Mystic Lake

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Skylar is a vampire-witch hybrid, who has spent her entire life on the run from the magic council. They believe her to be an abomination and wish her death. They fear her power will be too great and that she will bring their rein to an end, thanks to a prophecy spoken hundreds of years before her birth. Gabriel is one of the few dragon shifters left in the world. He has many secrets and when he meets Skylar his world is turned upside down. He knows immediately that she is his mate. She was never meant to be born and she is hunted. During the battle of her life will she find a love worth fighting for.

Fantasy / Romance
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A child is born

The cover image as well as most of the character images are copyrighted by shuttershock and are being used with a license.

This book is copyrighted as well and is an original story written by me. Plagiarism will be reported.

This is my first book and I hope you will enjoy reading it. This is the first of the "Mystic Mates Series". There will be many books that take place in this supernatural world that I have created for your enjoyment. Feel free to leave me comments and I will happily reply to them all. There is mature content and language in this book.

Thank you and enjoy!

Deep in the Cascade mountains a witch is giving birth to her child in secret. Her beloved is by her side but she can tell that he is nervous. The magic council has put a bounty on their heads. The couple have been in hiding for eight months, trying to stay one step ahead of those who would harm their child.

Being a vampire prince, Vincent should have been safe but his family didn't approve of his union with a witch. They turned their backs on him when he went to them for help protecting his mate and unborn child. Lilliana left her family for their safety, even though they begged her to stay and allow them to protect the couple and child. Lilliana was afraid they would be hurt in the process, so refused.

The couple only allowed Lilliana's sister Julianne, Vincent's best friend Lucas and Lucas's sister Olivia to join them. They were afraid to involve too many people and they weren't sure who they could trust. They have been hiding and running, always afraid the council's hunters would find and kill them. Their only crime was falling in love and now their child is in danger as well because of a prophecy told long ago.

They have been at their present hiding place for a month now. The manor is surrounded by a forest and the sisters put up a powerful enchantment to keep out intruders. If anyone who is not invited tries to enter, an alarm will sound. Only those who know of their location are able to find it, thanks to the spell.

The birth is imminent, Lilliana has been having birthing pains since morning. "It's time, our daughter is coming." Lilliana says as she grunts in pain. Vincent doesn't know what he can do to relieve her pain. As powerful as he is, there is nothing he can do for his mate. "I'm here my sweet, I wish I could take this pain from you." Vincent tries to reassure her. She smiles up at him, and he holds her hand as Julianne helps to deliver their daughter. Olivia stands off to the side, watching over everything with a worried look on her face.

It takes another hour before the child comes into the world. Vincent looks down upon their daughter and smiles. "She is as beautiful as her mother." Vincent whispers as he bends down, kisses his mates forehead and caresses the face of his daughter. Just then, the door bursts open and a frantic Lucas comes rushing in. "I don't know how they found us, but the enforcers are here." Lucas says in a rush.

"How could they even get in? It's impossible for them to get through the enchantment around our land." Vincent says as he looks at his mate and child with fear in his eyes. Lucas shakes his head in confusion. "I don't know, it doesn't make sense. They are approaching as we speak. We have no more that twenty minutes."

Vincent turns to Lucas. "We will hold them off while the women escape." Lucas rushes out of the room and Vincent bends down to his love and strokes her face tenderly. "I will give you time to escape, never forget I love you." Vincent tells her as he looks into her eyes lovingly.

Lilliana tries to grab onto his hand to keep him with her but he pulls away and leaves the room. Moments later Olivia rushes out, without a word. After a several minutes, a commotion is heard at the front doors. Lilliana looks up to her sister in fear. "Julie, take her and keep her safe, I have to help him. We have to give her a chance at survival, please." Lilliana begs. She hands her precious daughter to her sister, then struggles to stand.

She leans over and places a kiss on the child's forehead. "Goodbye my sweet angel, mommy and daddy love you. Always know that and stay safe, my precious Skylar." Lilliana looks upon her child one last time.She places her hand on the child's head and speaks in a hushed tone, placing a protection spell on her. Julianne grabs her sister's arm. "Please, come with us, she needs you." Julianne tries uselessly to plead with her sister.

"You will keep her safe, I must help Vincent. I cannot leave him." Lilliana says with determination. Then she stumbles out of the room to join her husband, in a losing battle. Julianne hesitates for a moment, then sneaks out of the house and into the forest.

As much as she hates leaving her sister, she made a promise to protect this child and she would do it with her last breath. She looks down at the baby. "Don't worry, angel. I will keep you safe, no matter what." Julianne vows. She uses her power to shield herself and the child and races to the nearest road. When she sees a car approaching she flags it down and uses her powers to influence the driver to take them to the nearest town.

When they get there she sends him on his way and takes his car. She makes him forget all about her and everything that transpired during the time he was with them. From there they keep moving from state to state. Never staying in one place for more than a year or two. They stay away from supernaturals that may sense Skylar's true identity.

They live among mortals and only use their powers when absolutely necessary. They are always on the run, until they arrive in Texas.

20 Years Later

I have been on the run for over 20 years, ever since the magic council had my parents killed. My parents were never meant to fall in love, much less have me. The council was afraid of the power a child of such a union would have.

My mother was from the most powerful witch family in existence and my father was one of the vampire princes. They shouldn't have been able to kill my parents, they were both incredibly powerful. If it hadn't been for my protector, I would have died along with them.

This is my story. A story of undying love, betrayal, friendship, self discovery and fulfilling my destiny.

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