A Wolfs Howl

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Colab with Shadøw Wølf

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I ran farther into the mountain, trying to lose my attackers. They started gaining on me, a large grey wolf blocked my path. Their all rouges, I snarled, snapping my teeth at them. The rogues circled me trying to find my weaknesses, lucky for me, I have none. I attacked the grey wolf and easily snapped his neck.

The rogues attacked at the same time, leaving me unprotected on many sides. I tried my best to dodge but was thrown around, until they were all burnt to ashes on the ground. My once full blue colored fur had red blotches. I layed down a couple of feet away from the bodies of rogues before falling asleep on the cold muddy ground.

I almost never shift to human form anymore. I hunt in wolf form, so I don’t have to waste time on a job or going into towns I won’t stay in.

Can we hunt for food? I’m getting hungry, and if you don’t. You know what happens.

Death, don’t you dare think about it, We will hunt.

Good, and hurry up, Desire.

I’m hurrying.

Getting up, I stretched my legs, before taking off into the thick forest. I’ve gotten used to being in wolf form all the time. Pretty easy. With my speed like a vampire, I easily caught a deer and ate quickly before taking off faster than I did before. Until a scent hit my nose and I slowed down, eyeing a wolf.

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