The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Seven- Stranger

Joshua Wrestwell-

Brooklyn _

7 years later-

I pulled my car at the parking lot but waited for a minute before getting out. My head became heavy when I realized there was no one there except cars. I hesitated wether i should alight from the car or not. As I came to a conclusion and was about to get out, someone opened the passenger door at my right and hopped in. I looked at the figure and I froze. It was the same person I remember i saw in my dream when I was young. This time it's has aged just as I have and it looked exactly like Garry.

" What.... what.." I couldn't find any words. He placed a finger on my lips and whispered. " Ssshh!, You'll pay for this Joe, for making me look this way".

I became perplexed. What was he talking about? Before I could react he hit my temple with some sort of metal and I blacked out.

I woke up to see I was bundled to a chair. I tried undoing the ropes but it was so tight I lost my grip. I looked around the room and realised I was in a basement. Everywhere was pitch black and red. I shouted for help but my echo did not even get to the door.

A minute later the door opened and in swallowed a man in a black and green robe holding a candle and descending the stir case. He walked slowly that it felt like he'll forever climb down.

As he got closer to me, I noticed that he had a black and blank face which I couldn't notify. He stood a inch Infront of me and whispered something I didn't hear then he took off his hood.

I looked up at the image in front of me and became astonished. " Garry?".

" Yes it's me. Now let's get back to business". He spoke with an ancient voice and he looked different. His head was a skull and his eyes was normal, his body was muscled. He looked really different.

" But I don't understand. Why should you kidnap me?". I tried to master the strong voice I had.

" You'll pay for what I've become". He nearly blew off my head when he spoke.

" But how, I don't get it. What have I got to do with what you've become?". I nearly whispered.

He laughed." Twinkle twinkle little star. Your father is my biological father but because of his stupid and arrogant ways, he sacrificed me to his masters but fortunately I survived. Little did I know that through the process a strange and strong power enveloped me but I pretended to be dead and that has caused my living. Your father on the other hand had his way with another woman who gave birth to you and dumped her only baby in a trash can because your eyes aglow when it's night. Yeah I know it faded away because you've not yet mastered it. Your dad on his way home saw you one night and realised it was his baby and took him in. That was when I knew my life was ruined. In order for me to be normal again, I need you to put Humpty Dumpty back together again".

"But you know that there's nothing to do about this". I quickly replied hoping that he'll let go of the matter but it only made it worse.

He laughed and revealed his grotesque face and it made me shiver inside." Just don't make it worse boy, because this is just the beginning".

He turned and disappeared through the door upstairs. I looked around hoping to find anything that could help me cut the rope but found nothing. Just when I thought I was hopeless, the door busted open and a girl emerged from the entrance. She climbed down the stairs and tip toe to me. When she got closer, she gestured me to keep quiet and she looked at the rope around me.

She raised her head to look at me and that was when I took in her features. She has a dark skin and her blond hair fell on her shoulder which makes a perfect match to her body. Her brownish-gold eyes nearly covered with her blond hair on her face. He wore a black leather suit and a pair of leather boots.

She undid my rope and gestured me to follow her. "Who are you and why have you come to save me, besides I didn't ask for your help".

"Well I guess you're enjoying the luxury of this place and how hostile that wiseal horse face is to you".

"The pleasure is mine dear, now if you really value your life, shut your pie hole up and follow quickly and quietly". She said with a very sweet voice and turned to leave. I followed her quietly as she has commanded.


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