Longing Desire [BL]

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5| Past Incidents (1)

Closing the door behind Jinha and Jae Hyun, I rolled in my lips and pursed them.

I turned around slowly leaning against the door and see Won Il and Hyung Jung looking at me with frowns and a hint of curiosity.

“So?” Hyung Jung asks as he motions for me to sit down.

I take off the vest and sit down. Pulling my legs onto the couch, I cross them and look down; swallowing my smile, I look up at them and say, “Okay so I know this looks weird but it just happened okay.”

“What do you mean it just happened?” Won Il asked as he sat down beside me and look at me with an intense stare.

“I was investigating who took my computer paper at work and it leads me up to the boss’s office. That is when I met Jinha and Jae Hyun. But we just introduced ourselves and that was it, then tonight, they approached me and asked if I could be their boyfriend,” I say and they both just look at me.

Won Il groaned and rubbed his hands over his face. After sighing, he held out his hand and I put my hand in his. He squeezed it gently saying, “Honestly love, I love you and I am trying to protect you from all the creeps in the world but I can see that there’s a vibe between the three of you. I just don’t want you to end up as you did before. You’ll get very attached and I can personally see that you like the tall guy better than the smaller one.”

I roll my eyes at him and smile, “I actually like the smaller one more than the taller one. Jinha’s a good kisser but the one I actually want is neither but both.”

Hyung Jung chuckled, “They are both pretty sexy,” he commented.

I shake my head, “It’s a tempting offer and I know that I said I wouldn’t jump into a relationship with anyone and that’s why I told them that I want to get to know them first. I said I’ll take them on a date and I want to get to know Jinha personally and Jae Hyun personally and after that, I want to know them together. Jae Hyun said he sees me in their lives and I believe him in a way.”

“Babe, this is unheard of. You know as well as me how we gays are and we’re fucking jealous when it comes to our men so I don’t understand how the two of them, can let in a stranger when the two of them look so good together, not to mention that they were at a gala like the one tonight. Not to mention, I highly doubt that their friends will like the fact that some stranger is fucking their friend, baby, do you know how cruel people are?” Hyung Jung asks as he sits down and hugs me.

I nod my head, “Yeah but I have the two of you, no?” I ask them and Hyung Jung shakes his head.

“You only have me, Won Il is here only to fill my asshole when I need him,” he smirks and earns himself a lustful stare from Won Il.

“I will ask them about it and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot to deal with but I have you to deal with them and I will deal with them too, I’m sure that they won’t allow things to escalate but yes, that is something I want to ask them about and I’m actually scared that I might be jealous,” I trail.

They both sigh and give me a hug, “If it gets too much, just leave,” Won Il says.


I’m again punching booklets and just as I think of going to lunch, I get called in to see Mr Park. I lock the computer room behind me and head to his office. Knocking on the door, he looks up and motions me in.

“You called Mr Park?” I ask.

He stops what he is doing and looks up at me, “Mr Han wants to see you in his office.”

I look at him in shock, “Am I getting fired?” I asked and he raises a brow. Shaking his head, “I don’t know, but I would have known if it was a serious matter.”

I nod my head and excuse myself. Taking the elevator up to Mr Han’s office, I tap my foot nervously. The cart dings open pulling me from my thoughts. I step out and head down the foyer. Mr Han’s secretary sees me and smiles. Before I can even get to her, she waved me over to Mr Han’s office.

I walked past her and headed over. I reached his office and he was already looking at me. He motioned for me to come in. I stepped in and a whistle blew. My head shot in its direction and look who is sitting there. The handsome Kang Jinha.

I beamed and almost jumped in my step. Jinha cleared his throat and moved his eyes over to look at Mr Han. I turned to look at him and he had an odd look in his eyes. I cleared my throat and wiped away my smile.

Bowing I greeted, “Mr Han, you wanted to see me?”

“No I didn’t but my business partner want to and he used me to get you up here,” he says. I frown and look at Jinha, “You have my number, why didn’t you call?” I ask him.

Jinha pats the seat beside him while looking at me. I walk up to him and sit down; he leans over and gives me the most delicious, mouth-watering kiss that has me dazed. Mr Han clears his throat, “Should I leave the two of you alone even though this is my office?”

Jinha chuckle as he pulls back. He pulls me into his side as I try and adjust to reality while he goes on to speaking, “As you may have noticed, Jae Hyun and I have taken a liking to Dae Ryeon. Eunmin, are you aware of the competition your company’s advertisement division hosted?”

“Yes?” he answers unsure.

“Dae Ryeon won the competition. The winner gets a job on the advertisement team but Dae Ryeon is now instead, working your fucking copy machine room, mind explaining that to me?” Jinha asks.

I quickly sit up and pull his arm, “I told you I don’t care about the position,” I say and he raises a brow at me.

“I know you said you don’t care but I do and I don’t want shit like this happening since I am a silent partner but we could face legal actions because of this. What if the person wasn’t you who won and actually wanted a good-paying job and ended up in your position? They would have sued us for who knows how much and it will fuck everything up,” he says and faces Mr Han.

“Eunmin, I don’t want bullshit like this to happen. Last time I was here, you didn’t recognize the document Dae Ryeon made you sign but it had the company name on it. By the end of the week, we need to know about everything that’s happening in your company and I want to know why Dae Ryeon got this job, why he wasn’t given the position he was promised and who the fuck we need to fire. We need to know, who is sleeping with who and we need a copy of all the documents that have your signature on it and any other person’s signature on it,” he demands and I watch as Mr Han groans and curses under his breath.

Jinha takes my hand in his and pulls me to stand up with him, “In the meantime, I’m taking Dae Ryeon to lunch and he might not return so have fun.”

He stalks out of the office with me behind him and I watch Mr Han takes out a bottle of whiskey and pours it. He waves at me with a smirk making me blush and the two of us get into the elevator cart.

We exit the building and climb into the back of a black SUV. I look around inside as Jinha slides in beside me closing the door and snakes his arm around my shoulder. The driver in front is a big guy, built, muscular and sexy.

“Dae Ryeon, this is my CPO Kim Jin and Jin, this is Dae Ryeon, mine and Jae Hyun’s partner. When I can’t make it, pick him up from work, I need you to stop by and pick him up for me alright?” Jinha introduces and orders.

“Sure,” he nods his head and smiles at me. He holds out his hand and I reach out to shake it, “I hope you can keep up with Jinha in bed since Jae Hyun ditched both of you,” he adds leaving me stunned.

“The fuck’s wrong with you?” Jinha asks him and pulls me back into his arms.

“Jinha, I don’t need you telling me to look after Dae Ryeon, Jae Hyun already told me to look after him, you may be paying me but I listen to your lovers instead because your ass eating mouth always speaks shit,” he says and turns around.

He starts the car and we drive off, “Where we going?” he asks and I hear Jinha groan in my ear. This person doesn’t seem to respect his boss. I look up at Jinha and he winks at me, “Where do you want to go of lunch?” he asks me.

I look at the driver and see that he is looking at me too, through the rearview mirror. I look out of the window and remember that I long last had something to eat from a sweets spot, “Can we go to the little café in Dokseon?”

“Sure thing missy,” Jin smirks making me smile. “You don’t mind if I call you that right?” he asks and I shake my head.

“No, but don’t let me catch you disrespecting Jinha again alright Jin?” I warn and feel Jinha kiss my right temple.

“Yes ma’am or boss, I promise I won’t disrespect Mr Kang again,” he says with a straight face and beams suddenly adding, “I like him already.”

We arrive at the café and get seated by the waitress who takes our drink orders and breakfast order. Jinh reaches over the table and grabs my hands in his, he pulls them to his lips and kisses my rich hand then my left.

I blush furiously as I watch him do this. I fight the urge to look around because I know people are looking at us. He pulls back and smiles at me, “Thank you for defending me in front of that asshole Dae Ryeon.”

I thin my lips trying to not blush at his beautiful smile and nod my head slowly, “I only did it because I didn’t like his words.”

“Still, thank you for standing up for me,” he says as he runs his thumbs over my fingers.

Looking into his eyes, I ask, “What does he mean by Jae Hyun ditched us?”

Jinha sighs and let’s go of my right hand that he held with his left and runs it over his face, “Truth be told, things haven’t been well between Jae Hyun and me for the past two years. We’ve been trying to work shit out but I just can’t forgive him for what he did.”

Ah… I suddenly don’t want to know any more. Our drinks arrive and when the waiter leaves he continues, “I’ve had a rough life since I was young thanks to my siblings and parents. I made it this far thanks to Jae Hyun’s support but because I worked so damn hard, I fucked up mine and Jae Hyun’s relationship by becoming a workaholic. I tried to explain to him that I was working so hard so that he didn’t have to and so that he could have everything he wanted but he said he wanted me not the money – this happened four years after we officially started dating. We broke up and I drowned myself into getting contract after contract until I got sick and needed to rest. Jae Hyun found out that I was sick and came to take care of me; now the thing is, I didn’t know who told him I was sick and I didn’t give a shit because he was close to every one of my family member’s but I finally found out two years ago who told him.”

Our plates of food get put on our table and I can see that Jinha doesn’t want to eat but he digs in. I can see the hurt on his face. He looks up at me and motions with his fork for me to eat and I dig into my waffles. After a while he continues, “Jae Hyun came to me feeling emotionally sick and he confessed about what happened during the seven months that we were separated he had been sleeping with my eldest brother who I actually consider my father – so this shit still pisses the hell out of me because I made Jae Hyun my everything, I put everything of mine under his name and I loved him yet while I was working my ass off to try and keep myself from going crazy and crying, he let my brother have sex with him.”

I looked down at his hand and saw that the fork in his hand was bent. I called the waiter over and asked him to bring us another fork. He quickly did and Jinha assured him that he’d pay for the broken fork.

I put my hand on Jinha’s, “We don’t have to talk about this now, let’s enjoy our meal and we can talk later okay?” I ask him and he looks away with a strained smile.

“Sorry for upsetting you,” he says to me. I quickly shake my head, “No no, I’m not upset but you seem to be?” I assure and ask him.

He grins at me, “Of cause I’m upset but let’s just be happy that I’m no longer angry at the two of them.”

“How so?” I ask and he smiles at me.

“I forgave them but it still disgusts me. Honestly, I can’t blame him for trying to move on but the fact that he chose my brother pisses me off. Jae Hyun said that my brother called him and asked him to meet up and when they met up the first thing he did was force himself on Jae Hyun. I can’t say that I didn’t see the signs that my brother looked at Jae Hyun with greedy eyes but Jae Hyun was my first boyfriend. I only accepted all of this because the person I’ve loved since I was a child is my brother’s ex or well now, thanks to me, my brother and his ex are back together.”

I frown because all of this is confusing me, “But why would your brother go after Jae Hyun and not get him someone else or his ex back?”

Swallowing down his breakfast with the help of his coffee, “My brother married a woman and got rid of his ex so that he could give me a better life but he just fucked himself over by marrying her and having kids with her. He loves his kids but living with his wife was just terrible and I saw how it hurt him… when I got him his ex back I joked around about wanting to sleep with me and my brother said I could but then that triggered Jae Hyun, to tell the truth. He didn’t want me to cheat on him and I forgave him but shits just not the same anymore. He could see it and suggested we break up but I didn’t want to then he asked if I wanted a kid, I do but then I don’t want the responsibility and so he suggested that we find a second partner for us to both love and in hopes that we can once again fall in love. I reluctantly agreed to it and we didn’t find someone until we found you. Both Jae Hyun and I connected with you the moment we saw you but this morning, I woke and he was gone. Jae Hyun said he’ll return after giving me space with you and he hopes you don’t hate him after he just up and left us.”

I shake my head, “I didn’t sign up just to be with you,” I say and he chuckles.

“I know, that’s why you didn’t sign any documents but I am actually serious about being in a relationship with you and Jae Hyun. I can’t see my life without Jae Hyun and he loves me just as much as I love him. Jae Hyun wants me to be happy while he, we both figure our shit out but I still want you so there is no way you are leaving today until you say yes to a second date,” he says with a smirk.

I smile down at my hands as I think about how gorgeous this man looks in front of me. I look up at him saying, “I see why Jin called you an ass eating bullshitter.”

Jinha laughs with a shake of his head and says, “I’m good in bed and I know how to bullshit, that’s all there is to it.”

I roll my eyes at him and ask, “So how long have you and Jae Hyun been in a relationship?”

“Let’s go for a walk in the park,” he says and I nod. He pays the bill and holds my hand as we head out. The view is amazing and I honestly feel comfortable with Jinha. He pats my hand and continues, “So… Jae Hyun liked me since he was five and I was eight. I was his valentine for nine years but then I had to leave for the military with my brother he slept with because some uncalled for shit happened and I was forced by said brother to stay with him for six years. I went to pick up my sister’s kid at the daycare and there he was. We’ve been dating ever since, excluding the seven months we were apart and until today, it’s been six years that we are officially together.”

“That’s pretty long, I hope everything works out,” I say and he hums, “Yeah me too, he better come back to us but I have an inkling that he won’t be or look the same.”

“Why?” I ask confused as I look up at him. We come to a stop and he looks down at me, “Well he’s wanted breasts and loves woman’s clothes so we might see him for who he wants to be when he returns – the pretty boy he’s always wanted to be.”

“He won’t get his dick removed will he?” I ask concerned.

Jinha laughs and chuckles. Shaking his head he answers, “No, that’s something he’ll never do.”

“Why do you sound so sure?” I ask him while I wrap my arms around his waist.

He hugs me back and kisses my lips. He laughs after pulling away saying, “Because his sweet ass doesn’t want to learn how to urinate sitting down.”

I hide my head in his chest as I laugh. I don’t know if its Jinha bullshitting me or if this is actually true.

“Jinha?” a voice calls from near us making us both turn our heads and look. Two couples walk up to us and they have the funniest expression on their faces.

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