Longing Desire [BL]

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3| We meet again

Walking through the expensively decorated hall housing who knows how many of the rich with a tray of champagne in my hand.

I walk around offering glass after glass and head back to the champagne table where I add seven glasses on my tray and walkabout. My eyes spot people walking in who I’m assuming hasn’t had a glass of something to drink just yet.

My eyes scan the crowd to see if any of the other waiters and waitresses are heading that way and there’s no one in sight. Sighing I head over with a smile on my face.

Reaching them I offer, “Ladies and gents, would you like a glass of champagne to drink?” I hold my eyes on the glasses making sure that they don’t fall. No one answers me so I snap my eyes up and see that it’s Mr Han and a few other people and who knew, my manager was here too.

“Evening Mr Han, Mr Park and everyone,” I say and watch as they grab a glass each. Mr Han and Mr Park look at each other momentarily then back at me.

“Dae Ryeon?” Mr Park asks and I smile in his direction.

“Yes, sir?” I ask and scan my eyes around the room for the waitresses who I can’t seem to find.

“What are you doing here?” he asks me and I tug my smirk down.

“Working,” I say and turn as an empty glass makes its way on my tray.

“You’re the one that was in my office this morning right?” Mr Han asks catching my attention.

I nod my head and step back as people try to pass us, “Yes it was me.”

“Why would you be working here? Don’t I pay you enough?” he asks and I suck my bottom lip into my mouth as I struggle to not be rude.

“No,” I answer him straightforwardly and hear my name being called. I look over to see one of the ushers, I bow and excuse myself while I make my way over to her.

We swap trays and she informs me that the starts will be going out soon when everyone gets to their respective seats.

After about another fifteen minutes, everyone takes their seats and all the waitresses, waiters and ushers stand at the back, while some head to the kitchen.

They start the speeches and my eyes search the crowd; I see Mr Park sitting with someone and I don’t really care. Mr Han has whoever beside him and everyone else.

It’s my turn to head into the kitchen and I grab a tray of starters and walk out to my assigned area which unfortunately is where Mr Han’s table is. I have five tables all to myself while Mr Han’s table is number three.

I serve table one then two, I swap trays with the waitress and continue filling in table two then move on to table three. She hands me a fresh tray after we swap again and I stop at Mr Han with the last plate.

I turn around swapping trays with the waitress and hand his partner the next plate and work my way around the table. My eyes spot a very pretty young man who has his eyes glued on me with a smile on his face.

I stop behind him and place a plate in front of him, “I didn’t expect to meet you so soon,” Jae Hyun says to me.

I hold my composure as I place a plate down in front of Mr Sexy Beast himself, “Are you enjoying your evening so far Mr Im?” I ask instead of answering him.

“Very since I spotted you,” he says making me smile.

“If seeing me makes your day better be careful not to get addicted,” I tease and he along with a few others chuckle.

I make my way around all my tables and sigh when I am finally done. I’ve been doing this shit since I was kicked out and it’s like second nature to me but it’s really annoying you know?

“Why do you look like you’re about to drop dead?” Hyung Jung asks while dragging me out of the hall.

I shrug my shoulders as we reach the staircase. We’re swapping with the next lot who will hand out drinks and the main course while we do the dessert later into the evening.

“I had a long day at work. What’s worse is the boss of my company, my manager and that couple I told you about earlier on is here and I can literally feel their eyes on my back. Do you know how hard it is to work under such pressure?” I say as we sit down on the steps.

“I want to see how this couple looks that made you cum in your pants,” he exaggerates.

“Oh, so we made you cum in your pants,” that sweet voice ring’s from behind us. I literally jumped up and turned around.

Mr Sexy Beast and his little Devil made their way down the stairs to us. Hyung Jung was wide mouth in shock, yeah, I told you so!

My hands begin to sweat as the little Devil approaches me. Mr Sexy Beast looks down at Hyung Jung, “Can you give us a few minutes with him please?”

Hyung Jung looks at me with a questioning brow and I shake my head, I don’t know what they want. He gets up and scurries away and that’s when Jae Hyun snakes his arms around my waist locking his hands at my back and stuffs his face into my stomach.

He’s a whole head shorter than me but that’s what makes him adorable but Jinha, he’s… so fucking tall, big built and sexy!

I try to pry Jae Hyun off me but he won’t budge. Jinha looks down at him disapprovingly and pulls him away from me. Finally free, I step to the side and smile at the pouting beauty, “Is there anything you need from me?” I ask since I can’t wait here long.

“We want you,” Jae Hyun says out of the blue.

My eyes snap from Jinha to him who is hugging Jinha’s side, “You what?” I ask in disbelief.

“Will you date us?” Jae Hyun asks.

I stare at him confused. The two of them are already together so why are they asking me this?

I’m sure they both can see my confusing seeing as Jae Hyun mumbled something to Jinha that I couldn’t hear.

“What Jae Hyun is trying to say is that we both fell in love with you this morning when we saw you. I know this seems weird but it just happened and after we discussed this with each other we agreed on approaching you,” Jinha says.

I frown and step back, “Why would you want to have a third person in your relationship?” I ask since the whole idea is stupid.

“To love?” Jinha answered as a question. Before I could say something Jae Hyun interfered, “Dae Ryeon, we’re both serious about this and we’d love it if you would consider this. Jinha and I have been together since high school and we love each other but just because we’ve been together this long doesn’t mean that there is no room for a second lover in our lives. We’ve both had problems with people interfering in our relationship, family, exes and people who just want to rip us apart – it was difficult but we made it through all that. And with all that history, we’ve never cared for anyone else but us but the moment we saw you, my walls broke down and so did Jinha’s. I can literally see you in our lives in ten years from now. Waking up in the same bed together, going on trips. Making breakfast together, driving Jinha into a wall. Going shopping, growing together and most of all loving each other.”

“Other people may not accept this but we really want you in our lives Dae Ryeon. You’ll experience so much with us and I know you’ll fall in love with us too.” Jinha adds. These two are crazy but I’m way crazier than them, I already fell for them when we met this morning.

Jae Hyun snakes his arms around my waist again and looks up at me with pleading eyes, “We can take this slow Dae Ryeon. We could try this out for three months and if you aren’t happy with us we’ll try our best to make you happy but you have to be open about loving us just as we’ll love you. If by the end of the three months, we can’t convince you then we won’t force you to stay, so please, can you give me and Jinha the chance to show you?”

“What about jealousy?” I ask him and he nuzzles his nose in my neck, “I’m already jealous that you caught Jinha’s eyes and I’m sure you’re jealous that I’m with him and not you, but just so you know, the minute you become Jinha’s partner, he’ll be a jealous beast that will want no one other than himself to hold you except for me because I’ll kill him if he keeps you to himself,” he says making me sigh.

I think it’s the way he is whispering that’s making my heart bleed for them. Jinha’s arms snake around us and hug us to himself, “So, will you accept Dae Ryeon?”

I raise my head to look up at him and his piercing gaze holds me in place. I don’t say anything; he raises a brow at me then leans down and kisses my lips. His tongue sweeps across my bottom lip and I open my mouth to give him access.

I feel him smile against my lips and Jae Hyun smile against my neck. He captures my lips in his and with just that one, deep, heart trembling kiss, he had me falling to my knees but they both caught me.

I draped my arms over Jae Hyun and hugged him, whispering I said, “Okay, but I have to take the two of you on a date first.”

They both laugh and shake their heads. Jinha lets go of us while I untangle myself from Jae Hyun who refuses to let me go.

He lifts up onto his tippy toes and kisses my lips. His soft lips make me whimper; I groan when he pulls away and bumps his nose against mine. Jinha stands in between us and drapes his arms over our shoulders, me on his left and Jae Hyun on his right, “Alright boys, Ryeon needs to get back to work while we need to get back to those people. Give me your number so that we have a way of contacting you and if you’d like, do you want me to take you home?” Jinha asks.

“Oh please please please say yes, please please please,” Jae Hyun begs with folded arms before I can answer. I smiled defeated and nod my head. Jinha pulls out his phone from his jacket pocket unlocks it. Handing it to me I type in my new number then saw it under Dae Ryeon.

He looks at the number before pressing the lock button and dragging us both upstairs. Just as we get to the last step I pull away from them and wave them off. They both frown as they look at me and I can literally see Jae Hyun hold back his tears.

Walking back to the kitchen I see Hyung Jung yawning. He spots me and as I stop behind him he asks me, “So what did Mr Sexy Beast and Mr Cutie Pie want?”

I laugh, “So that’s what we’re calling them?”

“Yup!” he answers popping the ‘p’.

“They just wanted to get to know me, they offered to take me home so I’ll be riding with them,” I say and he looks at me with a raised brow.

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