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The trio of friends, Ahri, Hana and Sona know themselves since childhood, forming their bond of friendship. But is it strong enough to withstand all of the tasks and problems of the harsh reality laid before them?

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Beginning

And this is how all of that stuff started. In an ordinary strip club. A classic. The only difference, me and Sona didin't desperately need cash. It was more of a "They kidnapped us" situation, but after what, 2 years... we were kind of okay with what fate has gives us. If my everyday life now consists of shaking my ass all night long and singing songs until my throat is completely dry, i can live with it. Its not like i wouldn't want to get rescued, but... i won't complain unless they decide to beat the living shit out of me every day. Whoops, i think i should introduce myself. I'm Ahri, a Nine-Tailed Fox. I'm stuck in this hellhole with Sona, the blue-haired chick over there. She is kinda famous here now, but i really have to say, she's a huge hoe. Look how those 2 years massacred her. It's just sad. I'd hope someone would just rescu- "Oh, what the fuck is that!?" *she screamed, as an olive green pickup truck crashed throught the wall of the strip club, injuring a guy badly. "Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Holy fucking fuck!" Ahri screamed, running over to Sona, while ahe just stood there terrified, not knowing what just happened. "Ahri?" she asked in a quiet tone. "Why is there a truck inside the cl-" She got cut off by a hand and a very familiar face saying "Sona! Ahri! I finally found you! Get in there, you have enough time!" Ahri ran over without hestitation, her eyes tearing up a little bit "Hana! Oh my goodness! How did you find us? HOW?!" Ahri screamed, as Sona waddled over on her still shaky legs and got into the truck. "Are... are we free?" Sona asked. "Hell yeah we are. Hell yeah we are...." Ahri replied, breaking out in tears. They were free. Free.

I like that word. Freedom.

(I am aware that i'm switching between Ahri and reader perspective. Its planned)

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