Secret's Untold

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This is a story about how my family vacation turned out to be the craziest vacation we have ever gone on, with secrets, love, passion, and more...

Fantasy / Erotica
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Meeting The Neighbors

Warning: Age’s 18+ Please let me know what you think of the first chapter?

Today I got out of bed and looked out the window, it was cloudy and looked like it was about to rain. We need the rain we haven’t had any rain for a month now the smell of rain is amazing that smell you get when it is hot and starts to lightly sprinkle.

My name is Nadia I wouldn’t say I am the prettiest girl in town I’m pretty average looking with long dark brown hair, I’m 5′8 and have been told I look like I need to eat more because I am too skinny.

But lately, I have noticed my body changing and becoming a little more muscular but I haven’t been working out. My parents say it’s because I am turning 18 and it’s normal for my body to change but the way I feel is so different than the way I normally feel.

Today my parents and I are going on vacation at our family’s small mansion somewhere in the Adirondack’s I have only been there once when I was around 5 years old so I don’t remember it much other than the fact that it is in the forest where it is dark and creepy. Even the mansion is Erie along with the staff that works there.

I slept most the way there when I woke up I saw that we are almost to the mansion. The mansion is owned by generations of our family my mom’s parents live there now and I have been told that someday the mansion will be mine. Not sure if I would want to live in a scary house...

This morning is pretty quiet not sure if my parents are awake yet but the smell of breakfast is so enticing, smells like blueberry pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. My stomach starts to growl so I decide to head down to the kitchen and see if I can get a plate before I head out and explore the forest.

There’s a path that leads from our back door to a neighbor that has a couple of kids that I met when I was 5 which now, of course, they would be older. I guess I could go say hi, not sure though it could be a bit weird just showing up and saying hi remember me from years ago how are you? as I am thinking this I get knocked over by this strong, muscular, handsome guy while he is Running and obviously not paying attention!

Ouch, watch where you are going next time. I am so sorry, here let me help you up, are you ok? does anything hurt? No, I think I am ok. You must be Lily’s granddaughter? I am Mathew nice to meet you I have heard so much about you, your grandma talks about you all the time. Hi Mathew, I am Nadia it would have been nice to meet you also if you didn’t run me over!.

Let me make it up to you. Would you like to come over to my house and have dinner with us? Our Cook makes the best roast you could ever eat. Fine I guess it wouldn’t hurt what time should I be there? If you could show up at 5 tonight? sounds good, see you then.

I head back to the mansion and take a shower since I was knocked over by a handsome and perfectly built man. I couldn’t stop thinking about him threw out the rest of the day, I was even starting to get butterflies just thinking about him and his strong looking arms and beautiful green eyes. I can’t help but wonder what he looks under his clothes. Nadia! have you figured out what you are going to wear to the Lawson’s tonight for dinner? Not yet mom!. Nothing like yelling across a mansion just so we can hear one another. But I really have no clue what I am going to wear, the Lawson’s are a rich very known family that owns the biggest lumber company around. So I know whatever I wear will have to be nice. I decided to wear my sleeveless vintage navy colored dress.

I start heading down the path toward Mathews and the butterflies in my stomach are getting worse the closer I get to his house, not to mention the fact that I am meeting the rest of his family also. As I get closer I see Mathew heading towards me with his sexy dimples and smile.

Welcome, Nadia, I hope my family doesn’t scare you away they can be a bit intimidating at first but once they get to know you they are great!. We walk through this giant wood door with wolves carved into them interesting... As I followed Mathew inside the floors of the mansion are a wonderful dark oak and crystal chandeliers, the table they have set up looks like something from the movies. Nadia this is my mother, Elizabeth, my father Theodore, my sister Jordan, and my brother Liam. It is very nice to meet you all I know I met you all when I was 5 but that was so long ago. Ah... Yes, I remember meeting you and your parents said Elizabeth, is your father still in the oil business? Yes ma’am.

After dinner Mathew walks me home, we talk and tell jokes and I can’t help feeling this strong bond between him and I. Like I never want to be away from him, he makes me feel safe. I look at him and wonder if he feels it also?. And like he is reading my mind says to me I feel so close to you, I’ve never felt this close to someone before. I feel the same way too Mathew. We reach my house and I feel lonely knowing he is leaving to go back to his house. I wonder how I could have such strong feelings for someone I barely know. As I climb into bed I feel this sharp excruciating pain all over my body, why do I have this horrible pain... What is happening to my body?

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