Longing Desire [BL]

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2| A tedious day at work with a surprise

Standing in front of the industrial printer at work, I watch as the mounds of printed documents my manager asked me to print get shit out from one end to the next.

After the thousands of documents are printed, I head to a desk with a chair and sit down. These documents are for the meeting tomorrow.

I work at Gongdan Global Group. I was accepted into the advertisement department because I won the drawing competition but what they failed to add in the fine print was that even though you won the competition, the job description is basically bullshit. I’m like the printer boy and get paid fifty dollars an hour.

The printing room is like my domain and I don’t mind most of the time because I’m all alone and comfortable here. I’ve learnt so much just by reading these documents. I always print an extra copy just in case and when it’s not used, I read it.

Sorting out the papers in stacks, I get up and grab the binding puncher and the binding strips along with the clear plastic cover’s and today, I’m choosing the green plastic back cover. My aesthetic abilities are on point when binding booklets together no?

I roll my eyes and chuckle at my own nonsense. This job doesn’t make much but it’s calming, I get to draw in here and clear my thoughts. I stick the next flash drive into the USB port of the laptop I was given and glance at the yellow sticky note that has ‘20 copies’ written on it.

I open the document, click on print, change the number of copies from 1 to 21 and send it through to the printer. I head back to the table and start punching and binding the booklets together. Booklet after booklet is done and the thirty-one booklets are complete.

I raise a brow as I look in the direction of the printer which is still printing. I track back to my laptop and notice the page numbers. Two hundred and forty-six pages; the printer beeps and looking over I see that the toner and paper buttons are flashing.

The printer suddenly stops printing making me sigh. I walked over to the back of the printing room and open the box which holds the reams of paper and frown noticing that there are two reams missing. I take one ream out and grab the box with the toner in it.

Ripping both the box and the paper wrapping open, I insert them in their respective places and press okay. The printer starts up again and spits out the paper. I walk over to the shelf and pick up the clipboard off one of the shelves and look through the document.

It has a record of what all was in and out such as how many boxes of paper and toner, pens, clipboards, binders and other shit on it. I’m the one that checks this off and signs my name on the document so I’m responsible for it and my ass is on the line if shit goes missing.

I pick up an empty ream box stack in all the booklets I made. I place the clipboard on the top of the pile and place the extra copy I made in a separate box with all the other extra booklets I made, then slide it into the lower shelf.

Picking the box up, I head out the room and lock it behind me. I always lock this room when I leave so I don’t understand how the two reams can grow feet. Heading to my manager’s office with the box, I quickly scan my eyes over each desk trying to find runaway reams.

“Hey pretty boy,” Jong Soo interrupts my thoughts. I stop in my steps and turn to look at him behind me. He’s tall and handsome, delicious in a way but he tries too hard.

“Morning,” I greet back. Ever since I started three months ago he’s been asking me out but I’m not interested, worse when the person works in the same company as me which is a big NO!

“Don’t greet me with so much enthusiasm,” he mocks with a smirk.

“Jong Soo, is there anything you need from me?” I ask trying to get to the point.

“You and I on a date this evening,” he says cutting to the chase. His next-door cubical neighbour leans back with a smile as he watches us.

I shake my head, “I’m not interested, even if I was, I’m working tonight. Enjoy the rest of your day boys,” I smile and walk away. I hear his neighbour laugh and I decide to ignore them.

I stop at Mr Park’s office and knock on the door that’s open. He looks at me while speaking over the receiver. I sit the box on his desk and take the clipboard out of the box. He goes on to speak for a few more minutes and put the receiver down with a sigh.

He looks up at me with a tired smile and rubs his eyes, “What can I do for you Mr Cha?” he says as flips through one of the booklets I hand him.

“Sir, the booklets for tomorrow’s meeting is done printing. The drafts for the current company projects is currently printing and there’s something I’d like to ask you,” I end and he looks up at me with a frown.

“Yes?” he motions for me to ask.

“I check inventory every day and a moment ago as I was getting paper for the printer, I noticed that two reams of paper are missing, do you maybe know what happened to them?” I ask him and his frown deepens.

“Did you make sure?” he asks and I nod.

“Yes, the box arrived three days ago along with the other two boxes, one is finished already and the other still closed. This box was also closed and now after I used one ream there is only one left; I lock the printing room every day when I leave, I don’t know how it could have been taken and I was the last to leave the office last night,” I state trying my best to keep calm.

Mr Park leans forward with his elbows resting on his desk while rubbing his forehead. “Dae Ryeon, I think you should head up to the security room and ask them to view the recordings of last night,” he says and I know it’s because he knows that I will be held liable and it also makes no sense that I took it because I arrive at work with a satchel so there’s no place for it in my bag. That and the fact that Mr Park saw me on the ground level last night leaving the building.

I nod my head and leave his office after he tells me to report back to him. I head over to the elevator and wait for the door to open after pressing the button. The door dings and I enter the cart. The door closes and I press the button for the forty-fifth floor.

It’s a long tedious ride along with the bad music.

The door finally dings open but it’s the floor before the forty-fifth floor. I smile at the woman who walks in but she just looks at me then looks away as chews gum. Yeah, the fake lips, plastic surgery and fake breast went to her head.

The door dings again and I get off. This floor looks so strange from the rest of the building or well the floors I’ve been too. Instead of walls, there’s just glass from the floor to ceiling and inside were computer towers; beyond that, there were people walking about and checking things.

Some looked at me and raised a brow, yes bitch I’m pretty, get over it… smiling at my ego I head deeper down the path and gain even more attention. I stop at what seems to be a glass door and thin my lips into a smile.

A big buff man walks up to me and asks, “Are you lost?”

I roll my eyes and feel like hitting him with the clipboard in my hand. Holding the clipboard behind my back I smile at him, “Yes, very lost. I’m looking for the security room.”

He raises his brow, “I’m in charge of security, what can I help you with?” he asks me.

I jump in my step catching him off guard, “Yes, something’s missing from the printing room and the managing director asked me to investigate, so~ can you help?” I ask him and he nods quickly.

He stalks back into the room where the computers are and I wave at everyone I pass, who strangely enough wave back at me. “Theft in the company is a crime, I will not allow any of it,” the handsome buffy man says as he sits down and turns to look at me.

I notice three others sitting around out of the way looking at me, “I’m sure of it,” I say.

He clears his throat catching my attention, “What floor and time?”

“The advertising department on floor twenty-seven. I locked the printing room at exactly 16:57 pm yesterday so any time after that.” I say as I go through the clipboards details.

He turns in his chair and types in something and the footage of me inside the printing room at 15:00 pm shows up on the big screens above his monitors play.

He fast forwards the footage and we watch as I jump about and wiggle my butt. Yeah, when I’m bored I do that shit.

And there you have it. A woman walks into my printing room after I lock up and takes my paper. “Oh, it’s Mr Han’s secretary,” the man says and I mentally high five myself. I’m not getting fired.

“I see, I’ll have to get her to sign my document, thanks,” I pat his shoulder and walk away before he can say anything else. I need to get out of here soon, they all just watched me dance.

I get into the car and press for the top floor. The door dings after five minutes and opens; I step into the foyer and it’s eerily quiet. I see the desk where the secretary is supposed to sit but she isn’t there.

I feel a headache come on and slowly stroll through the quiet foyer. It’s plain and simple; I hear laugher coming deeper in and slowly make my way there.

“Honestly Eunmin, I can’t believe that something like that actually happened,” says someone and that voice, fuck, I think I just leaked in my pants. Deep, with a sense of command and husky, deliciously husky.

I suddenly feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My mind is telling me to stop walking and turn around but my heart wants to know who spoke, I want to see him, I want to hear his voice again, please.

I stop at the door and knock, “Come in,” a different voice calls out.

I push down on the handle and push the door open. I walk in and my eyes land on the man behind the desk. He’s so handsome, beautiful eyes with smooth cut hair, he’s trimmed to perfection and everything else.

“Can I help you?” the man says and I just realize it that he isn’t the one I want to speak to. I bow my head in disappointment and say, “Sorry to disturbed you, sir, I’m looking for Miss Jung, she’s not at her desk and I need her to sign her name on the document I have here.”

He raises a brow and motions for me to go closer. I hand him my clipboard and he asks after reading it, “What is this?”

“The sign off sheet for anything that leaves the printing room, its important documentation for when I do stock checks at the end of the month. Miss Jung took two reams of paper from the printing room last night and didn’t sign it out,” I say and he reads over the documentation again.

“Why is it the first time I’m seeing such a document?” he asks me and I mentally deadpan.

A booming belly deep laugh erupts from behind me. It has a similar ring to the voice I want to hear; shivers run up and down my spine as my body stiffens. I slowly turn on my heels and see the most delicious, mouth-watering man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

His eyes are piercing me turning my legs to jelly. My body shudders as I gulp, the thoughts of being ravaged by him has my body reacting in all sorts of ways, “It’s your company and you haven’t seen it before?” that heavenly voice asks Mr Han.

My eyes travel down his body, scanning every inch of him and just then, I notice that there’s this beautiful petite, young man sitting by his side under his arm. The two of them are wearing mating three-piece suits, with the one the younger man wearing looking more feminine like.

I gulp down the pooling saliva inside my mouth, as my lustful eyes help me strip the younger man out of his clothes. Mr Han and the beast continue talking about company documents but as the beast of a man speaks his eyes are trained on my body and so is the younger men.

They’re both smiling at me and the hand the beast-like man has trailing up and down his lover’s body has me shuddering; just watching his hand move is as if his hand is rubbing up and down my body.

“Alright, here’s your clipboard back,” Mr Han says snapping me back to reality. I stretch my fingers out and contract them out of habit and reach overtaking the clipboard. I bow to him then bow to the beautiful couple seated on the couch.

“What’s your name?” the young man asks with his sweet voice.

I stand up straight and look into his eyes. My body shudders momentarily as I notice the deep lust in his eyes for me. I catch a quick glimpse of his lover and he has the exact same look in his eyes, “I’m Cha Dae Ryeon,” I answer him.

The couple smiles at me, “I’m Im Jae Hyun and this is my boyfriend Kang Jinha, it’s nice to meet you, Cha.Dae.Ryeon.”

Just the way he said my name made me tremble in excitement and leak precum in my pants. I swallow hard, “It’s wonderful meeting the two of you too,” I answer and wave and walk out. I hold my head up high until I climb into the car and it dings closed.

My heart is beating uncontrollably fast. Looking down at my pants as I sink down, I groan, fuck the two of them turned me on so bad.


[Jae Hyun’s POV]

Rubbing my hand up and down my boyfriend’s chest, I whiff in his manly scent. His hand is rubbing up and down my side as I lean against him.

We’re in the SUV heading back to his office to get ready for tonight’s charity ball for the abused children in South Korea.

Closing my eyes the image of Cha Dae Ryeon comes to mind. He’s beautiful, has beautiful fingers, he has a confident walk, thick thighs. He’s perfect and I want him.

Raising my head, I kiss Jinha’s neck. Climbing on his lap, I straddle him. Rubbing my thumbs against his temples I smile down at him; leaning down I kiss his lips, sucking them into my mouth. He dominantly kisses me back making me melt in his hold.

I pull back after our deep kiss and look down at him hazily, “Jinha~” I call as I rub my nose against his.

He cups my ass and kneads it, “Yes, my love?” he calls back in his dreamy voice.

“I want him,” I say looking dead straight into his eyes.

He cups my face and kisses my lips, “You mean Cha Dae Ryeon?” he asks between kisses.

I move my hips and nod my head, “Yes him.”

“Why?” he asks me.

I smirk and open my hazy eyes, “You want him too,” I say and he chuckles.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks me. I pull out of his hold and purse my lips, “Jinha, it’s been a whole year since we decided on adding something to our relationship. Neither of us wants a child and as much as I love you, our relationship is too toxic and suffocating. I don’t want to leave you and I know you feel the same but if only if we just try this out, you saw how he looked at us both, he wants us and if we can get him to be with us, it could be a trial. If either of us feels that its wrong once we start, we could always end it.”

Jinha sighs and kisses my forehead, “Okay, I’ll speak to him but if he doesn’t want to then we can’t force him.”

“Thank you,” I say and hug him.

I really love him but I’ve reached my limit and so has he.

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