Longing Desire [BL]

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9| No wonder he left

After our dinner, we didn’t end up doing what Jinha wanted because he thought that things were heading in the wrong way. But not in the bad way, just too much emotion built up.

I returned home to Won Il and Hyung Jung. It wasn’t later nor was it early. We had ice-cream after dinner and went for a walk. We also went for an hour-long drive and he returned me home.

Laying in my bed, I hear my phone buzz on the nightstand. I flip myself over and reach over to grab it; looking at it, I see it’s an unknown number. Frowning as I swipe to answer it, I hold it beside my ear.

I remain quiet since I’m not so sure who it is since Hong Joong has his way of finding me. I hear breathing on the other end.

“Dae Ryeon!” Jinha yells making me jump.

“Oh shoot, sorry, I wasn’t sure who it was since I never got your number,” I say and hear him sigh.

“Why wouldn’t you be sure? Is someone unknown calling you that shouldn’t?” he asks and I nod.

“Yes, a few days before I met you and Jae Hyun, Hong Joong phoned me,” I say and hear him suck in his breath.

“Why is he still trying to contact you after so many years?” he asks me.

“I honestly don’t know, the last time I spoke to him he said that he still loved me and he was sick and is better now,” I answer.

“I call bullshit,” Jinha says with a groan.

“Very true,” I nod and throw myself on the bed.

“What are you doing?” he asks me.

“Laying on my bed in nothing but a sleep shirt,” I answer him.

“Ooo~, I want to see,” he says and the call ends.

It rings again and then I swipe again. Jinha’s face pops up and he complains, “Switch on the light love.”

I reach over and switch the lamp on by the nightstand and Jinha whistled, “Wow, my baby is sexy.”

I smirked at him and looked at the screen. I raise my hand and run my fingers down my neck and undo the first button and show him my neck.

“Fuck! I should have never let you go home,” he groans. His tongue licks his bottom lip and smirks, “I’m going to fuck you tomorrow, don’t even think of going to work, I’ll fetch you tomorrow morning. Stop teasing me and go to sleep,” he says to me.

“Okay,” I beam and kiss the camera, “Night Jinha,” and switch it off before he can say anything. I giggle and shove my head into the pillow and squeal.

Just as I feel myself about ready to fall asleep with the drowsiness kicking in, my phone buzzes, I frown and answer it without looking, “Hello?” I answer sleepily.

“Get up, I’m outside,” Jinha orders. I sit up on my bed and rub my eyes.

“Jinha, what the fuck?” I asked dumbfounded.

“What did I just say? Get down here and make sure you’re dressed for the occasion,” he says confusing me.

“What’s the occasion?” I ask while getting up.

“Wel… me fucking you cripple,” he says and my mouth hangs open. Just those words alone sent shivers all the way to my dick making it stand semi-erect.

I scramble to get myself dressed and run to Hyung Jung’s room and told him that I was heading out. I reach downstairs and step out the elevator. I shyly walk up to Jinha who is staring at me with a dilated gaze. I stop in front of him and stand on my tippy toes.

He leans down and encases my lips with mine. His hands slip down my back holding me tight as I raise my right leg and wrap it around his leg. His tongue leaves my mouth making me whimper, looking down at me he rubs my head, “Wait until we get home Dae Ryeon.”

“Home?” I ask him curiously.

He smiles down at me and nods his head, “Yes, you’ll be living with me from now on.”

“I am?” I ask astonished. He smirks, “Yes, and you can’t say no, well more like you’ll never leave my side unless I say so!”

Is this why Jae Hyun ran away?

And that’s the end, thank you for sticking through the story and reading it :)
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