Revenge on you

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It started with taking revenge. But it turned to unbreakable love. let's explore how a poor boy gets his revenge from a millionaire girl. Its a story about Tanvi and Varun.๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Fantasy / Romance
Jannat liza
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Chapter 1

Manor's house was busy preparing for the welcome party of the mistress of the house Tanvi who is our protagonist Tanvi returning back from the study tour.
The Master of the house was excited to welcome his daughter eagerly and wanted everything best for her from the food to decoration. Tanvi was very dear to her father and loved by everyone in the house and was spoiled from childhood. Whatever he wanted she just had to order and was in front of her so when she went to study abroad the house was too quiet to the liking of the old manor so as she is returning he wanted all the sound to return and specifically ordered whatever she liked the most.
His daughter was a fan of music but it was difficult for the manor to invite a huge band as he wanted to enjoy some alone time with his daughter and celebrating her return also he wanted her to enjoy the music it was a dilemma he was facing when his most trusted butler came up with the solution of the problem. He offered his son who was studying in college to come and sing for the manor and impress them. So manor hearing about butler sons singing immediately agreed as he was left with no other choice and promised to pay generously if his daughter enjoyed the song played.
Butlers' son was Varun who is IT, student, in a renowned college and his last year. Butler had worked hard to manage the tutions and also with the scholarship Varun got had given him the opportunity to study in his dream subject. So when Varun was requested to play music at the party he immediately agreed as he can never refuse his father.

In the evening manor made a special request to Varun to start the songs as soon as Tanvi ascend the stairs. The sweet sound of music started playing. Surrounding was beautiful, elegant, and breathtaking. With the wonderful music played in the background, Tanvi looked like a fairy from the moon. She descended the staircase. And hug her father and grandmother her grandmother was the one that raised her as her mother died when she was a baby. So she loved her grandmother dearly, the evening was nice and the song made her madly fall in love with the tunes. But good doesn't last long so when she was talking with her grandmother butler was asked to serve the juice, so when he came with the juice suddenly his hands got slipped and juice fell over her grandmother's dress and hers dress. She was a very short-tempered girl so when she saw the juice all over their dresses she started shouting at the butler and complained her evening was ruined. She was not calmed until the butler was fired. Even though butler had apologies multiple times.

Varun could not handle his dad insult but he was helpless in the situation he wanted to talk with Tanvi but Varun's father refused him.
So, what REVENGE.. began.

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