The Hidden Truth

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Chapter Eight- Forever

Gregory Wrestwell-

Nigeria _

The bus took off very early but I wonder why we've still not gotten to the airport. I looked outside the window and realised we've caught traffic. I wonder if we'll ever make it to the airport before I miss my flight.

I've missed Joshua soo much that I can't stand missing my flight again. I couldn't catch my flight the first time because the attendant at the hotel delayed in getting my suitcase ready and now it is traffic I'm stack in.

Just as I thought my hope was shattered, an idea occurred to me. I looked outside the window again just to find motto riders but my suitcase were two; one motto cannot carry three loads including me but two motto would do. I stood up and headed to the driver. I look around and noticed that most people in bus are asleep but that didn't matter to me." Could you please allow me to alight, I have to catch my flight before it's too late and I'll need a motto if you could help me". I said undertone when I approached the driver.

The driver then pulled the bus to a halt awaking other passengers." You really want to do this?, Besides we are almost there and I think moving your suitcase and other things will rather waste your time so why don't you sit back and close your eyes, I'll speed up don't worry". The driver side with a smirk on his face.

I headed back to my seat receiving glances from every corner of the bus. As I sat down, I decided to keep my mind busy. I thought of Joshua, how big he was now and how he's being taken care of by Lizbenzy and her son. But there's something different about that boy, Garry. He speaks non cryptic, he looks at people like he's delving into their very souls. Sometimes I wonder if he's mildly claustrophobic, also his behavior is like he's always menacing.

The last time I left Brooklyn, he looked at me like his father is lost. But I noticed less if that and Lizbenzy behavior was really thrilling. But Joshua in the other hand was discombobulated and I don't blame him for that. Lost in thought was always his problem. Now I think he's settled, I'm wondering what job he's been applied for and how he's going about that. How I wish he has not yet discovered his strange powers. Powers. Yes that's it.

Garry. Yes I think I do know him. He looks just like Jennifer. No he's not the one, my son died long ago. If he was, then what's his mission here. Revenge. Joshua is in trouble but how come?

He doesn't know about Joshua so how could he harm him? I really need to save him, I have to before it's too late.

I looked outside the window and was satisfied to see the airport about a kilometer away. As we got there, I was helped by an attendant and together we went inside.


I was flabbergasted to see my brother standing Infront of his Ford Mustang which I think is new and he stared at me with his mesmerizing sea blue eyes like forever. His black Polo T-shirt designed with white stripes fitting his muscles perfectly and his tight blue jeans and black Fila shoes making him more attractive." You look stunning brother".

"And how did you know I was arriving today, Or maybe you're waiting for your girlfriend?". I said astonished.

"Get into the car Greg and shut your mouth". Percy said while helping me with my bag. He sat in the car next to me and started the engine. As we drove off, his expression darkened." Your son".

" What about Joshua?". I was perplexed at the mentioning of his name. Was something wrong or is he in danger? " Is he alright?". I asked him eager for him to answer.

" Well I guess you made a wrong choice by leaving him with Garry who is also your son and Lizbenzy who also happens to be your wife which is your ex wife I guess. The truth is, Garry didn't die when you sacrificed him but was rather gifted with some strange powers I myself don't understand. And now it's your son Joe who is deeply in trouble".'

"Really, where's he Percy? Tell me. Where's Joshua?". I couldn't stand it anymore. But with all my anguish, Percy only laughed making me explode inside.

" You now seek out your son? A father who is always obsessed with his own benefits. Well for your information, your son is safe. I had my daughter save him from your cursed son". He wore the dark expression again and I felt there was something wrong.

"Where are we going then?". I asked.

"Anywhere but nowhere". He looked at me but I gave him a skeptical look" You'll have to stay with me until you sort out your matter and also your son would be brought over to my house. You just don't have to worry". He said with assurance.

I looked outside the window and reminisced about the roads, trees and everything and it felt nostalgic. I'm wondering if this place would be the same forever. Yes, because I'll have to prepare for war which will change this place if there's no lack and even if there is, I'll have to strike till I finally end this place because everyone will know the truth that was hidden years ago and they'll all know how powerful I am.

Garry stand ready the battle has just begun. Percy looked at me and he froze." What is happening to you brother?".

"I'm preparing for war Percy, a great war which will be a history of all times". Thunder begun to strike, flashing everywhere and the clouds darkened leaving no room for light.


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