The Hollow Plague

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Fallow a hybrid is sent to a Frostbarb training school when the head master finds out what she is he puts ear through harder training. Will she make the cut to pass, or will she realize that bigger problems await her

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In this world there are 5 types of dragons, hybrids are rare because most dragons shame it.

FrostBarbs- Blue and white/silver on rare occasions glistening black scales(the color of frostbite in action). Are known for their curved spine spikes and slighty crooked talons used for gripping ice. Their tails tip to a odd flat piece the shape depends on that dragons personality. Can survive freezing temperatures and exhale a deadly frost breath . Their eyes can easily adapt very quickly to both bright lights and the darkness of ice caves.

SlitherWings- These dragons are the ones that resemble snakes the most. Their natural color is random depending on birth, sometimes harsh emotions can get spilt on their scales or even permanently effect the color. They have a tail that curls, short legs, long neck and tail, and big ruffs trailing down their backs and ears, normal sized wings, and long fangs that can inject or shoot venom at victims. Can blend into the surrounding to the point of being nearly invisible, they are very protective over their land it is said a secret lies within their forest, and venom can kill if it gets in the eyes, mouth, or nostrils.

DustCrooks- These dragons are found in both sand and muddy places, They both have the build of a bulky figure. They have long legs for digging and burrowing but have big flat paws. Their tails are tall but thin and medium length.They are famous for their crooked horns. The only thing that differs from when it comes to sand and mud is that they are scaled to be able to blend in their kingdoms. The sand crook is always a pale tan color but the mud crook has brown and golden scales. The sand crook has crooked venomous fangs but cannot shoot venom like SlitherWings, and mud crooks have webbed front talons and smooth scales on their underbellies to slither/swim through mud and water.

MudCrooks are the only dragons who can breath fire.

WitherReapes- These dangerous and rare dragons, have the scales the color of ash. Their bodies are almost as long as the slitherWings body. Their wings are wrinkled to improve flight se they are very efficient in flying. They have long thin legs, their wings, head, and legs can be any color they chose at birth, purple, blue, red, and black. It looks like a dragon skull sits on its snout but it is a defensive mechanism. Long boneish spikes protrude from its spine. It's tail is extremely long and thin but strong. Due to the long legs and tail this dragon is better on the ground than inflight. Dragons fear wither Reaps, they can decay things if they bite or claw at living or was living things, can slip into tight spaces. Some even hire them as assassins, of course they do their job well. Kingdom is unknown.

Hydra-eels- These have scales the colors of aqua, green, and ocean blue. They have yellow stripes on their underbellies, backs, snout, and tail. They have wings that are possible at flying but they are the worst fliers in the dragon kingdoms. They have a very narrow body meant for swimming with or against currents. They have short but strong legs that are webbed made from the same types of webbing as their wings. They have gills to breathe underwater, and can see in through the dark folds of the water. Their powerful tails make them very fast swimmers.They can release static electricity . Their face is shaped like an eel's with a short snout, they can communicate underwater with a sign language using their wings, tails, and heads. Shy and barely comes out of the water, can not only breathe in water but on land as well.


These dragons live on a continent called Calonil (Ca-low-neel). They say that Calonil fell out of the sky. It’s sprawling size can hold all the dragon’s kingdom. But only 4 dragon kingdoms are known, there are many legends about where the WitherReaps live but no one knows. There is peace among the dragon kingdoms for decades, trade is common and even hybrids are more common and less shamed. But most dragons still despise them. The continent is shaped like a pair of wings with the Spine Spiked Sea separating them. It is the longest known channel of water. The MudCrook kingdom and the SandCrook kingdom are on the edge of the wings, MudCrooks live on the west wing while SandCrooks live on the east wing The FrostBarbs are on the tips of both wings, and the tropical forest where the slitherWings live in the most southern parts of both west and east wings.

But there are also creatures that are hauntingly dragons like eyes and attitudes, but they can not communicate. The bipeds are named because they walk on 2 legs and because they are so similar to dragons. They live on a tail shaped island under Calonil called Tail island, most dragons respect them and leave them alone but a few will stop there to take a little treasure. Very few bipeds are found on the mainland but sadly if they are discovered they are eaten, respected or not

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