Longing Desire [BL]

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6| All about us

“Jinha?” a voice calls from near us making us both turn our heads and look. Two couples walk up to us and they have the funniest expression on their faces.

Jinha hugged me tighter and kissed my forehead. We stood up straight and I looked over at the two pairs heading our way.

“Yo, whatsup?” Jinha greets them with me under his arm.

“Don’t whatsup me you dick, who the fuck is this? Since when do you cheat?” A man, dressed in heels stops in front of us and crosses his arms across his chest.

“I’m not cheating Misaki,” Jinha says as he smiles at her.

“Then what the fuck is this?” she asks as she points at me. Her partner or the man I guess is her partner grabs her shoulders and rubs them. He also has this odd look on his face but remains quiet. The second couple is standing beside them staring at us too with odd expressions – I guess these people are Jae Hyun’s friends.

“This?” Jinha asks as he starts rubbing my arm. I grab his coat with my hand that’s around his back out of caution because this girl looks like she’ll kill me. “This person is my boyfriend,” he says leaving me speechless, come on dude, I didn’t say yes.

“What the fuck? If he’s your boyfriend then who the fuck is Jae Hyun?” she asks and Jinha laughs. He suddenly becomes serious and says, “Jae Hyun and I broke up a year ago.”

All four of them stare at Jinha dumbfounded and watch as we walk away. I turn back to see what they are doing and I can see them frantically trying to speak while that Misaki person is on her phone speaking to someone that doesn’t last long.

They turn to look at us and I quickly turn back to face the front. “Don’t worry about them,” he says to me but I can’t help it.

“Jinha, why did you say the two of you broke up a year ago?” I ask since he never told me this.

He looks down at me with a sad smile saying, “Because it’s true and its what Jae Hyun would have said it too.”

“Who were they?” I ask as we climb back into the SUV.

“The two in suits are Minho and Jinno, they work for me. Minho is Misaki’s boyfriend and Misaki is Jae Hyun’s best friend, that’s why she reacted like that and Jinno’s lover is Shy, he is from Thailand,” he says while rubbing my shoulder and looking down at me.

“Oh wow, my first day with you and I already have trouble,” I sigh with a shake of my head.

We stop at a building I don’t recognize but soon understand where we are after Jinha says it’s his workplace which he is the boss of. He is a rich motherfucker, let’s just go with that.

His employees stare at us as we walk hand in hand to his office. His office is lined with floor to ceiling glass windows at the back of the building cutting us off from them all but we could still see them watching us.

Jinha helps me to sit down on the sofa facing his desk then walks over to the tallboy to hang his coat. He sits down by his desk and starts up the computer while I make myself comfortable on the sofa and stare at him.

His secretary walks in who I can tell is gay right off the bat and has a tight fitted red three-piece suit on with heels and looks at me with a cheeky smile and a wink. He chucks a few files on Jinha’s desk and asks, “Is this the boy Jae Hyun was talking about?”

“Yup!” Jinha answers as he reads through the paperwork.

He walks up to me and holds out his hand, “I’m this assholes secretary, Choi Chanwoo, nice to meet you.”

I get up and shake his hand, “I’m Cha Dae Ryeon, Jinha and Jae Hyun’s boyfriend.”

“I know you are. Jae Hyun said I must take care of you when the bitches come to bite but I don’t plan to because if you are going to be my bosses whore you need to bite back,” he says to me and I don’t like the sound of being someone’s whore.

“Whore?” I ask with a frown.

He smirks sexily and crosses his arms, “Yeah, being Jinha’s whore in bed is how Jae Hyun got Jinha to stay gay and not run back to the cats with vaginas.”

I step forward and get up in his face and say, “As I said to Jinha Mr Choi Chanwoo. I’m not here for him only, I fucking like Jae Hyun too.”

Choi Chanwoo turns his head around to his boss that is staring at us and mouths’ with a whisper, “I love him.”

“Me too,” Jinha whispers.

I sit back down and wave Chanwoo off as he leaves with the documents Jinha signed. I turn my head to look at him and he’s staring at me, “What?” I ask and he says seriously, “If it gets too much, let me know and I’ll make them respect you.”

I tilt my head with a slight nod and say, “I can handle myself Jinha. I know that I might not be liked but it’s you and Jae Hyun that I’m in a relationship with not Tom, Dick and Harry. I honestly want this to work out but you need to be willing to understand me and maybe cut ties with some people because if you don’t, I can’t be arguing all the time.”

“I know that and I want you to understand that if shit really doesn’t work out between our friends and you, they don’t matter. I told Jae Hyun the same thing before and it counts for family too. I am your family from now on and you won’t need negative shit in your life that will try and pull us apart but that doesn’t mean that you should listen to us and say you never want to see your friends or relatives again. You can meet them but not when we are around and vice versa. My family knows this and so does Jae Hyun’s and I’m telling you now that if people can’t accept this, that is on them, their opinions don’t matter in our relationship,” he says to me. I see that we are on the same page about this but the whole whore thing is another story.

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