stubborn but knowing my dad, he's easily irritated so I went to the bathroom and relaxed my body in the jacuzzi full of milk and water which was warm. I closed my eyes and allowed the gentleness flicks of the water carry me.

I got out of the water, dried myself and headed for the door. When I held the knob, I head faint voices from my bedroom so I froze to sort out the doubts in my mind. Minutes later, I head nothing so I opened the door and entered into the room.

After I had finished putting on my tight black jeans, a white round neck pullover and a white Balenciaga shoes, I took my bag and headed for the door but all of a sudden the lights went out and it made me halt. I stood there fighting with my thoughts when the light came on but it went out again. I called out for anybody but I got no response. Then the door opened slowly but no one entered. I tried to find a way to evacuate but a hand griped my shoulder, it happened too fast that I couldn't get time to react. I screamed my throat out and suddenly my vision became blur and the next moment I heard nothing.

"No" I screamed when I felt a hand in my arm. I opened my eyes to see my dad leaning against the jacuzzi with his hand on my arm.

" Its okay son, stop screaming" My Dad yelled at me and I stopped.

"Now get out and get dressed. We'll be late" He stood up, looked at me again and left.

It felt so real, I looked at myself and everything was fine but how come?

I stood up and headed for the bedroom. I held the knob and waited for a minute but nothing happened so I opened it and entered. As I walked in, I saw the same costume I wore in my dream.

"This is strange" I told myself and headed for the wardrobe but I looked at the costume again and decided to wear it. I took my bag after dressing, looked around the last and went out to meet my dad.

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How was it?

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