The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Six- Nightmare 2

Greg pulled the car in front of a mansion decorated with flowers only and it gave the building a unique look. Well I wouldn't stay in that house if I were Greg. There was something different about it that made me get butterflies in my stomach which never seize to exist.

My dad got down and instructed me to do the same so I took my not so heavy suitcase and climbed off. As we headed to the door of the entrance, the door suddenly busted open. At first I wanted to run but the figure that emerged from the house made me froze. A boy I think in his teens locked his turquoise blue welled shaped eyes half covered with his faded curled shinny hair in mine. He wore a tight fitting deep blue jeans which exposed his shape and a yellow takzan which brightened his light black skin. His leather shoes to fit and gosh he was deamn handsome.

We kept looking at each other when my dad cleared his throat and we gained consciousness. He usshed us in and OMG I felt like I was in heaven. Everything in the house was decorated like a palace but despite me being well if I may say perplexed, there was something wrong.

" Welcome boys". A voice came from above and we looked up to see Lizbenzy descending the stairs which I think was casted with bronze. Her black dress and black shoes made her look odd in some way and always her slash grey eyes is fixed on dad even when she's talking to me.

" How nice to see you again Benz". My dad smiled at her and reached out to embrace her.

" Its has always been a pleasure to meet you my boy". Now her gaze was directed to me and I gave her a fake smile hopping she'll look elsewhere with her scary face.

Greg walked to me and gave me a peg before leaving. Lizbenzy followed and I was left with the god of beauty.

" I'm Joshua". I didn't want to meet his eyes.

" Yeah I know. I'm Garry Floyd and it's never a pleasure to meet you". He smiled and I felt like melting." Now don't just stand there, follow me to your room". He headed to the stairs and I followed. As we climbed I took in the building's beauty and when we landed in the corridor which was really immense. I stopped but Garry did not so I had to catch up.I tried to hide my anxiety but I couldn't, Garry on the other hand giggled by my reaction and even his voice made him flawless. He stop at a door which had its knob made of gold, it looked different from the other doors. Garry gestured me to open it myself.

" This will be your room Joe". He smiled while I opened the door. As we entered, a cold chilling air swept my face and it almost blurred my vision.

"Am sorry but when I heard you were coming, I had to make it special for you. I never thought it would end up this way. I'm sorry". I could see the disappointed look on his face but it didn't matter to me.

" Everything is perfect". I sounded like my dreams just came true." I love it Garry. You should be proud of it". I just said that to cheer him up but the truth was I never liked the welcome.

I gasped immediately I fully entered the room. It was really extravagant.

" Why would you allow me to sleep here. Despite it impeccability, I'm not the one to sleep here". I kicked my suitcase feeling unease.

" You don't like it then?". He said with a sour look on his face. I quickly took his hands, looked him in his mesmerizing eyes and said" I love it. I'll take it but only for you". With that, he gave me a weak smile not so sure to believe it and headed to the wardrobe with my suitcase.

" I'll help you with the arrangements". He opened the wardrobe and began filling it with my clothes." Are you a model". He asked but didn't look at me.

" No, and why ask?".

" Your dressing is classic, and your cloths are fashionable. It's like you seems to know more about fashion.

The point it you are hot and that inspires me a lot"

I was about to say something when Lizbenzy knocked on the door. She peeped in and announced that dinner was ready but she harried off to only God knows where. We dashed out of the room and went down stairs to the kitchen. I helped Lizbenzy take the food to the dinning table and we were later joined by Garry.

" You father will not stay for long I presume". Lizbenzy said while there was food in her mouth.

I knew my dad very well. This wasn't the first time he's gone on a business trip, he either spend a year or two. If he has to stay for long then I think I have to commit suicide. Everything here look weird, even Garry. He has this alien looks. I ate three spoons of the noodles and stood up.

" I'm going to have a rest".

" I'll come with you". I became astonished when Garry stood up to follow me.We walked back to my bedroom in silence. As we entered, I headed straight to the bathroom. I quickly took my bathe this time around not wanting to fall asleep and as I walked into the room with my towel raped around my waist, Garry was lying on the bed and again our eyes met.

" Are you going to stare at me all night?".

" No just admiring your beauty".

" Are you kidding me?"

" Why what's wrong with that".

" I want to be alone Garry, you should also go to bed". I crossed my arms against my chest hopping he'll be how irritated I am.

" I don't sleep at this hour boy". He stood up and walked to me." It's too early". He fixed his gaze on me and I really felt uncomfortable.

" You will not sleep at this hour only if you'll not attend school the next day". I began to think like three times. Is he not schooling? This is really strange.

" I do attend school my brother, I moved in not so long ago before you did. I was abroad reading law. But when my mom told me about you, I decided to come down. Tomorrow I'll be attending a new school". He turned to leave but stopped." What course do you offer?". Without looking back, he left leaving me on the spot.

I hate him. I really do.


I woke up at the sound of metals being clanged. I quickly switched on the light but saw nothing then the door opened slowly and revealed a figure of something I couldn't see

" Garry is that you?". I asked but silence was thrown back to me. I climbed off the bed a began walking to the figure but everything happened so fast that it knocked me to the ground and griped my shoulders very hard. I screamed but nothing came out of my mouth." No don't do this, I'm pleading". It only worsened. I tried ignoring the pain and kicked his waist with the little strength I had but my leg only passed through his body. I wondered how he could hold me if he was a spiritual being or some sort of thing. Then he freed his other hand and removed his hood to reveal his identity. I was shocked to see a skull with eyes that looked exactly like Garrys'. He revealed a portal using magic and he threw me into it.

" No". I quickly sat up and switched on the light but I saw nothing when I looked around. I checked the time and was twenty minutes past six. I rubbed my eyes and realized it was only a dream which was similar to the one I had previously. It felt so real and strange.

" What is happening?".


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