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A sequel to A Power Of Three Shall Rise. In this book we get a further look into how Audrey's new pack unfolds and what threats still lie in wait for them.

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Matriarch- Matriarchs are the queen of all wolves. No one except the moon goddess holds more power than the Matriarch.

Monarch- Monarchs are the king of all wolves. Second in power only to their mate the Matriarch. If a Matriarch has no mate her brother may step forward to help her rule until she has found her mate. A Monarch that outlives his Matriarch is given Elder status and a new Matriarch is put in place.

Alphas- Alphas are the leader of their pack. Some are born to their title and when ready to assume their role must fight and prove they deserve the Alpha title to any wolf who challenges them, male or female.

Lunas- Lunas are the female counterpart of an Alpha. A Luna can only be born to her title if the Alpha and Luna do not have a son. If a daughter of an Alpha and Luna pair is stronger and more dominant then her brother(s) she may challenge her brother or her most dominant brother to be the next ruler of their pack.

Betas- The Beta pair is second in command in any pack. They run the pack in the absence of the Alpha and Luna pair. The Beta pair are in charge of organising border and hunting patrols. They also oversee training and sparring sessions of the Epsilons and Iotas.

Selsas- The Selsa is third in command acting as the Luna’s right hand she-wolf. The Selsa will act as the same for the female Beta when the Luna leaves her in charge. The Selsa works with the Delta to keep the pack content and harmonised by scheduling events through the year.

Delta- The Delta is third in command acting as the Alpha’s right hand wolf. The Delta will act as the same for the male Beta when the Alpha leaves him in charge. The Delta works with the Selsa to ensure the pack is content and harmonised by scheduling events through the year.

Gammas- Gammas are fourth in command. Gammas oversee the training of Zetas.

Healers- Healers are wolves skilled in medicine in the knowledge and practice of it. It’s very common for Healers to have some kind of enhancement. Healers answer to the Alpha and Luna directly unless they are unavailable then they answer to the male and female Beta.

Epsilons- Epsilons are the warriors and protectors of the pack. They answer mostly to the male Beta. If the male Beat is unavailable they answer to the Delta and only report to the Alpha if necessary.

Zetas- Zetas are wolves in between ranks. They range from 13 to 21 years old. When they aren’t training to be placed in a specific rank they can be found mingling in the human towns, strengthening the bond between humans and wolves solidifying the peace treaty.

Iotas- Iotas are the hunters/huntresses and gardeners of the pack. They answer mostly to the female Beta. If the female Beta is unavailable they answer directly to the Selsa and only report to the Luna is necessary. They provide everything food wise for the pack and on occasion should they be short of something will be the ones to buy it from the human markets.

Omegas- Omegas in most packs are considered the lowest rank and treated as servants to the rest of the pack. But in some packs they are the most valuable rank. In the absence of a pup’s parents the Omegas, male or female, are the caretakers of that pup until their parents return, even if it is the Alpha and Luna’s pups.

Pups- Pups are the youngest of the pack ranging from newborns to 12 years old.

Elders- Elders are the oldest members of the pack. Ages ranging from 55 to 83.

Councils- Councils within packs are usually made up of the male and female Betas, Selsa, Delta, the Healer, the top Epsilon, the top Hunter and oldest Elder. The council of the continent is made up of all 5 Alphas and Lunas, their Betas, Healer, and Elder. The Royal Council consists of the Matriarch’s male and female Betas, Selsa, Delta, and her top two Epsilons.

Enhancements- There are different types of enhancements and most wolves that are born with an enhancement are either Healers, Deltas, Selsas, Alphas or wolves born to any of these ranks. Enhancements can also skip one, two, or more generations and even be taken from a bloodline should the moon goddess deem them unworthy of their abilities. There are four different types of enhancements. (1) Seers who have the gift of sight, they can see future events and prophecies as they come about. (2) Dream-walkers have the ability to move through dreams unseen and communicate directly with the moon goddess and any one of her messengers. (3) Prophet-seers who can only see and read prophecies. There are two types of Prophets-seers. One must read the stars under a full moon to know a prophecy and the other receives prophecies in their dreams. (4) Empaths can see and read thoughts and emotions of other wolves. There are three kinds of Empaths. One can visibly see how humans or wolves are feeling by seeing a glow of color emitting from them. The second kind of Empath must physically touch you to sense your emotions or thoughts if they are strong enough to enter your mind, if not you have to willingly open your thoughts to them. The last kind of Empath doesn’t need to physically touch you to read your thoughts but must at least be in close proximity to you to feel emotions of someone they have no bond with.

Mating Sickness- Mating sickness can vary depending on the situation and the wolf it’s happening to. For lower wolves it can be as simple as being separated from their mates too long. It will start with their mental abilities. If for instance they have any enhancements like seeing or reading prophecies or dream-walking or empathic abilities they will slowly lose control over their abilities and won’t be able to tell what’s real or not when it comes to that. Though most wolves with these kinds of abilities are born of stronger bloodlines that are resistant to separation sickness. Eventually like every sickness they will fall into a depression not caring to eat or care for themselves and soon insanity or death will follow, whichever comes first. Separation sickness can be reversed but it needs to happen before the wolf is driven insane. The wolf needs to be physically reunited with their mate and must stay with them until they are back to full health physically and mentally. For stronger wolf bloodlines it takes death or rejection of a mate for mating sickness to happen. With rejection it’s the same process as separation the difference is stronger bloodlines can overcome rejection and find another mate, a chosen mate. However with the death of a mate it is unusual for any bloodline less of an Alpha to survive without eventually going insane. It’s rare but some wolves do move on and find another mate.
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