Longing Desire [BL]

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4| Too many burgers

[Jae Hyun’s POV]

Jinha and I return to our seats and converse with all Jinha’s business partners. Our dinner is served, we got to choose between three options, a club steak with gravy and side of vegetables. Chicken Alfredo with potato bake and a seafood platter which my dear boyfriend chose. I took chicken Alfredo with potato bake.

Throughout the meal, my mind couldn’t stop wandering off to Dae Ryeon. He’s handsomely beautiful and I can’t wait to get to know him and spend time with my new love.

As we’re eating my eyes scanned the hall looking for him but I couldn’t find him. Jinha tapped my knee gaining my attention. I turned my head to the right where he was seated and raised it slightly to look up at him.

“Yes?” I asked him since I wasn’t sure why he called me.

He frowned, “Do you know if the waiters will eat?” he asked.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t consider this option. I gazed around and indeed, it didn’t seem like they were going to get anything to eat. My brows knitted as I shook my head, “I’ve never seen that woman feed her workers afterwards so I don’t think so,” I tell him.

The corner of Jinha’s mouth twitches and the fork in his hand drops to the plate clanking against it. A smile tugged at my kind-hearted man. Jinha never liked eating in public to start with and now that he was not sure if our Dae Ryeon was hungry, he couldn’t find it in himself to continue eating.

I looked down at my plate and shrugged, I care about Dae Ryeon but I will never say no to food that contains chicken. If I must, I’ll just eat with the two of them later.

Twenty minutes later our plates get taken away and in walks my handsome boy with a tray of desserts. When he reaches us, I pull him down in between Jinha and I. Dae Ryeon blushes as he feels our breath fan against his cheeks, “Do you need anything from me?” he asks.

“The food here doesn’t taste so great, Jae Hyun and I are going to head out to Mac Donald’s to order a shit ton of burgers, wanna join us before we take you home?” Jinha asks making both Dae Ryeon and I chuckle.

He nods his head, “I’d love that but why Mac Donalds?” he asks.

Jinha shrugs his shoulders and looks at me for an answer. I bump my finger against Dae Ryeon’s chin, “You’ll see when we get there.”

He nods his head and stands up straight. After smiling at us he nods and walks away; I’ve noticed that every time Jinha and I speak to Dae Ryeon, the people around us look on with interest. I’m sure to them all that this seemed uncharacteristic of us both since we barely attend these gatherings and when we do, we speak once to everyone greeting them all and go about our way.

It’s a good thing these people know not to ask questions or else my dear Jinha will be one hell of an asshole to deal with.

After the dessert is done, there’s more talking and thanks for attending. We gather our belongings at the front desk but the one we want isn’t around. Jinha and I walk through the hotel towards the kitchen and find that everyone is cleaning up.

We see Dae Ryeon’s friend who was with him. We stop behind him, “Excuse me?” I call out to him as Jinha looks around to see if he can spot our boy.

“Yes?” he answers unsurely.

“We’re looking for Dae Ryeon,” I say and he nods his head.

“That idiot is sleeping somewhere?” he says making me frown. I don’t like the fact that he’s calling my Dae Ryeon and idiot.

“No, he’s not,” Jinha interrupts. Just as I want to question him, I see a yawning and dazed Dae Ryeon make his way to us. He stops in front of us with a tired smile.

Jinha goes behind him and drapes his large coat over Dae Ryeon’s shoulders who wastes no time and shoves his arms into the sleeves. He yawns again while covering his mouth earning a chuckle from us both.

Jinha places his hand on the back of Dae Ryeon’s neck and rubs his thumb under his hairline. I can visibly see Dae Ryeon’s eyes roll into the back of his head.

“If ya’ll are having a threesome, be careful with my bae,” Dae Ryeon’s friend warns seriously. Both Jinha and I look at him but he’s already walking off.

Jinha’s free hand rubs down my back and stops at the small of my back and leads both Dae Ryeon and me to the car.

He helps Dae Ryeon into the back seat and I slide in after him. Jinha climbs into the front seat and drives off. I shrug off my coat and move closer to Dae Ryeon. He chuckles through his yawn and opens his arms. I slide into the coat and he wraps his arms around me.

“Ah ha! The two of you look comfortable,” Jinha sighs in front.

“Don’t be jealous,” Dae Ryeon teases. Jinha chuckles with a shake of his head and continues on. The car goes into deep silence and I soon hear light snores coming from behind me.

It’s so comforting to lay on him and I’m glad he’s comfortable around us.

The car comes to a stop and Jinha turns around. He switches the car light on and pauses as he sees me staring at him. His eyes smooth over to Dae Ryeon and he smiles, “I’ll go order the food,” he whispers and I nod.

He gently closes the car door behind him and heads into the eatery. Soon Jinha returns with two bags of Burgers, chips and chicken nuggets. He starts up the car again and drives off to a convenience store to buy flavoured water and Mountain Dew with plastic cups.

He drives us off to the beach and switches on the car light’s inside as after he parks the car in front of the wall overlooking the beach.

“Wake him up,” Jinha says making me frown. I turn to look at Dae Ryeon and looking at his sweet face, I can’t help but not want to wake him up.

I nuzzled my nose against his neck and trailed kisses up his neck to behind his ear and suck in his earlobe, “Wake up Ryeon.” He wiggles and giggles, “Please stop,” he begs while hugging me closer.

“Only if you wake up,” I tease making him sigh. His eyes flutter open and he looks at Jinha who is already eating. I slide off him and sit beside him.

Jinha hands us a bag and I take out a burger and hand it to Dae Ryeon. We dig through the bag of burgers in silence.

“This is too many burgers,” Dae Ryeon complains with a sigh. I pour him a glass of Mountain Dew with a smile, “You’ll get used to it. Once you move in with us, you’ll see that I get tired of cooking, so… Jinha came up with this idea and now we eat like this once a week. Some days it’s just pizza, other Korean Fried Chicken. Chinese food and the works, oh and we don’t eat raw food and fish.”

“So no sushi?” He asks and we nod.

“But I love sushi,” he pouts. I see Jinha frown then sigh, “We’ll make an exception,” he says. I raise a brow at him since he utterly hates sushi than my curiosity sparks when I hear Dae Ryeon chuckle. “I’m only joking Mr Kang, I don’t like raw foods either.”

“My name’s Jinha, not Mr Kang,” Jinha corrects him. I nod my head, “Jinha and Jae Hyun, you’re our partner now so don’t be formal with us please.”

“Jinha and Jae Hyun…” he trailed. Both Jinha and I smiled at him.

After a moment Dae Ryeon frowned. He ate the chicken nuggets finished that he took and said, “This doesn’t count as a date.”

Jinha and I made eye contact then burst out laughing. My stomach hurt after laughing and Jinha, it’s been a while since I heard him laugh properly in a few years.

I looked over at Dae Ryeon and saw that he had a smirk on his lips while he looked between us. “We can go on a date tomorrow, are you free?” I asked and he shook his head.

“No, did you forget that I work for Mr Han?” he asked and yes I forgot.

“What is your job title?” Jinha asked.

“Oh no, it’s bullshit. I entered their designing team’s competition three months ago and won, then I was given the job of the paperboy, like literally, I get paid fifty dollars an hour for printing papers and no, it wasn’t in the fine print stating that you’ll get the paperboys job it just says you’ll get a job in the advertising department – I was ripped off,” Dae Ryeon said as he glared at his cup of Mountain Dew.

My eyes smoothed over to Jinha who had a blank expression on his face. Knowing Jinha, he was going to something about this bullshit!

“Those motherfuckers!” I say and hear Dae Ryeon sigh, “Not really, I just wish they’d pay me more because I actually like the peace that comes with punching booklets together.”

“But you were under the impression that you were going to work in the advertising department no? You should have sued them,” Jinha said.

“Not really, I dropped out of school so I couldn’t get my diploma and so I’ll just have to work myself up I guess,” he said sadly.

“Why’d you drop out,” Jinha asked.

“I had issues…” Dae Ryeon trailed and didn’t continue. We sat in the car until we were done eating then took him home. We met Won Il and his friend again and kissed him goodbye which earned us a few raised brows but that is for Dae Ryeon to explain, not us.

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