Rhegal of the Night [BL]

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The two oddest people, meeting in the oddest situation – ending up together in the oddest way: oddest meeting with a thousand possibilities.

Fantasy / Adventure
Vanessa Nicole
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Rhegal Royal

Walking down the aisle of the church, Rhegal made his way to the confession room. He passed the head priest who followed him to the confession room. Sitting on the opposite side of the thin wooden wall, the head priest said, “Welcome my son.”

“Forgive me father for I have sinned,” Regal started. “It’s been seven days since I’ve last confessed to the lord.”

“And why is that?” the head priest asked.

“I don’t see the need to confess every day since the lord almighty knows what I do and what I am about to do,” he answered.

“But my child, speaking to the lord is good for the spirit. The lord knows but he also wants you to speak to him,” the head priest replied.

“I know…” he trailed.

“And your sin?” he asked.

“Last night, I had one of those dreams again,” he said with a sigh.

“Of a man?” the head priest question.

Rhegal, “Yes but more vivid. The man and I, we had sexual intercourse this time.”

Head Priest, “My son… the man in your dreams keeps doing things to you that the house of the lord sees’ as wrong.”

Rhegal, “Father, me being gay… is there something wrong with me?”

The Head Priest sighed, “My son, I’ve raised you since you were a baby. In all these years, I haven’t found anything wrong with you. The lord wouldn’t have brought you to this world if you did not have a purpose. You liking men, is something that we cannot stop and we don’t know for certain. I, as your father, have accepted you whole heartedly and will love you always and so will the lord because you are his son.”

Sighing Rhegal said, “Thank you father… I have more to confess.”

“Speak my son,” the Head Priest said as he caressed the cheek of the new baby who was left at the church door two days ago who was sleeping in his arms.

“I woke up with a tent in my pants and I masturbated,” he said and there was a long pause before the Head Priest answered, “Well that is normal my son.”

“As punishment for not confessing, say fifty Hail Mary’s and put your brother Dawn to sleep every night for the next week,” he added.

Rubbing his hands over his face, Rhegal said, “Father, can I ask you something?”

Head Priest, “Go ahead.”

Rhegal, “Would it be okay with you if I start working and bringing in money for the church?”

The Head Priest frowned, “Why do you want to suddenly work son?”

“The church isn’t as well as it was before. There are many things that need to be fixed and the money from the government we receive isn’t enough. It’s only enough to feed us all,” he said.

“Son, why the sudden?” the Head Priest started but was interrupted by Rhegal, “Father, I feel trapped inside the church. I love it here and everyone but I can’t stay here always. If I work, I get to leave the church and come back with money. Please father, I need to be out of this suffocating place.” He said as he wiped the swimming tears from his face.

The Head Priest sighed. Getting up he walked around to where Rhegal was. He opened the door and looking down at his son, he saw that he was in tears and shaking. Placing his left hand on Rhegal’s shoulder he said, “Son, if you want to work, go for it. I just want you and all of your siblings to be happy, never in my life have I ever thought of trapping you in this church. If working and being away from the church will give you what you need, you have my blessing but just remember to always love the lord our God. Love your family and neighbours. Love yourself.”

Rhegal lift his head to look at his father and smiled. The Head Priest opened his arms and gave him a hug. Letting go, he stuffed Dawn into Rhegal’s arms and said, “Don’t forget to say your Hail Mary’s.”

After getting permission from the head priest, Rhegal pulled out the poster he pulled off the wall from one of the buildings far off into town from under his bed. He looked the posted over with determination and after he put Dawn to sleep, he let the Head Priest know that he was going out to look for a job.

The Head Priest said a light prayer and wished him good luck. Rhegal walked about in the street collecting metal pieces, cans and other metal objects then headed to the scrap shop to exchange the items for money.

After making sure he had enough money, he calculated the amount he’d need for transportation to the city and back and for something to eat. After that he calculated the time it took and headed out. This part of town was quiet if you knew the place well but if you didn’t, the crooks would sniff you out.

Rhegal got onto the bus leading to the next town which lead to the city making the travel time reach two hours. It was still early hours of the morning around ten making which meant that he’d reach there at twelve. The ride was long and annoying since they’d pick up passengers along the way and dropped them off.

He watched through the windows as they passed the schools, homes, farm animals and people. The bell dinged alerting him but he ignored it. The bus came to a stop and the elderly bus driver got up from his seat and made his way over to Rhegal.

“Son, we’re at your stop,” he said while tapping his shoulder. Rhegal looked over dazed then smiled, “Thank you sir and sorry for inconveniencing you,” he said.

The bus driver smiled at him and helped him up, “No problem son, if you head to the police station up this road, ask them where the place is that you’re looking for,” he advised while walking back to his seat.

Rhegal thanked him then waved him off and walked up the road he was pointed in. it was his first time in this city called Atlon. As children, they were advised to never leave the town their church was in but for this venture he had to leave.

All of this was new to him and although he was frightened, he was excited too. He arrived at the police station that was unseemly quiet. The man sitting behind the desk was reading something off a screen that he’d never seen before.

Clearing his throat, “Excuse me sir.” The police man looked up and frowned, “Can I help you?”

“I hope you can, I’m looking for the LORD technologies building,” he asked with a smile but felt horrible when the man looked down at his screen as if ignoring him and answered listlessly, “Sure, when you get out of here, take a left then head straight up and when you reach the first crossing turn right, the building has a big sign on it that says LORD Technologies.”

Rhegal nodded his head, stuffed his hands into his hoodies pockets and turned around leaving the police station. In the beginning, he was under the impression that everyone was nice but the moment the police officer frowned at him he knew that something was off.

He stopped in front of the building with the LORD Technologies sign on it and entered it. When he entered he was greeted by a cold breeze which made him rub his shoulders. He caught the attention of the clerk who smiled at him and walked over.

“Hello, how may I help you love?” she asked while strutting over swaying her hips.

Rhegal stared at the woman, thinking to himself how gorgeous she is and felt envy envelop him. Shaking his thoughts away he smiled at her, “Yes, uh… your ad was posted on one of the buildings,” he said as he took out the poster and handed it to her.

“Oh, so you’re here for the job?” she exclaimed and gave him a once over. Rhegal nodded his head and followed her to her desk as she said, “Alright love, I’m going to need you to fill in this application form while I inform my boss that you’re here.”

He took the pen and clip board from her and sat down at the free chair beside her desk. The lady, who he learnt was called Dominika left him alone while she headed to her bosses office.

Rhegal sat there filling in his name on the form and all the other details. Dominika returned with her boss who stared at him oddly then took him in to his office with the application form.

“Okay Mr Royal, so you want to be a professional gamer, do you have any prior experience?” he asked him while tapping away at his computer.

Rhegal looked around nervously while he answered, “I have no prior experience and no, I don’t want to be a professional gamer.”

The man stopped and turned to look at Rhegal. Crossing his arms he asked, “So then, why are you here?”

“Well, I need a job to provide for my siblings and elders, and I thought that this company could help since you had jobs available,” Rhegal said, finally looking at the man behind the desk.

“I’m sorry to say but we’re only hiring those who are looking to be professionally players,” he said making Rhegal frown. He didn’t want too much responsibility while working. The man saw Rhegal’s conflicting gaze and asked, “How many are you at home?”

Rhegal sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. He pushed the hoodie off his head and said, “There’s the three nuns, the Head Priest and all of us children together are twelve, thirteen including the new addition, Dawn who arrived two mornings ago.”

“A church?” the man asked curiously. Rhegal nodded and the man smiled evilly and laughed. Rhegal looked at him and frowned.

“Okay, so how about you just try the game out. You can make money by hunting animals and completing quests that we give you,” he said.

“How much am I getting paid?” he asked cutting to the chase.

“Well it depends, there’s copper, silver and gold which when converted, you’ll get paid and if you take on our personal requests, you will be paid directly into your account,” the man said.

“By the way, I didn’t get your name,” he said making the man smile.

“Well, from today on you can call me Brandon but in public I am your boss Mr Daniels,” he said as he started typing away at his computer.

“Oh, I’m Rhegal Royal, nice to meet you,” he said.

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