Longing Desire [BL]

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7| Past Incidents (2)

“Will it be okay with you if I get back to work while we get to know each other? I want to free up myself so that I can really spend time with you,” Jinha asks me. I nod my head, “Sure, can you tell me about your past in detail now?” I ask and he smiles with a nod.

“Sure, but brace yourself because it’s a story you will remember,” he says to me so I kick off my shoes and pull my sock covered feet onto the sofa.

Jinha laughs and pulls out a box from his draw. He gets up from his seat and gives me the black box and it has weight to it. He heads back and sits down behind his desk and starts typing away on his computer.

I open the box and there’s chocolates, snacks and sweets in it. I pick a chocolate up and unwrap it after looking at the car on it and immediately I moan. I’ve never had a chocolate this delicious. I hear Jinha chuckle. I look over at him and blush, “Okay so I never understood this but when I was little, around three my brother picked me up during the night and dressed me. We left my parent’s house and moved to a shack, like literally, they built it overnight but we stayed there. I didn’t really know what was happening and believed what they said; we lived there for about three years and one day when I wasn’t feeling well, I asked my sister if I could stay home because I wasn’t feeling well and she couldn’t stay home because she had this test. She agreed to let me stay home and told me that I was not allowed to open the doors for anyone not even her because there was a secret way of opening the door and only those who lived there knew how to open it.”

“I fell asleep after she left but woke up to this loud banging. I got up to peek through the window to see who it was and there was a man wearing this awful mask on that looked like it was made out of human skin. The man gave up and started swearing and afterwards, he turned back to the door to try again then he saw me. The man tried hard and started yelling for me to open. I got scared shitless and went to hide in the wall where my brothers told me to when something happened. Everything went by so fast and the minute I hid away, he barged in and rummaged through the shack that had nothing in it. This man came into the house thinking that he’d find something but he didn’t and so he looked for me but couldn’t spot me. My siblings and I lived on bread and tea, black tea and the man took what we had and left… I was so scared that I pissed myself wet and cried myself to sleep and woke up to the sound of my brother fucking his boyfriend. This was my eldest brother Seung Joong and his boyfriend So Young. Seung Joong is also the one that slept with Jae Hyun and So Young is the ex he had to leave which is also the love of my life,” he says as he sends documents to be printed to the industrial printer in the corner of his office.

“I tried calling for my brother but they didn’t hear me and I ended up falling asleep again. I woke up again and there was no one but shortly after that my brother came storming in with my sister yelling my name. I still couldn’t call for him and the first place he searched was the hiding spot. He was so angry at himself that something like this happened to me after I calmed down and told them what happened. We stayed for a week after that and during that week, So Young that I loved so much and saw him as family, stopped visiting. I was told that he wouldn’t be visiting anymore and that we were going to move. When we did move, we moved into a proper home, ate better food and I went from being skinny to being fat then I started my training, that went on for ten fuckin years. Me being beaten up by my brothers, getting smacked by my sister and injured but through all of that, I became strong but my family was toxic and still is. I finally got to meet my parents again but my mother was sick, mentally sick… I found out that she was kidnapped as a child and sent to my father’s ex-wife’s brother’s house to work as a maid. That man raped my mother and she fell pregnant. After the child was born, she was sent to South Korea and worked in my father’s house. His ex-wife couldn’t bear him children so he fucked my mother and she gave birth to my Hyung’s Seung Joong and Seung Joon. The ex-wife beat my mother and abused her, then her rich husband divorced her and had more kids with my mother, Min Ho, Min Hong and Min Hee, the triplets and when I was sixteen, I found out that I had a twin sister, Jin Hee. We’re originally surnamed Park but after my brother got into the police, we’ve been Kang since then because he didn’t want to be connected to the Park name and so we are now Kang’s he’s children.

My sister, my twin, came back pregnant and she gave birth to triplets who are now, technically my kids by law since she had a fucked up relationship with her ex who she is very angry with and can’t wait to meet you but just a heads up, she is exactly like me,” he says making me smile.

There seems to be a lot going on with their family and I can understand how his Hyung ended up sleeping with Jae Hyun but I just can’t help it, “Jinha I don’t want you to be angry at your Hyung and Jae Hyun. You said before that the two of you were separated during that time.”

He nods his head, “I know but he is my brother so it’s not easy to accept.”

“Have you ever thought of cheating on Jae Hyun?” I ask him and he nods his head.

“Then why didn’t you?” I ask him. He stops what he is doing and walks over to me. He sits down beside me and pulls me to his side and hugs me.

“I never found the need to with all the people around me,” he says making me nod as I bite down on to a chocolate rose.

“But what I know that I’ll be fucking your asshole with my tongue in an hours’ time,” he whispers seductively in my ear and sucks my earlobe into his mouth. I’m left a whimpering mess as his tongue slides over my ear, down my neck and back.

He pulled away and gazed into my eyes and grins, “Now just imagine that but ten times more.”

I shudder in his hug but it’s all interrupted by a yell, “WHERE THE FUCK IS JINHA?”

Jinha’s face changes to one of fury. He looks ahead while I turn to look through the windows and see that it’s Misaki, stalking towards his office with her boyfriend running behind her. She steps into his office and glares at me, “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM YOU BITCH!”

My mouth opens in disbelief.

“Misaki!” her boyfriend comes in and tries to get her out but she just pushes him away.

“Jinha what the fuck is going on, why can’t I get in touch with Jae Hyun! Why the fuck can you easily just say that the two of you have been over for a year? I just saw the two of you yesterday, I spoke to Jae Hyun last night and there was no sign of something being wrong. JINHA WHERE’S MY FUCKING FRIEND?” she balls then cries into her boyfriend’s chest.

Jinha squeeze’s my arm and kisses my temple. He gets up and fixes his tie. Slipping his hands into his pockets he says in a deadly calm voice, “Misaki, I’ve warned you before that you are not apart of mine and Jae Hyun’s relationship. Jae Hyun specifically told you that you and every one of our friends stay the fuck out. I told you before that Jae Hyun and I have been over since a year ago. What you and everyone’s been seeing is the two of us trying to work shit out but couldn’t. And you better fucking think twice the next time you yell at me because I’m not your boyfriend, I’m your boyfriends boss. You came in here and disrupted my work environment and you are fucking making yourself look stupid in front of everyone. Now listen here, I fucking don’t know where he is and he doesn’t fucking want to be found and you better believe that when he returns I will tell him how you insulted Dae Ryeon and me, so get your ass out of here before I regret saving your ass when I did.”

“What the fuck is going on?” A strong female voice booms through the office. I turn my head to look and I know who she is because she has the same features like Jinha but as he is handsome, she is beautiful.

Jinha turns around and he sees that his employees are standing around. He walks past Misaki and her boyfriend and commands, “All of you get the fuck back to work or I will start deducting your pay.”

His sister stalks towards his office and turns her head. We make eye contact and my body involuntarily shudders. She stops in front of Jinha and kisses his lips and they both hug. They pull away and step into his office. She frowns as she looks at the mess Misaki is and pats her back.

“Okay, so tell me what happened,” she says and Jinha goes to his desk and I see him reach under. He does something and I watch as the windows start to freeze.

His sister sits down beside me and looks at me. Her long black hair drapes over her shoulders and reaches her knees. She holds out her hand asking, “By the looks on your face, you must be the one Jae Hyun told me about.”

I grab her hand and shake hers, “I’m Dae Ryeon, Cha Dae Ryeon.”

“I’m your man’s twin Kang Jin Hee. It’s nice to meet you,” I say nervously.

“It is, so I’ll take this as Jae Hyun ran away after meeting you,” she says and I nod my head.

“Why would Jae Hyun run away?” Misaki asks.

“Because he is tired of Jinha’s ass!” she cuts her off.

“Misaki, I know you love Jae Hyun but your friend needs to be left alone to sort his shit out. Why the fuck did you come to Jinha anyway? You know Jinha doesn’t like any of you yet you barge into his workplace demanding that you see Jae Hyun. If Jae Hyun wanted you to know, you would have known and you dumb bitch don’t know your friend.” She sighs and continues, “Just stay away until Jae Hyun contacts you okay?” she says and Jinha reaches under his desk and does something that unfreezes the glass.

Jin Hee made pushed for the couple to leave and Misaki gave me the death glare. I looked down at the box of chocolates and close it then pick up the fruit snacks and start eating it. Honestly, this sounds more and more like I’m the bad guy, coming between Jinha and Jae Hyun.

“Why are you frowning?” Jinha asks as he sits down beside me and hugs me into his side.

Sighing I shove a fruit snack in my mouth and chew it, “I feel like a replacement.”

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