The Tribrid Witch

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Being a witch is hard enough, but being a witch who can do three types of magic... The freakest of the freaks, special among other witches and wizards. Will Claire be able to survive and shine with her uniqueness or will she crumble from the pressure? Follow along with Claire in her magical adventures, strange encounters and dangerous situations to find out. Disclaimer: any facts or characters mentioned from other books like the Harry Potter series, the Vampire Academy, the Vampire Diaries or else belong to their authors

Ranwa Khaled
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Chapter 1

It all started on my 7th birthday, I know this might seem strange that I remember something at the age of seven but not every day you get told that you’re a witch.

It was the 12th of August, a sunny hot day like any other summer day in Egypt, my birth country. I –Claire– was with my mum shopping for decorations for my 7th birthday party when we were stopped by a woman who looked rather abnormal. She was wearing a cloak despite the weather.

“A very powerful young witch you have here. If taught and educated properly she’ll achieve great things” Inez-that was her name- told my mother in a grave voice.

My mother of course freaked out she was starting to back away from the strange woman when I stopped her, I can’t deny that I was really intrigued. Like all the girls my age I knew magic existed in fairy tales, but to hear someone talk about it so seriously spiked my interest. So I made it clear to both women that I wished to learn what she’s got to say. Yes I was a child after all but I was neither stupid nor a baby.

And so we went to her small apartment to talk privately. It was a fine neighborhood known for ancient but good buildings. The apartment wasn’t very large but it was well aired and organized and it smelled of greenhouse herbs and flowers also a sweet smelling smoke was in the air.

She showed us to what looked like a living room but also a large library, all the walls were covered with shelves where you could find loads and loads of books, there was also a beautiful fireplace, only one can imagine how it looks like all lit in winter.

“You need to listen carefully, because from this moment your life will completely change young lady.” She started telling me sounding frighteningly serious.

“Supernatural world exists and witches aren’t the only supernatural creatures wandering this earth, there is the good and the evil, and soon you will learn that you won’t receive mercy easily. You have to give it and earn it. Now there are five types of magic in our world some have precise names others don’t, we’ll start by my magic and also the one I sensed from you. It’s called human Elemental Magic. The gifted witch can connect with nature and use the elements of nature for her own and the world’s good, some people of course use it for the bad but I’m talking about magic’s original purpose. Now the second is the wand channeled magic, you have to perform most of the spells using a wand. The third one is Grisha magic there are the summoner, the corporalnik, the fabricators...etc, there is also a certain type that has no specific name which in order to perform you have to have someone in the family who practices it. Lastly there is Moroi magic, these are good vampires who are born not created, they also have magic full of life.”

I listened stunned trying to take in all this new information. And I realized that I’ll never be the same girl who woke up this morning.

“Ok.” I said. “I’m game. When do we start my training?”

Mum looked at me as if I’ve grown another head but Inez was bursting with happiness.
“Thank you for the useful information. If you don’t mind giving me your number and we will talk about this tomorrow in detail.” Mom said.

We left the witch’s house in silence and after thirty excruciating minutes we arrived home.

“So we have to talk about what that old lady said right?” I asked.

“Of course, but you need to understand that this is your choice and I’m going to respect it whatever it is.” Mom said looking both sincere and worried, maybe about what my choice would turn out to be.

g here…

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