The Soothsayer

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Chapter 53: Omens and Wonders

Deep beneath the earth, safe in Crag’s grasp, Colin dreamed. His mother’s voice called to him across a sandy shoreline and he watched as the water pulled back farther and farther. Half buried in the exposed silt he saw countless faces crying out in agony. As the water continued to retreat, Colin moved forward, careful not to step on any of the trapped people. Then a solitary figure stood ahead of him, his back to Colin. The man wore Samuel’s burlap robe.

“Samuel? I know now. You were right,” he offered as he touched the old man’s arm.

Samuel’s voice echoed in his ears, “The horn. It’s so much more than I thought. You must . . .”

The man turned to face him. His green eyes peered into Colin’s.

“Give it to me!”

Colin knew he was facing Dagon. The distant water line came crashing forward and surrounded them.

Colin screamed as he was sucked under the huge wave. He was tossed and thrown in the chaos. Water filled his lungs as he was pulled into the depths and came to rest facing some massive form.

A great eye opened and filled Colin’s vision as he floated in front of it.

Some massive beast had awakened.

Colin stirred and sat up. He was still in Crag’s fists, still moving towards Gilead. The darkness was a comfort; the blackness kept his mind from wandering.

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