The great battle for amarykhanta

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The great battle for amarykhanta is the 2nd book in the dark amulet series and it's the story about how two young confederate generals and their two young sons fought courageously alongside the confederate army and led them in several campaigns against the army's of the great darkness and galactic darkness during the civil war. And also participated in a invasion and takeover battle strategy of the north Union states and territory's called operation torch.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1:the rising tides of civil war

Long ago when it was the year 1860 on May 22nd in the province state of South Carolina khailia 35 year old lieutenant captain Arne sala-al-din and his 34 year old half brother lieutenant colonel ardah shai of the chrystiansan del-mar and el-Hassan artaxia family's and their young 12 and 11 year old sons , junior soldiers ara Hadrian and ari tahmasp all said farewell to their family and joined the confederate army. That was under the command of the esteemed and highly respected general lee. Then they began marching out of the state of South Carolina khailia and marched to the distant province state of California-nayrashanel in the west. Then so after a very long march that took just about five months the confederates finally reached the state of California nayrashanel. Where they arrived at the base of the western ancient mountains. So now the confederate army began hiking up the narrow and steep path all the way to the top. Then upon reaching the top, general lee and stonewall Jackson and their troops all began marching down the long and dangerous haunted mount misery road of death. That would take them to their destination that was the territory of Washington aldenshire. That was their main target for their invasion and take over of the north Union states and territories that was called operation torch. So as the confederates were marching along the mount misery road of death, they just happened to come across the old ghost town of Bennington-Blackwood ainsworthBell. That was built back in the year 1832 at the start of the great gold rush of south California-khaynayru. So general lee and stonewall Jackson and their troops all set up camp at the old ghost town and camped there for the night.

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